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Loading ... Loading ... focusforwardFocus Forward is an online paid survey panel by Focus Forward LLC, a New York based market research company that conducts nationwide recruitment for qualitative research. They reward members cash for completing online surveys and participating in online and offline and focus groups.


Focus Forward Rewards

  • Members earn points for taking regular online surveys, and points can redeemed for cash, paid by check, minimum cash out 20,000 points = $20
  • For online, in-person and telephone focus groups, you will be paid directly by check (no points involved)
  • Entry (entries) for Monthly Sweepstakes if qualify and complete a surveys. Some surveys may permit entry into the Monthly Sweepstakes to Participants that start the survey but do not qualify to complete the survey

Who Can Join Focus Forward Online

  • Must be 13 years old and up to join
  • Must be residents of United States

My Review of Focus Forward Online

Survey Frequency and Quality

They send out about 1 -2 regular surveys (surveys for points) per week consistently. Most of their surveys are interesting and take about between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Their surveys covers a variety of topics and sometimes offer product test surveys.  I notice that they have quite some surveys that offer opportunity to join some special online communities.

Focus Forward also offers frequent focus group opportunities, mostly online focus group project telephone interviews. I have qualified and completed one telephone interview and one online focus group and they are very professional and I loved the experience!

Survey Credit and Payment

Focus Forward provides excellent cash rewards for those participate their focus groups. They have numerous online and telephone focus group opportunities and those pay really well. In addition their frequent regular surveys offer reasonable good rewards as well.  I have been paid a few times and they sent check payment very promptly – I usually receive the check within two-three weeks after cashing out!

Following is a check payment I received from Focus Forward:


Member Support

I have contacted them regarding my membership issue, and got reply in 2-3 days and problem resolved. I am happy with their customer support.

How to get started

  • Getting started is very simple. First you need to Join their panel. Fill out the required information in the registration form and confirm your membership after receiving the confirmation email.
  • Once you are a member of Focus Forward you will start receiving online surveys and focus group invitations by emails.
  • Take their surveys and accumulate points. Once you have 20,000 points, log into your account, under the “Members” tab, click “Claim a Reward” link to cash out.

Other Notes & Tips

  • Please make sure to remain as an active member by answering at least one surveys every three months, or they will deactivate your account and you will lose all your earnings. You can always email them to re-active your account but your earnings will not be recovered.
  • Fill out “My Profiler” – the more Profilers you complete,  the better they can target projects to your interests. Most profiles take one to three minutes to complete.

Conclusion – Do you recommend Focus Forward Online?

Absolutely! I think Focus Forward online is a great online survey panel. They ofter members great online survey and focus group opportunities. I highly recommend you become a member of Forward Forward Online to earn extra money by taking surveys and participating in focus groups.

Join Focus Forward Online Survey Panel! – US Only, 13+ years old

Are you a member of Focus Forward? Please rate and review the panel! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions as well!


  1. Mei Lynn says:

    Received an invite to join a online community. I think I qualified. Hope to get picked! Will update!

  2. cobet malambo says:

    I need to join the panel for me to start taking paid surveys.

  3. Kim says:

    You don;t need to wait for surveys to be sent to you are focus forward. You can also get everything tweeted to you by following FocusForwardKIM.

    In addition, all tweets with a link for the survey are on the home page of the web site

  4. Golgotha says:

    [quote name=Brian]I did not cancel my account.
    Still $1 in my account.
    I updated my enrollment, to accept offline focus groups.
    Maybe this will help.[/quote]
    Still $1 in my account.
    I cancelled my account this time.

  5. Justin Anderson says:

    I would not reccomend them, I emailed them 3 months ago and still have not heard back from them. Terrible Customer Service.

  6. Golgotha says:

    I did not cancel my account.
    Still $1 in my account.
    I updated my enrollment, to accept offline focus groups.
    Maybe this will help.

  7. Mei says:

    Hi Brian,

    I hope you don’t close/cancel your account. Focus Forward has high paying focus groups.

  8. Golgotha says:

    Not good for me, only $1 in 6 months. I’m closing my account. :sad:

  9. Mei says:

    Hi Diane,

    Glad it works out for you. Sorry the email I gave you above was wrong, it should be: as shown on their contact page:

    Regarding surveys, yes you wait.. they will send you email invites if there are surveys available.

  10. Diane says:

    Thank you for your quick response. Yes, last night I had mailed them at the above link and it was returned to me with the notation “improper domain” (my email is aol, so this is a ? to me). I thought I would have to fax them today but in this mornings email their confirmation came through. I am accustomed to getting email instantly after purchasing or registering anything and theirs took several hours. It shows I have 0 in my account and am eligible for 0 surverys at this time so what can I do but wait and see? Thanks also for the reassurance; I am just starting this!

  11. Mei says:

    Hi Diane,

    Sorry you have trouble with them…Don’t worry focus forward is a very legit survey company, and a good one who has many focus groups.

    I would suggest you email them (they have a contact page that lists email contact such as and tell them you registered but didn’t receive confirmation email.

  12. diane says:

    I used the link above to register with Focus Forward who asked for more information than other sites where I registered. I completed the process; the instructions from them were to click on the email they sent me. But they did not send any! I have checked all my folders; it is not there. I am concerned about where all the information I provided them with has gone.

  13. Mei says:

    That’s awesome! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome!

  14. hidingsomething says:

    I recently completed a 3 week $200 online focus group with them. They were very nice and professional and paid promptly. Definitely one of the better companies to do business with.

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