$100 or $250 Paid Cookie Study

VCN will be conducting an upcoming cookie study. Please see details (email) below:

Earn either $100 or $250 in Upcoming VCN Cookie Study! Video Chat Network is starting the new year with a cookie study! There are two parts of the study we will need respondents for.

For the first part of the cookie study respondents will be asked to complete a blog involving a series of assignments where they will shoot/record and upload photos and videos and work on other creative exercises as well. This blog will take around 3 hours of time and will be worked on over a one week period. In addition to the blog, respondents will participate in a one hour video chat. Qualified respondents who complete the blog and video chat will be paid $250. This part of the study will take place from 1/17-24.

The second part of the study, which will be conducted among a separate group of respondents at a later date during the first and second week of February, will involve a one hour video chat only. Qualified respondents who complete the video chat will be paid $100.

If you are interested in participating in either of these efforts, please fill out the brief questionnaire in the link below so that we may see if you qualify.


Qualified respondents will be contacted shortly. If you don’t qualify for this study please keep trying as every study requires different respondents. We have a few more studies coming up soon so stay tuned.

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