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Loading...baker_streetBaker Street Solutions is one hidden treasure among market research companies. It was founded by seasoned executives in marketing and product development who believe that the foundation of successful marketplace initiatives lies with true consumer understanding. I really like their unique approach of market research, especially as they say on their website: “What we Do Best: We discover the causal factors of consumer purchase behavior

Cash by Check, Amazon Gift Certificates/Cards

Open to Countries/Regions
United States

Minimum Age required to Join
18 year old

My Experience/Review
I receive surveys invites from Baker Street Solutions about 2 – 3 times a year, mostly product testing plus surveys.ย  They pay very well, from $25 to $40, and they pay check. Actually one time my husband even tested a product for them and he was very happy to learn that he actually get paid by trying the product, and when I told him he get paid $40 for trying out the product and providing feedback (taking survey) he was even happier. ๐Ÿ˜€

Recently I earned $10 amazon gift certificate for doing a online survey, and I was a little surprised since it was not product test and they paid Amazon gift certificate (not cash), but I was very happy to complete the survey and get paid by them.

Usually I receive the payment check about 2 months after the surveys, sometimes they pay a little slow, once I received the check payment almost 3 months after completing the product test.

Overall, Baker Solutions is a very good paid survey site, and I definitely recommend it!

Update: I have received more surveys that pay Amazon gift certificates from Baker Solutions. Love those surveys!

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6 thoughts on “Baker Street Solutions

  1. [quote name=Brian]I completed a survey a month ago. This week I recieved a $5.00 GC for :-)[/quote]
    I have recieved 2 or more amazon GC’s since then.

  2. They are definitely a very efficient survey site. Even though they do not send out surveys often, they do reward participants for doing their survey. Also, Those Amazon GC really do add up, so after doing a couple you’ll probably be able to buy something nice for yourself as a reward. (seldom but rewarding)

  3. i just did the world’s fastest survey. i have no idea if i passed the screener or not. the email said if i only answered a question or two then i didn’t pass. i answered probably 7 o 8, so did i pass? it was for a $5.00 amazon gift certificate.

    i guess we’ll see what we see. i must say, if i get $5 bucks out of it, it was the fastest 5 bucks ever.

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