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American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

This post is my American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) review. ACOP is a reputable survey site and I have been paid!

American Consumer Opinion Surveys PanelAmerican Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a online survey panel, owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a major international marketing research firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the United States. American Consumer Opinion is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in the paid opinion survey panel.

Join American Consumer Opinion – (World Wide,  Minimum 14 years old )

Is American Consumer Opinion Legit or Scam?

First thing first I want to make it clear – American Consumer Opinion is LEGIT, not a scam or fraud. In fact, it is one of the top online paid survey sites. I have been a member of ACOP since 2007 and has been paid by them many times.

American Consumer Opinion Rewards

  • American Consumer Opinion panel members earn points for taking online surveys. When you accumulate 1000 points, you will be able to redeem your points for $10 cash (Via Paypal) or donate them to a charity.  One Point is equivalent to one penny. Therefore, for every 100 Points, the value is equal to one dollar. (100 points = $1).
  • Whenever you complete a survey, you will receive 100 to 5,000 Points, depending on the length of survey.
  • For screeners (very short surveys to determine if you qualify) you will receive 5 to 25 Points.

How to Join American Consumer Opinion Survey Panel

  • Minimum Age Required: 14 and older, only one member per household is permitted
  • Open to Countries/Regions: Worldwide, ALL Countries
  • Click Here to Sign Up

My Review of American Consumer Opinion

Survey Frequency & Quality:

I generally receive about 1-2 surveys per week from American Consumer Panel. That’s pretty good amount of the surveys in my opinion. Typically I receive a  short “screener” survey first (screener” surveys are used to determine if you qualify for the longer paid surveys) and if I qualify for the survey, I will receive a long survey which will offers more points.

Their surveys reward from 100 points up to 5000 points. Some of the surveys I qualify pay $4 – $5 (now is 400 – 500 points) which is really good. I sometimes get paid 5 – 25 points for  disqualify a survey. You will always earn a sweepstake entry to win the monthly $100 amazon gift cards. I found myself more willing to answer their survey due to their good quality surveys and the survey screener rewards.

ACOP’s surveys are interesting and reasonably short (usually 10 – 15 minutes). They also often have product testing opportunities, and sometimes high paying projects and focus groups.  Personally I have tested many products for them such as personal care items.

I have never experienced any technical problems while taking their surveys.

American Consumer Opinion is a great survey panels for kids and teenagers. I have received many kids/teens online surveys that pay well and interesting. My kids enjoy taking their surveys very much cause many are new video/tv shows related.

Survey Credits and Payment

American Consumer Opinion is a legitimate company and they always pay members in a timely manner – I usually receive cash payment in the form of check within 2-4 weeks.

Now they also has Paypal payment option. Currently I am 900 points, 100 points short for cash out, I will update this review regarding their Paypal payment.  and I  have also cashed out via Paypal, I received the Paypal payment two weeks after requesting cash out.

Another thing I really like their recent change is that you will get points for answering the screeners, usually 5 -25 points. I know that’s not a lot but it tells you that American Consumer Opinion value member’s time and efforts.

Regarding survey crediting – they do not credit survey points right away, so you need to pay attention to recording your survey completion, meaning save your survey invitation emails and possible take a screen shot on the survey conclusion page just in case.

Follow are a couple survey payments I received from ACOP:

This is a check payment I received from American Consumer Opinion.

American Consumer Opinion Cash - Paypal payment
American Consumer Opinion Paypal Payment

ACOP  Cash Paypal payment.

Member Support and Contact Information

Personally I have never encountered any problems so never have to contact their support, but you might need to and here is how you can contact them in the case of you need help and support from them:

First log into your ACOP account, then click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the webpage (https://www.acop.com/contact_us/),  there you will find a contact form. You can select the reason from a drop down box and fill out other information.

If you don’t hear from them, here is their company information under the contact form, including email address and a telephone number you can call.

Decision Analyst, Inc.
604 Ave H East
Arlington, Texas 76011

Within the U.S.:
(ask for Anne Parks)

By email at:

American Consumer Opinion Review Update (June 2020) 

Recently I encountered a 403 Forbidden error while trying to log into my account. I emailed them at aparks@acop.com, and received a timely reply (two days later).

They informed me that mostly likely when I tried to login, they were updating their system which caused the 403 forbidden error message. I think it’s probably the case because I tried to login later that day and there was no problem.

Anyway, this is the first time I have to contact them for anything and I am glad I got a quick response!

American Consumer Opinion is mobile friendly – you can take their surveys on your mobile phone or tablet!

Scam Warning

There are scammers using American Consumer Opinion’s name to scam people.  It’s the typical mystery shopper check scam. If you receive a check (usually a big amount from “American Consumer Opinion” asking you to deposit the check and wire part of the money back) – DO NOT CASH THE CHECK! – American Consumer Opinion has posted warning on their website about this.

Conclusion: Do you recommend American Consumer Opinion?

Absolutely Yes. American Consumer Opinion is one of the highly reputable market research companies and I definitely recommend it!

Join American Consumer Opinion  – WorldWide, Must be 14 and older to join

56 thoughts on “American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)”

  1. Unable to login to my account, whsweeney1@comcast.net, When asked to verify my account, by filling out the form, I get message (the street address is already assigned to an account) Yes, my account,. I suspect that there is more then one account for me, that might be under the email address, such as wasweeney12@gmail.com and wssweeney12@gmail.com, if so, please combine all account for me to one account, under the email address (whsweeney1@comcast.net). Thank you.

  2. This company is a scam, the last time I requested a payout 4 months went by and I never got paid or a response to my emails, finally after sending many emails they sent a form email I would be put on rush list and still never got paid,yet they keep sending me invites to fill out more surveys which they will never pay you for doing. If you go the website surveypolice.com you will see many posts from other people not getting paid, I ended up unsubscribing from them because it was clear I was never going to be paid and never have yet, total scam, they used to pay but in the last year they have just flat stopped, don’t waste your time with them.

    • Thank you for your comment Randall. As you can see in my comments below, it took them FIVE months to pay me. I requested payment in February and received the money via Paypal in July. I didn’t contact them while waiting cause I pretty much forgot about it.

    • They do not pay me either. I cashed 17.5 weeks ago, that is 4 months ago but still on the Pending. I tried to call their number but worst of all, it is an answering machine, even cannot dial 0 to have anyone pick up the call. I sent an email through their website but do not know whether I can receive any reply or any general response without move forward to pay. Last time to deal with the issue was 4 months ago by talking to someone on the phone, now I know it will be hard and not expect it is harder.

      • They finally paid me. I had to write to them through their contact page, a few days later, someone wrote me back and said put me to the rush list, then I wrote back and ask when to get paid, then that person wrote me back said it would be soon. Then a few days later I got paid to my PayPal. I guess that the problem is communication, if you use a tone to be fair and really seeking help instead of blaming, someone will assist you with respect. Good luck on your payment!

      • Thank you for your update Penny. I am glad you got paid again (last time was April, right?) I haven’t been taking their surveys since last cash out, it is just a little discouraging to think about that long wait for payment, but I do think they are legit and pay.

  3. I cashed out $40 and it was approved on June 20, 2017. I was told up to 12 weeks for payment, which in itself is unheard of. Most survey sites pay within a couple day’s, some pay instantly. Well it’s October 5th, 2017, over 14 weeks and still no payment. I’ve emailed them numerous times and they either don’t respond or send me some response about how they are looking into it, a week has gone by since the last “we are looking into it”, with no further response. I complained about non payment on their FB page, along with hundreds of other users, and they blocked me. They delete and block all negative posts and only keep up the positive ones. Now they have blocked me from emailing them: (Message blocked, Your message to aparks@acop.com has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.)

    • They tried to delay members’ payments as long as they can, usually way pass 12 weeks. Last time I cash out in the middle of August last year and did get paid till 4 months later. Then recently the same issue happen again, I still would not be able to get paid for the cash out from last December. Worst of all, they do not respond you when you ask questions about payment through their website. I am still on the product testing survey with them now but if I do not receive my payment, I am going to tell the company my experience and how I cannot continue to help them evaluate their product because this survey company have payment issues with members. I am also going to call their corporate office to see how they are going to handle this payment issue. If they do not, I am going to tell everybody around me to be aware of this company. If they do not want to be called scam then better not act scam. I will keep posting here with follow ups.

      • Hi Penny, thank you for your feedback and comment on ACOP. I didn’t have any payment issues with them before, until this last time…well, it might not be an issue, but they are slow. I requested payment on Feb.5, and today I logged into my account and status for this payment is still “pending”. Hmm, will wait to see when I get paid and will update…

      • By the way, the request payment confirm email from them says this:

        “Your cash-out request has been entered into the system. Your PayPal account will be credited for $11.05 within 8-12 weeks. Thank you very much for being a member of American Consumer Opinion®!”

      • Hello, I did call them, someone talked to me on the phone and said put me on rush list and I should get paid 2 weeks later. Now almost 3 weeks past I still not get paid. I tried to call back then this time seems a call center, I was transferred to voicemail. I will follow up with it and provide more feedbacks.

      • Thanks for the update Penny. I hope you get paid soon. I am also very curious when I will get my payment! Something changed with company I am pretty sure about that!

      • hi,
        Just for a quick update, I finally got paid. It took about 17th weeks to 19 weeks to finally get paid. It is slow but finally got it. 🙂

      • So glad to hear you finally got paid Penny and thank you very much for your update! Better late than never, but this is way too long, I guess I will have to wait another two months, I will update too. Thanks again!

  4. I have been a member of ACOP for many years and never had any problems. On May 30, 2014 I requested a cashout. As of today, August 10, 2014, I have not received my payment and ACOP has not responded to any of my enquiries. Beware.

    • Sorry to hear that John. I also have noticed that sometimes they can be very slow paying…My last payment was through Paypal and fairly quick (two weeks)…Have you contacted them over the phone, they have a phone number listed on their website. Good luck!

    • its not a very good site….not too many surveys so its hars to get to the 1000 points for cash out. And very slow to ge the points in the account after you finish the survey

    • Don’t touch this bunch with a bargepole, I’ve been waiting nearly 4 months for the shysters to credit points from surveys I’ve completed to take me over the payment threshold, all you get when you complain is an e-mail off Ann Parks saying your points don’t get credited to your account for 4-8 weeks, I’ve had none credited since October, and the last two I did aren’t even listed as being taken in my rewards, never mind being credited. Liars, useless, broken promises, untrustworthy, don’t waste your effort.

    • Avoid them like the plague, they’re liars and thieves, likelihood being you won’t get paid, or you’ll get so fed up of waiting they’re hoping you’ll forget they owe you money and you won’t return to their site to claim it, so they get a few months’ surveys out of you without paying anything out.

  5. I just cashed out again, this time I request be paid via Paypal. I will update when I receive the payment. They say it might take one to three weeks after they approve the payment request.

  6. Update – I receive 1-2 surveys a month and qualify for 1 every other month. Not as good as it was in 2011 for me, but I’m not doing them as much as I was in 2011. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  7. Received this email on March 7, 2012…

    We have released the new American Consumer Opinion® website! In addition to the new look and feel of the site, we have made some changes based on research among our Members.

    There will no longer be drawings for a chance to win cash prizes when you complete a screening survey. Now you will be paid Points for every screener or survey you complete. Points will range from 10 to 50 Points for screeners or screening surveys, and 100 Points to 5,000 Points or more for longer surveys. Any time you complete any type of survey with American Consumer Opinion®, you will get paid!

    To explain more about Points-one Point equals a penny. A hundred Points equals a dollar. You can redeem Points for cash (PayPal or check mailed to you), or you can donate your Points to a worthy charity.

    You can cash out when your Member Account equals at least 1,000 Points (ten U.S. dollars), the same as always, as long as you follow the rules in our Terms and Conditions.

    Because of these changes, we have recently updated the Terms and Conditions for the American Consumer Opinion® panel. Please click here if you wish to review them.

    With this change, you will accumulate Points in your Member Account rapidly. Thanks for being a member of American Consumer Opinion®.

    Anne Parks

  8. I’ve been with them for almost a year and as the name suggests their surveys are geared to Americans, not Canadians. I’ve received 2 screeners in the time I’ve been a member and didn’t qualify for either one. There are better sites out there. 🙁

  9. Update – I receive 1-3 surveys a month and qualify for about 1 every other month. The same as it was in 2010. I have no problems with them.

  10. I feel you all have been brainwashed. I have been doing these “surveys” for a few years now, and am sick of them. IN NO WAY DOES IT REFLECT TRUE CONSUMER OPINION! The questionaires are leading are only designed to help these corporation find better ways to target the end user. There is never an avenue in these surveys to state that many of these, like online poker, are a waste of time, and how some products are pure junk food and should never be eaten. (my “opinion”, but they don’t want to know that). All the answers are pre-selected for you with no space for comment. Again, it is just a method to help large corporations with profile marketing.

  11. Update – I receive 1-3 surveys a month and qualify for 1 every other month. I have received the payment within 3-4 weeks. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  12. I signed up with about 10 survey sites, and this is one of the better ones. Just wish they sent more surveys. I completed an easy 4-day survey on snack foods recently for $8. It’s the only survey I’ve had so far but looking forward to filling out more in the future.

  13. I’ve been with them a year and just started receiving regular surveys in the past few months. Before that, I might get one every few months. I would log in once a month or so just to let them know I was still available. The surveys pay well and they also send little home projects.

  14. friends, i am from india and i joined acop almost a year before but got just one screener yet, neither knows that i qualified that one nor knows that where to find more surveys..

    seeking help!! 🙁

  15. I’ve joined American Consumer Panel for about 2 months now and I have yet receive any rewards. They don’t often have surveys for you, and they often send out screeners before you are actually taking a cash survey. I think that’s a good thing because you won’t be wasting your time completely a short screener. Overall, I think this is a great site and is nice to join in case that you do qualify. I recommend joining, but don’t hope to receive payments soon.

  16. I’ve heard nothing but good things about ACOP but I joined in early November and received and qualified for 1 survey for $5 so far. I’ll get screeners here and there but that’s it. I log in at least once a month and updated my profile about a month ago but they just don’t need my opinion I guess. 🙁

  17. 😀 😀 Please sign up J.B. Peterson for ACOP activity. Will add you to my favorites list.[quote name=Diane]:-) Yes, I’ve been with them for nearly a year now and they have interesting surveys, great product testing and decent paid surveys. Definitely worthwhile.[/quote]

  18. 🙂 Yes, I’ve been with them for nearly a year now and they have interesting surveys, great product testing and decent paid surveys. Definitely worthwhile.

  19. Hi, I’m going to join this one but see they’ll give credit to someone if I get referred. So, please, someone PM me a ref link and I’ll wait till I get it to sign up then. Thanks!

  20. ACOP doesn’t have a separate user portal like other market research sites but they definitely send your check to you. Arrival checks may take up to a month or two but you’ll definitely receive them. Great so far!

  21. ACOP sent me an email about two weeks ago, that they are now allowing you to build up your rewards and then cash out. This is good, because I will make less trips to the bank!

  22. I found your websight online and I was regestering for a survey company and it asked if you were refered. I would like to enter your referal info so you could get credit. May I please get your info so you can get the credit? 😀


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