Canadian Free Paid Surveys List

If you live in Canada and would like to take online paid surveys for extra money, be sure to sign up with following legitimate Canadian online paid surveys sites – starting with the best Canadian survey sites on top, new survey sites are added at the end of the list.

Tip: Make sure to confirm your registration (mostly by clicking on the link in the confirmation email) or you will not receive survey invites.

  1. Global Test Market
    GlobalTestMarket members earn Points that are redeemable for cash (via Paypal/check) and amazon/store gift cards. One account per mailing address, accept member worldwide and 14 years old and up. GlobalTestMarket has tons of surveys for United State and Canadian residents. global test market review
  2. Opinion Outpost
    Earn points for completing every online survey. Points redeemable for cash (check/Paypal), Amazon gift certificates. Accept members from Canada and United States, and 18+ years old.
  3. Pinecone Research – Canada
    Members earn points for taking surveys and points can be redeemed for cash (via Paypal/check) or prizes. Must be 18 and older to join.  Make sure to fill out the “profile survey” which will be sent to you shortly after you fill out the sign up form, otherwise you will not be accepted into the panel.  pinecone research review
  4. Toluna Canada
    Toluna members earn points and sweepstakes for taking surveys and polls. Points redeemable for cash (Paypal) and store gift cards. Accept 13 years and older.  toluna review
  5. MySurvey Canada
    Earn points for every survey completed. Points are redeemable for cash(check/Paypal), amazon gift cards or prize. Accept 16+ years old.  mysurvey review
  6. IPSOS i-Say Canada
    Earn points for every survey. Points for cash (via Paypal) and amazon/other gift cards or prize.  Minimum age to join 14 years old. ipsos review
  7. Harris Poll Online – Canada
    Earn points (HIPoints) for every survey completed. Points for amazon and other gift cards and prizes. Minimum age to join 13 years old.
  8. American Consumer Opinion
    Members earn points for pre-screeners and survey completion, and points can be redeemed for cash(via check/Paypal) or amazon gift cards.  Accept member worldwide and 14+ years old.
  9. MyPoints
    MyPoints members earn points for taking every survey. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal amazon and other popular store gift cards. They also have paid emails, paid search, cash back shopping and paid offers etc.  Very reliable site. 18+
  10. Web Perspectives 
    Web Perspectives is a very good Canadian based online paid survey site. Member earn points and points are redeemable for cash paid via Paypal.  Accept 13+ years old.
  11. MySoapBox
    Members make money by taking part in online surveys, product testing and focus groups. You earn points and cash out points for amazon or store gift cards. I have received great product testing surveys with great rewards. Open to 13 and older.
  12. Homescan Canada
    Earn points for completing online surveys and scanning and submitting weekly purchase information. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and various merchandise.
  13. TellWut Panel
    Members earn points redeemable for Amazon Gift cards for taking surveys and creating surveys.
  14. Harris Poll Online
    Harris Poll is a reputable survey site. Members earn points (HIPoints) for every survey completed. Points are redeemable for amazon gift certificates ,iTunes  and other popular gift cards. Open to 13 and up years old.
  15. Paid Viewpoint
    Paid Viewpoint is survey panel that pay members cash directly via Paypal. They offer usually short but interesting surveys. Must be at least 13 years old to join.
  16. VIP Voice Canada
    By completing online surveys, members earn points that can be used in sweepstakes and auctions for rewards. Prizes include vacations, electronics and appliances etc. They also pay cash via check for participating in focus groups. Open to 13+.
  17. SurveySavvy
    Get paid cash(check) for every survey and focus group. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have a double tier referral structure. Minimum age to join 14 years old.  surveysavvy review
  18. Angus Ried Forum
    Canadian based online survey panel. Accept members only from Canada. Get paid cash (usually $1-$5) via check for taking surveys. $50 minimum to cash out. Accept 18+ years old.
  19. Permission Research
    Points redeemable for cash, gift cards and merchandise. Other member benefits include free online disk storage, free games, free software and screen savers..Safe software installation required.
  20. SurveyLion
    SurveyLion is the Consumer Panel Website of Canadian Viewpiont, one of Canada’s largest opinion data collection companies.
  21. E-Rewards
    Earn e-Rewards money for every survey. E-Rewards money is good for gift cards (such as amazon) or vouchers at E-Reward partners such as Blockbuster, Hertz rental, American Airline.
  22. Canada Talk Now
    Cash (paid via check) for surveys. Have many online paid focus groups as well as surveys.
  23. Contract Testing
    A great Canadian based market research company. They have great focus group and product testing opportunities and pay cash via check.
  24. Univox Community new! added 4/12/2018
    Members earn points for taking online surveys, and points can be exchanged for amazon gift cards. New members receive 500 points ($5) sign up bonus.  18+
  25. Maru Voice Canada – new added 6/12/2018
    Maru Voice Canada is Canada’s leading online market research panel. Members earn points that can be exchanged for cash via Paypal or gift cards for completing online surveys. Minimum age 13 years old.
  26. Survey Junkie – added 9/12/ 2018
    Survey Junkie rewards members points for completing online surveys. Members can redeem points for cash paid via Paypal or amazon/target gift cards. Open to 13+years old.
  27. Market Agent CA  new added 9/12/2018
    Market Agent is a global online market research company. It’s research panel members earn points that can be exchanged for cash (via Paypal) for completing online surveys. Must be at least 14 years old to join.
  28. MoBrog Panel – CA – new added 9/12/2018
    Mobrog panel is based in Germany. It rewards members with cash (paid via Paypal) for participating online or mobile surveys Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  29. Prize Rebel – added 9/12/ 2018
    Prize Rebel rewards members points for taking online surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash (paypal) or amazon gift cards.Minimum age 16 to join.

Please Note:

best canadian online paid surveys for money1. All survey panels listed here pay members either CASH, Gift Cards and/or prizes (in other words, NO SWEEPSTAKES ONLY sites), and many of them have high paying focus groups and product testing opportunities.

2. I am doing my best finding and listing legitimate market research online survey panels for Canadian residents. If you live in Canada and know any legit Canadian survey panels that are not on this list, please feel free to share with us by contacting me or leaving a comment below. Thank you!

3. As always, your comments, suggestions and feedbacks on any survey sites (good or bad) are welcome and appreciated! And please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

4. Please share this page/list (you can do so using the social media buttons below) with family and friends or anyone you know who would like to take online surveys for extra money, thank you very much!