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Loading ... Loading ... BuzzBack usually send out one survey every month, however, I don’t qualify very often. Their surveys are usually interesting and easy to do, and compensation usually are cash.

I have done a couple of surveys for them, payments are $5 – $10. It does took a while to receive the payment check though, so one has to be patient with them I guess.

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Update December 2011:

I have not received any surveys from BuzzBack for a long time, and I tried to login but was told my account doesn’t exist. Anyway, I have deleted Buzzback from my survey list.


  1. Golgotha says:

    Update – I receive 1-2 surveys a month. But I dont qualify. No money in 7 months. I cancelled my account.

  2. Anne says:

    I finally got BuzzBack’s reply after a strong inquiry email. Here is what they said :
    We do not have a tracking system on our website for surveys taken prior to March 15, 2010. Payment for those surveys is automatically processed for those who qualified and completed a survey approximately 18-20 weeks from the date of survey close. **For surveys taken after March 15, 2010 you

  3. Anne says:

    :sad: Recently I encountered problems with BuzzBack. I completed a $2 survey early last month but they do not pay me. I can never get a reply from their customer support. Today I tried to login my account, they denied it. Now I have two problems with them, deny survey payment, deny account. I feel angry about their attitudes to members and wrote another email to blame them about it. If I still cannot get a reply from them to solve my problems, I will of course never do any of their surveys. Anyway, I do not recommend this survey website to you! I feel much better to express myself in here. :confused:

  4. Coffee Muffin says:

    :sad: Took a survey 7 months ago and I haven’t gotten paid. I’ve asked like 20 times via email for my payment. Responses are delayed for weeks and it’s always a generic “payment not processed” response. I wouldn’t bother working with this company ever.

  5. Lee says:

    It does take forever to get paid and I don’t often receive surveys but they do pay. I took a survey in March and got paid in August via Paypal. So I expect the May survey I took to pay in October. As long as a company pays, I don’t mind waiting.

  6. Golgotha says:

    I dont even receive 1 survey a month. And I usaully dont qualify. It took 4 months to receive money for a survey. And they pay through paypal now. There an ok site.

  7. kbennette200 says:

    I finally received an $8 check from Buzzback after waiting 3 months. They combined three surveys ($3, $3, $2) into one $8 check. I had to get an organization involved in order for them to send my check. Their checks are processed by, and the check looks very generic. The check has TD Bank on it, but doesn’t have any information such as the bank’s address or phone #.

  8. BA says:

    I don’t think I would reccomend, I have been waiting 4 months for my $5.00 dollar check, I still have not recieved my money.

  9. Good sumatra says:

    They pay. I received two checks one for $5 and one for $3. But, survey emails are very sparce if almost rarely with them.

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