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by Mei Lynn last updated on February 26, 2014 5 comments

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Loading ... Loading ... RPILogo.gifResearch Participants Institute has some very interesting surveys. I have done one survey for them – reviewing a court case. It’s very interesting and quite easy to do and I really enjoyed the survey.

I also received second survey invitation, but I didn’t get the chance to do the survey because the quota was filled when I tried to take the survey!

The reward was very good – they paid me $17 for the survey and they paid (via check)┬ávery quickly!

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  1. J Nance says:

    Who would pay that much for a survey? Lawyers who are litigating high-dollar cases, that’s who. $200 a person is not that much when you consider what’s at stake, and they can probably write it off as research. Also, lots of businesses list with P. O. boxes – people who work at home… and plenty of good businesses are not registered with the BBB – you don’t have to be registered to be rated.

  2. mlynn.admin says:

    Thanks for the Golgotha! I wish I get more surveys from them – they are a good survey site!

  3. Golgotha says:

    I did a online mock jury. And they paid me within 2 weeks (via check). This was my first project for them.

  4. J Hammerhead says:

    Research Participants Institute MAY be a SCAM.I checked out BBB.ORG Dallas,TX office.GOOGLE the Better Business Bureau-Dallas,TX:listed location on Research Participants Institute website-PO Box business listing in Dallas,TX and no actual street address-HMMM?Bogus to me. Why would you not list your physical address if you are indeed a legit business,instead of hiding behind a PO Box.That method is for small time home-based scammers! BBB report states the business is not registered with them and could not be contacted by mail/call.
    What does that tell ya-SCAM likely! If you have been paid by them for market surveys,I would like to know the date/actual location where that survey was held.They advertise online and in-person/onsite surveys.I want to verify the date/hotel where they held this paid survey.Advertising here in NY $220 and paid lunch for 12Hrs(18.33/hr)Who would pay that much for filling out survey and pay for your lunch-probably McD Happy Meal?NOT!!!

  5. deuce6000 says:

    Thanks again!

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