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by Mei Lynn last updated on February 26, 2014 6 comments

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Loading ... Loading ... Spider Metrix panel members are called “spiders” of course :) .  Spiders earn points by completing surveys, profiles. They also have weekly polls where spiders get 1 point for answering the poll,  as well as highly interesting “spider voice” forum where you can submit entries and also earn points.

I have been a “spider” for over 2 years, and I only received ONE survey from them, and I didn’t qualify. Of course I have spider points but it’s far from enough to cash out.  I think it will take another several years for me to have enough points to get paid. They pay gift certificates or cash.

Spider Metrix seems have more surveys for spiders from countries other than US. I check their site from time to time, and notice that more surveys are available for spiders from Australia and Canada.

Spider Metrix is a special and interesting panel and it is worth joining just for fun.

Spider Metrix


  1. Deepthi says:

    I too agree with you guys. I have got Only one surveys yet. Not only that if my referral person got any surveys and if she / he wins that points is not coming into my account automatically

  2. Mengming says:

    any of you commenters in australia. i want to know what the surveys are like in australia

  3. mlynn.admin says:

    I agree with you tomcate – I only got one more survey after writing this review, didn’t qualify..so basically I have not get to do any real paid surveys for them…Those spider points I have are all for profiles.. oh well.

  4. tomcat says:

    yell I hear ya pittwantsme. 3 years is along time! In the last year I’ve had a chance to
    take 3 or 4 of the USA surveys and I only got to finish 1 of them. They don’t seem to
    have much to do with the US? They are not hard surveys to take at all. I wish they would hook up with a company here in the states so we could all have a better chance. (((NOT OTX))) :sad:

  5. bradpittwantsme says:

    :sad: I’ve been a member of this ridiculous survey site for 3 years. Still don’t have enough points to “cash in” for a lousy $10. And, in all that time, was only sent one survey and didn’t qualify for it. Skip this site – Lightspeed pays much better.

  6. Mei says:

    Ha, I got a survey from Spider Metrix today! Didn’t qualify, but got 1 point! :D

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