I started taking online paid surveys for extra money in December 2004.

Mei I was a stay at home mom and was looking for ways to make some money at home to supplement our income.

One day while I was surfing and searching the web an Ad popped in front of me. I don’t remember why it caught my attention I actually clicked the ad!  It was SurveyScout.com – back then SurveyScout was all over the web. After much thoughts I paid $34.95 for the membership fee to get access to their survey company database. There my survey taking journey began. :D.

Turned out it wasn’t a wise decision to pay SurveyScout for the survey database. Because many of the so called survey companies on SurveyScout’s list weren’t real paid survey sites at all! I received TONs of spam emails and even a couple of telemarketer calls!! Eventually I really had enough and asked for refund and got my money back! Well lesson learned!

I started to do my own research to find legitimate market research paid survey companies – the ones that are free to join, actually pay and respect my privacy. It was a very time consuming process but well worth the efforts in the end. The most important lesson I learned is always make sure the survey sites are legit before joining. Over the years I became quite savvy at finding real survey sites and spotting scams. 😀

I created MySurvey123.com because I wanted to share everything I know about making money with online surveys, focus groups and product testing etc, and I wanted to provide detailed information on the subject to be best ability, for free.

I started working on the website in the middle of 2007 and officially launched MySurvey123.com in November 2007. I tried my best building this website – to make it well organized and designed, easy to browse and most importantly provide honest and comprehensive information.

While working for my husband at home, I have been enjoying making extra money by participating in online surveys, focus group and testing new products,  and at the same time maintaining this website. Till this day, I am still actively taking online surveys so I have first hand and updated information for my site visitors.

During my spare time I like to read, play video games (that picture of “me” is my WiiU profile photo 😀 ) and watch my favorite TV shows. I take paid surveys almost everyday while watching TV and surfing the Internet. I just wish I could do online surveys and play video games at the same time as well! 😀


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