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Join Auto Insight Online Community & Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Update 8/29/2014: Registration currently is closed.  Auto Insight Online Communityis a new and exiting Online Automobile Community hosted by Gongos Research. It ‘s where vehicle owners come to discuss and shape the future of automobiles!


Leading automakers come here to listen to what YOU have to say about your current vehicles and to find out what YOU think about their new ideas. Also get great incentives to participate in various activities and surveys here.

The first step in becoming an Auto Insight member is to complete a profile questionnaire so we know a little more about you and your vehicle(s). It should take you less than 10 minutes.If you qualify and become an Auto Insight member, you will be provided with numerous opportunities to participate in automotive surveys. For participating in such activities, our members earn incentive points. Every two months, we issue Amazon.com certificate incentive based on the points earned during a 2-month period.

Please be assured that your answers will remain confidential, and no one will try to sell you anything as a result of your participation in this survey.

Click Here to Join the Auto Insight Online Community! – Open to USA Only, 18 years and up

8 thoughts on “Join Auto Insight Online Community & Earn Amazon Gift Cards”

  1. I was a member and it was a great site to earn Amazon gift cards. Not a lot of money but for your opinion on everything cars meaning a revenue for not much effort. They changed their website address and I lost my membership. You need an invitation online by another site to join. Translation jump thru the right hoops and we show no loyalty to the members.

  2. Need some help from auto insight online community gave all amazon gift cards. any way I can get some help ? Thanks.


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