Digital Reflection Panel

Join Digital Reflection Panel, a new online market research community, dedicated to understanding how people use the Internet in their homes.


Here is how it works:

First users will take a one-minute survey to verify eligibility into the Digital Reflections Community. Once users are selected into the community (become a member), a meter will be shipped to their home.

Members will get rewarded (through Paypal/Visa Prepaid card) for using the in-home meter and connecting to internet:

  • When a member connects the meter to their internet connection he/she will receive $25.00.
  • Members will receive an additional $25 once the meter has shared data with the community.
  • Members can earn an extra $10 per month for just keeping the meter installed.

This a a great opportunity for individuals interested in participating in a long term community, where they can earn real money. A single member has the opportunity to earn $170 per year!

Currently the Digital Reflection Panel only accept United States residents, and must be at least 18 years old.  Join Digital Reflection Panel Now!

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