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20/20 Research Review – Focus Group Panel

20/20 Panel by 20/20 Research Paid Focus Groups20/20 Panel is the consumer research panel, operated by 20/20 Research, Inc. which was founded in 1986 by former QRCA President Jim Bryson. It was started as a full-service marketing research firm. Since then, 20/20 Research has experienced growth, change and significant success. 20/20 is one of leading market research firms.

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20/20 Research Focus Group Panel

20/20 Research pay members cash (via check) for participating online and offline focus groups, usually $50-200 per session.

Age Requirement
Can’t find specific information on 20/20 Research website. I would assume it is 18.

Open to Countries
United States

My Experience
Since joined 20/20 Research, I have done 1 – 2 online focus groups every year. Most of time, it was for a 3-4 day online focus group project – you need to login an online bulletin discussion board, spend 30 – 60 minutes a day answering questions posted by the moderator, and responding to answers/comments by other focus groups participants. I generally get paid about $75-$100 for each project.  I also have done a couple of short (one day) focus groups and was paid $25-$30 each. 20/20 Research send payments via checks, which usually arrive 2-3 weeks after you complete the focus groups.

20/20 Research has lot of online focus groups and telephone interview opportunities, I definitely recommend you sign up with 20/20 Research! Please also check out our message board “Paid Survey Alert” section often since we post focus groups and high paying survey opportunities there all the time.

Join 20/20 Research (US)

20/20 Research has research facilities at following locations, if you live in these cities, you might also have chance to do their off-line/on-site focus groups.

Charlotte, NC
2102 Cambridge Beltway Dr STE B
Charlotte, NC  28273-3373
877-713-2020 (Toll Free)

Nashville, TN
2000 Glen Echo Road, 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37215
877-392-0220 (Toll Free

Miami, FL
8350 NW 52nd Ter STE 420
Dora, FL  33166-7709
877-965-2020 (Toll Free)

Thank you for reading my 20/20 Research review! Have you done focus groups for 20/20 Research and been paid? Please share your experience and comment!

20 thoughts on “20/20 Research Review – Focus Group Panel”

  1. I did a project for 20/20 research suppose o pay me 200.00 they said when i contacted them they would send me a code for credit of 200 dollars in email. Never got it Funny how they can send me the email saying they would send a code but the confirmation code they were suppose to send does not come thru

    • Hi Desiree, sorry to hear the trouble. Is the reward a kind of virtual visa prepaid card? I would follow up with them on this – they are a legit company and I think they will help you with the issue. Good luck!

  2. I couldn’t believe it when they told me how much I would get. It was so worth and very interesting panel. I would definetly do a panel with 20/20 again. I made $185 Thanks 20/20.

  3. [quote name=MARY]want a legimate way to earn extra money.[/quote]I’v tried so many survays it’s not even funy but it seams they allwais comeup with something, like I have over $100 but mthey will let you withdrow on paypal only $20 dollars. I’m begining to feel like monkey jumping hoops!id

  4. Note: Joining our panels does NOT provide you with a login to the discussion boards. IF/WHEN you are selected for a discussion and successfully screened you will then be contacted by e-mail with a URL and login information for that board. Please do not call or write us about logging in until such a time that you have received login information. Thank you
    (This should be in your e-mail)

  5. I got a email from them but it wasnt a confirmation email so how does this company work. Do you have to wait to hear back from them or what.

  6. What an awesome company! I was recently contacted to do an telephone interview while doing an online eval for 45 min/ $60. Later they called back and said they needed some people to do standby positions to fit a different demographic, I was dissapointed until I realized they were asking me simply to be available for 2 hours and upped my pay to $100! Very honest and easy to deal with.

  7. hola quisiera incribirme para las encuesta que ustedes hacen con los cliente o me pueden llamar al eldys 7862376586 gracias

  8. one to one interview is really worth but its amazing that is it really possible, marketing research in consumers level is simply superb


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