20/20 Research Review – Focus Group Panel

20/20 Panel by 20/20 Research Paid Focus Groups20/20 Panel is the consumer research panel, operated by 20/20 Research, Inc. which was founded in 1986 by former QRCA President Jim Bryson. It was started as a full-service marketing research firm. Since then, 20/20 Research has experienced growth, change and significant success. 20/20 is one of leading market research firms. Continue reading…


American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

This post is my American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) review. ACOP is a reputable survey site and I have been paid!

American Consumer Opinion Surveys PanelAmerican Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a online survey panel, owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a major international marketing research firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the United States. American Consumer Opinion is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in the paid opinion survey panel. Continue reading…


Branded Surveys

In this Branded Surveys review, I will share my personal experience and view on this online paid survey site.

Branded Surveys Review

Branded Surveys is an online survey community where members earn cash and gift cards rewards by expressing their opinions on products and services.

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Clear Voice Surveys

Clear Voice SurveysClear Voice Surveys is an online survey site owned and operated by ClearVoiceSurveys.com, LLC, a market research company located in Denver, Colorado. In this Clear Voice Surveys review, I will be sharing my experiences and more information about this survey site. Continue reading…


Consumer Village

This post is Consumer Village review – I have been a member since 2007 and here I share my experience with this great survey site that pay gift cards!

Consumer Village SurveysConsumer Village is an online community (forum) launched by Gongos Research (a leading market research company) in 2007. Members of Consumer Village earn Tokens (points) for taking online paid surveys and other sponsored activities. Consumer Village members also have the opportunity to constantly interact with and engage in chat with other members of this private online community. Continue reading…


Directive Analytics

This post is my Directive Analytics review. I haven’t received any surveys from them for a while, but your experience might be different.

Directive Analytics SurveysDirective Analytics is a full-service market research company. Their survey methods include traditional quantitative research studies such as telephone, mall, and mail surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews, and online qualitative research projects including in-depth online surveys, interviews, focus groups, and bulletin board discussion groups. Continue reading…



This post is my E-Poll review. E-Poll Surveys is a great survey site for you to take online surveys for extra money (cash or gift cards)!

e-poll review - take surveys for cash!E-Poll offers a convenient forum for you to express your opinions with some of the most well-known companies in entertainment and household products. It is absolutely free to join, and E-Poll rewards you for taking online surveys with points redeemable for a wide variety of rewards. Continue reading…



This post is my revised E-Rewards review. I was a member of E-Rewards survey panel and recently rejoined.

e-rewardse-Rewards is a market research online survey panel operated by Research Now Group, LLC. Members opt-in to take surveys, earn credit and redeem for a fantastic selection of rewards. Continue reading…


Global Test Market

This post is my Global Test Market review. please note: GlobalTestMarket has been moved to LifePoints survey panel.

GlobalTestMarket-SurveysGlobal Test Market is a global online paid survey panel founded in 1999 as an division of GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)  GMI is one of the world’s leading providers of market research and serves more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide, and provides a global solution for companies that wish to conduct online consumer research across multiple countries. Continue reading…


Go2Crowd Review

This post is my Go2Crowd review – The Go2Crowd USA is legit and good online survey site, and I have been paid.

The Go2Crowd Review - take surveys online for money

The Go2Crowd is an online survey site, run by a small but growing research company called The Interpreters. The Go2Crowd members answer surveys, and in return they earn points which can be redeemed for various rewards such as amazon gift cards and cash.

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Harris Poll Online

This post is my Harris Poll Online review – I was a member of this survey panel and had been paid.

HarrisPoll_logoHarris Poll Online is one of oldest and market research paid survey site in the United States. With over 50 years in the business, HPOL has delved into and analyzed every aspect of American life. Continue reading…


HCD Surveys

This post is my HCD Surveys review. Please note: I haven’t received any surveys from HCD for a long time, and currently they are not accepting new members.

HCD Surveys ReviewHCD Surveys Panel was created in 2005 by HCD Research, a marketing and communications research company that was founded in 1991.  The company combines classical and sophisticated research techniques with innovative on-line applications that enable HCD Research to obtain comprehensive, meaningful data for customers. Continue reading…


Join Opinio Quest Survey Panel & Earn Rewards

This post is my preliminary Opinio Quest review – I am new to this survey panel and like it so far. I suggest you sign up and give it a try!

Opinion Quest Survey Panel Review - Get Paid to take surveys!Opinio Quest is a brand new online survey panel that rewards members for completing market research surveys. They are looking for new members from: United States, Canada and United Kingdom (UK).

Click Here to Join Opinio Quest Panel! Earn 500 points ($5) just for signing up! (Open to USA, Canada & UK, must be at least 17 years old)
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Join OpinionsUSA – Earn Gift Card Rewards!

This post is my preliminary OpinionsUSA survey panel review. UPDATE: OpinionUSA recently has been merged with OpinionWorld panel.

OpinionsUSA panel

OpinionsUSA is an exclusive online survey research community of adults from all walks of life who take part in marketing and public opinions surveys on a variety of topics. Members get a chance to express opinions and ideas, and earn points that they can redeem for great gift cards!

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LifePoints Review – Take Paid Online Surveys for Money

This post is my LifePoints review – I have been taking LifePoints surveys and earned money – been paid!

LifePoints SurveysLifePoints is a “new” online survey panel created by Lightspeed Research. It’s a community of over 5,000,000 members from all over the world. Members earn cash and gift cards by sharing their views and opinions, and their participation in research influence future brand products and services. Continue reading…


Market Agent

This post is my Market Agent review – I have been a member of this survey panel for a couple of years and have been paid!

Market Agent Surveys

Market Agent survey panel is operated by the Marketagent.com Online Research GmbH Company. It is an online paid survey site that rewards participants cash or gift vouchers for expressing their opinion with online surveys.

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MyPoints Review – Best Reward Site for Online Paid Surveys!

This post is my updated MyPoints review. I am a long time member of MyPoints – one of the best reward sites that pays cash & gift cards for taking online surveys!

MyPoints - Rewards for SurveysMyPoints is one of the oldest reward sites. At Mypoints, members earn rewards by doing various online activities, – they get paid to take surveys, read emails, shop online, print coupons, search and watch videos etc. Continue reading…


MySoapBox Review

This post is my MySoapBox Review – I have been a member of MySoapBox survey panel for over 3 years and have been paid!

MySoapBox Survey Panel

MySoapBox is an online paid survey community that rewards members for expressing their opinions through participating in market research surveys and activities.

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OnePoll Survey Review – Sign Up with OnePoll & Earn Cash

This post is my OnePoll survey review – OnePoll is a good cash paying survey panel, even though I haven’t earned enough to reach payout yet.

OnePoll Survey Review - Sign up with OnePoll & Earn CashOnePoll is an online research survey panel of consumers and professionals in the  United Kingdom and United States. The company has successfully grown a loyal UK panel over the last decade and a growing membership across the USA. Continue reading…


Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion_OutpostOpinion Outpost is a online survey research panel operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC, who has been the world’s leading provider of survey sampling solutions. Opinion Outpost offers its panel members the opportunity to take marketing research surveys in exchange for rewards. Continue reading…


PaidViewPoint Review – Earn Cash for Taking Online Surveys

This post is my long overdue PaidViewpoint Review. I recommend you join Paid Viewpoint survey site if you are not a member yet, because PaidViewPoint is a great survey panel!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Review

Paid ViewPoint is one of the best survey sites that pay members cash for taking market research surveys online. It is also one of my favorite survey sites!

Is PaidViewPoint Legitimate or scam?

Paid ViewPoint is a legitimate paid survey site, operated by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market), a company that is revolutionizing the market research industry by making quality market research easily accessible and affordable to businesses of any sizes. I have been a PaidViewPoint member for over 2 years and they have paid me a few times!

PaidViewPoint Survey Panel – Who Can Sign Up

According to PaidViewPoint’s TOU (Term of Use), following individuals can join Paid ViewPoint survey panel:

  • Panel Membership in Europe is open to individuals who are sixteen (16) years of age or older.
  • Panel Membership in the United States or elsewhere in the world is open to individuals who are thirteen (13) years of age or older.

Please note: Paid ViewPoint has a strict rule of one account per person.  Anyone breaking the rules will have their account canceled.  Every member will need to validate his/her account with their phone.

When you sign up with Paid ViewPoint, you provide your demographic information such as name, birthday, address, education, employment and household information.

Survey Rewards – how to get paid?

PaidViewPoint pay members cash or gift cards (amazon & walmart) for taking online surveys. They do not use a point system! And they make the cash payment through Paypal only. So if you live in a country that Paypal isn’t available, you can still join PaidViewPoint, but you may need help from a friend or relative who lives in a Paypal-acceptable country to receive your earnings.

The minimum threshold for cash out is $15. Once you reach that level, the cash-out button in your account becomes functional. You can click the “cash-out” button to request your reward. You should see the funds in your PayPal account within 72 hours. 

When you make your first cash out, again you will need to validate with your phone to prevent the possibility of someone stealing your earnings.

My PaidViewPoint Review

PaidViewPoint Surveys (Survey Frequency, experience.. etc)

PaidViewPoint sends me emails to notify me new survey opportunities. I receive their notifications every few days. So after I log into my account dashboard, there is this “1(x) survey(x) waiting” link. I just click the link to take their surveys.

Paid ViewPoint survey panel is different from any other survey sites, it’s better.

PaidViewPoint surveys are easy and short, and never boring. I have never had a survey that took longer than 10 minutes to complete. Their survey format/process is interesting and smooth, I have never had any kind of technical issues.

I have earned between $0.10 to $2 for surveys, and yes they always pay me at least $0.10 for answering a survey, because they never screen out members once you are invited for a survey.

Every time you answer a survey, it increases your TraitScore. TraitScore is a unique element that PaidViewPoints uses to analyze respondent’s candor, honesty and consistency. Just remember always be honest and give your candid opinion.

PaidViewPoint does not have a mobile app, however, the website is mobile friendly, and you can take surveys on your mobile devices, just like taking surveys on a desktop/laptop computers.

Survey Payment

PaidViewPoint credits members as soon as you complete a survey! When you reach $15 in your account balance, you can redeem your earnings by Paypal, Amazon or Walmart gift cards. After you request the payment, you will receive an email from PaidViewPoint confirming that they received your request. I have always cashed out through Paypal, and received the payment the next day!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Review Update

September 2020: This is a just a quick update on my recent cash out of cash reward via Paypal. As usual, PaidViewPoint sents the payment super fast! Below is a screen shot proof of the Paypal Payment!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Cash via Payapl payment proof
PaidViewpoint.com Survey Cash Payment via Paypal

PaidViewPoint Pros & Cons


  • Surveys are short, easy and fun
  • Instantly survey crediting
  • Cash & Amazon gift cards survey rewards
  • Fast survey reward payments
  • User friendly member dashboard
  • Never screen out a survey
  • Mobile friendly (can take surveys on mobile devices)
  • Member referral program
  • Accept members worldwide


  • None!


PaidViewPoint is one of the best cash paid survey sites, it offers panel members unique and fun survey taking experience. I don’t make a lot at Paid ViewPoint, probably cash-out a few times a year, but I really enjoy taking their surveys, and appreciate that fact that PaidViewPoint treats members with fairness and respect. I highly recommend PaidViewPoint to anyone who takes surveys for extra money!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Review - Earn Cash for taking surveys!

Are you a member of PaidViewPoint survey panel? Please share your PaidViewPoint review with us, and feel free to leave your comments or ask questions!


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Sign up link + review - Join & Earn Money for SurveysJoin Pinecone Research via our exclusive Pinecone Research Sign Up Banner or Sign Up Links Below!  Please make sure only ONE household member to sign up with Pinecone Research, since multiple registrations of the same house hold will VOID all registrations. Age requirement is 18 and older. Continue reading…


PointClub Review – Earn Cash Taking Online Paid Surveys

This post is my PointClub Surveys review – PointClub surveys has become one of the best online survey panels during recent years in my opinion.

PointClub Review - Get Paid To Take Online SurveysPointClub is an online paid survey panel where members earn cash or gift cards by providing opinions on a wide topic of market research surveys. It’s one of the best survey sites that pay cash or gift cards for your opinion!

Click Here to Join PointClub Surveys Panel! (Earn $5/500 points after you filling out the profile surveys.)
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Product Report Card Review

In this Product Report Card review. I will go through the details of this paid survey panel and my personal experience and suggestion.

Product Report Card Surveys

Product Report Card is a market research company that rewards members for participating in online paid surveys, product testing and focus groups discussions.

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Survey Junkie Review

This post is my Survey Junkie review – Survey Junkie is a great survey site that pay cash and in this review, you will learn more details about this survey panel.

Survey Junkie surveys

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 10 million members dedicated to making their voice heard. Panel members are rewarded with cash and gift cards for expressing their opinion by participating in online surveys!

Continue reading…


In this SurveySavvy review, I will be sharing my experience with this great cash paying surveys site!

SurveySavvy cash surveysSurveySavvy is one of the best online paid survey panels. Owned by Luth Research, LLC, a market research leader since 1977,  it has over 1.5 million members participating in their paid online surveys spanning over 190 countries. Luth Research, LLC is an affiliate of Luth Research, Inc., a preeminent market research firm with over two decades of experience conducting market research surveys.

Join SurveySavvy Survey Panel (world wide, 14 years and up) Continue reading…



This post is my Swagbucks review – I joined Swagbucks a while back, but only recently actively participated in surveys and other activities,  and earned enough to cash out!

Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is a leading online rewards site where members can earn points for their online activities, and redeem points for gift cards to their favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash paid through Paypal. Continue reading…


TellWut Review

This post is my TellWut review. I joinedTellWut a while ago and recently started actively participating in the surveys and other community activities.

TellWut Review - Earn Rewards for Surveys

TellWut is an online survey community where panel members provide insight and perception through answering surveys or posting their own questions online, all the while earning valuable rewards and enjoying the Tellwut Community experience.

Continue reading…

TGM Panel

This post is my preliminary TGM panel review. I just joined this survey panel a few days ago (I have heard of TGM Panel before), and will be sharing with you my early experience with them.

TGM Panel - take online paid surveys for money!

TGM Panel is an online survey panel where your opinion transforms into money. Members earn cash or gift card rewards for participating and answering market research surveys.

Continue reading…


This post is my Toluna Review. Toluna survey panel is a legitimate survey site and I have been paid!

logo_toluna_09.gifToluna Online Survey Panel is owned and operated by the Toluna Group, a marketing research firm with global headquarters in Paris, France. The Toluna community has over 2.5 million members worldwide, and after recent acquisitions of the Your2Cents panels and Greenfield Online panel, Toluna has greatly expanded it’s United States and Canada Panel base Continue reading…


Univox Community

In this Univox Community review post, I will provide more details about this cash paying online survey site and my personal experience and recommendations.

Univox Community Surveys

Univox Community is an online survey community for people to voice opinions and feedback about various products and services. It pays members cash or other rewards (such as amazon gift cards) for participating in market research surveys.

Continue reading…

Viewpoint Forum

This post is my ViewPoint Forum review. ViewPoint Forum currently is not accepting new members.

Viewpoint Forum Review - Legit cash paying survey siteViewpoint Forum is a community of consumers providing their opinions about current and new product and service ideas. Members of the community share their personal viewpoints on a wide array of product and service ideas and, as a result, directly impact the potential of these products and services in the marketplace.
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VIP Voice Survey Panel – Update

NEW/UPDATE: VIP Survey Panel currently has a special project called My Daily Digest. If you qualify and complete the project, you will earn $15 gift card, which will be mailed to your address.

Sign up with VIP Voice panel here if you are not a member yet – Must be at least 13 years old if you live in US, 18 years old in Canada. If you are already a member, make sure to check if you qualify for the study.

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