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Brand Institute Review

This post is my Brand Institute review. Please note: Brand Institute currently is not an active survey site.

Brand Institute ReviewBrand Institute was founded in 1993, and is world’s premier health care, consumer and business to business (B2B) brand identity consultancy. Brand Institutes global panel currently has over 7 million members worldwide and they conduct market research in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to consumer products.

Join Brand Institute now! (Open to ALL countries)

Survey Compensation/Rewards
Brand Institute is a CASH only online survey panel – they pay Cash (via Check or Paypal) for every survey you complete.

Age Requirement

18+ years old

Open to Countries
WORLD WIDE – Brand Institute do accept new members from ALL COUNTRIES.

Brand Institute Review 

Brand Institute sends out fair amount of paid surveys. When I first joined Brand Institute back in the 2006, most of their surveys were related to pharmaceutical products such as new drugs, in recent couple of years I have started receiving more general consumer product surveys from Brand Institute, which I like. Their surveys usually pay between $2 – $30. I have qualified surveys that paid between $2 and $10. They also have paid “BrandChat” where members contribute ideas for new product names in a chat room, and it’s very interesting.

Brand Institute also has very high paying surveys and focus groups opportunities, especially for health care professionals! So if you or someone you know work in the medical field (doctors, nurses or pharmacists), Brand Institute is a MUST sign on paid survey panel!!!

Following is a Brand Institute Survey Check payment (image, click to enlarge) I recently received for completing a $10 paid online  survey.

Brand Institute Survey Payment - Check

Other Notes:

1. You don’t have to provide your SS#, they will pay you without this information.

2. Brand Institute launched their VIP program around September 2009. As a VIP member, you can check available surveys for you by clicking the “Open Surveys” link at your account page (so you don’t have to wait for survey invite emails). Also VIP members get rewarded by referring new members. I think you have to be a “regular” member for at least six months before you can apply to “upgrade” to be the VIP member.

Update: Brand Institute has discontinued the VIP program.

3. You can choose to be paid by Check or Paypal, but please note that if you choose Paypal you can’t switch back to check again due to their recent policy change. Brand Institute is a very reputable and reliable company and they always pay me in a timely manner.


Brand Institute is a very legitimate paid survey site, they offer good payout for individuals that qualify and complete their online surveys, and Brand Institute especially is a great survey panel for health care professionals.  I highly recommend Brand Institute survey panel!

UPDATE: I have’t received any surveys from Brand Institute since 2015.

Are you a member of Brand Institute survey panel? Please feel free to share your Brand Institute review. Also any comments or questions are welcome

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  1. Brand Institue New Survey Alert (Email received as follow):

    Greetings from Brand Institute!

    We would like to invite you to participate in a short screener. Participation in this screener is voluntary and qualified individuals will be invited to participate in a paid online survey immediately. We have limited time to complete this project, entitled NORTH_POLE_CON and hope you can take some time out of your day to assist in this important research effort.

    If you complete the survey correctly and in its entirety; you will be paid $5 USD by check or PAYPAL.

    Sign up with Brand Institute if you are not a member yet.

  2. Brand Institute currently has a consumer survey NEVERLAND_CON, reward $2…. I found it on my “Open Survey” area…there are 120 seats available for this survey right now!

  3. Just checked current Open Surveys. I don’t think I receive the invite for this survey. hmm….

    Survey Name Payment Available Seats Status
    SUMATRA_PAT $ 5.00 95 Not Started

    • it says that i have to be a VIP member or something like that to check the open surveys on the website. Are you a VIP member? do you know how does it work?

    • Yes you have to be a VIP member to check open surveys…you just need to apply, but there is no guarantee you will get approved though.

      By the way, I did receive the email invite for that survey.

  4. Checked my account today, here is what’s shown in the ‘OPEN SURVEYS’ page:

    Available Surveys

    DOUBLEBACK_PAT $ 2.00 28 Not Started
    MCQUEEN_PAT $ 5.00 13 Not Started

    Good luck everyone!

  5. In my opinion, Brand Institute is one of the best companies that pay for your opinion. I joined about eight months ago and I have been paid $540 so far. I am a VIP member since last April and I have noticed that I receive more surveys prom then.

  6. Best company I have seen that pay for your opinion.They pay you instantly no minimum redemption required. I would recommend everyone to be a member and earn.

  7. I am already registered as a member, a new one once I get an invitation from the brand institute surveys, how to I get an invitation every month or every day, I had to register as a VIP account, but there has been no subsequent confirmation of the brand institute, thanks

    • Hi there is no guarantee you get surveys every month or every day. They will send you surveys when they have surveys that fit your profile (meaning they think you might qualify for the survey). This is how all the market research surveys company work. Hope it helps.

  8. Hi Kim, Yes I am a VIP member. I am not a medical professional and wasn’t asked for medical# when I applied to be VIP member a couple of years ago. I don’t know why they do that. I remember I had to email them copies of my driver license and an utility bill. Good luck hope you get it. I like Brand Institute also they are good survey panel.

  9. I have been a member for a few months and I love this survey site. Are you a VIP member? I tried to but they asked for my medical # – I’m not a medical professional.

  10. Thanks, it just concerned me as the other panels that I’m on send surveys more frequently. I’ll just wait and see. If you have had a good experience then that is reassuring. 🙂

  11. [quote name=Trevor]I joined about a month
    Trevor, I also noticed that they are slow lately. But don’t worry sometimes they have plenty surveys. The usually have more surveys at the beginning of the year for some reason.

  12. I joined about a month ago and, so far, I’ve received no survey invitations. Absolutely zip. Can’t say that I’d recommend them. I’m going to stick with Valued Opinions, My Surveys & My View – at least they send surveys.

  13. [quote name=Brand Institute can’t register]I tried registering and it said my password didn’t match…did it over 3 times carefully, still wouldn’t accept it.[/quote]

  14. I’m having problems with finishing up step 5,
    I mus have hit the wrong answer on a question.
    I am in the medical field and not a profecional with licese.

    it will not allw me to go futher, can you help me please

    and thank you for your time. 🙂

  15. I tried registering and it said my password didn’t match…did it over 3 times carefully, still wouldn’t accept it.

  16. I am an RN and have participated in a ton of surveys with this company. I’ve been paid $375 so far in the year that I’ve been a member. I get paid by check – $15 a survey.

  17. Thank you for your answer. Only thing I didn’t put in was the 1st ref/reg code space. They give you the code to read & I input that at the bottom space. I’ll try again. If that doesn’t work, I will contact them for assistance. You & your website are wonderful. 🙂

  18. Hi Carol,

    No you don’t need referral to register..I am not sure what’s wrong with your situation, was there any require field/information you didn’t input, or did you get any error message? If you can’t figure it out, you can send them/contact them asking for assistance. Hope it helps.

  19. Regarding joining Brand.
    Do you need a referral/registration
    code to join them? I had a problem in my registration, it kept sending me back to the 1st page.

  20. Hmm, strange.. I was never paid by check, always paypal. maybe you can send them a email ask about it? I never email them myself , so don’t know how good is their support.

    But I am glad you get paid! 😉

  21. Hi Duckie,

    Don’t worry Brand Institute is legimiate. I have always been paid by them, usually take around 8 weeks (via Paypal) Did you choose to be paid by Paypal or check? Check payment probably takes longer.

    If you still concerned, you can send them a email inquiring about the payment, especially for the “TOFU_CONSUMER” survey took on 9/17/2007.

  22. Survey Name Survey Date Status
    SATIN_3 10/2/2007 3:59:13 PM Survey Completed (Payment Pending)
    TOFU_CONSUMER 9/17/2007 9:29:22 AM Survey Completed (Payment Pending)

    they havnt paid =[


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