Change to PollBuzzer’s cash out policy

I received this email from Noah Seton – CEO of PollBuzzer a little more than two weeks ago (I should have shared it earlier but I was too busy converting my website).  Following is the email:

Thank you very much for joining PollBuzzer, answering the questions that have been sent to you, referring your friends, family and colleagues to join our panel, and for providing your feedback to us over the past several months.  Since we launched PollBuzzer 2.0 in June 2012, we’ve seen exciting growth in our client base, as PollBuzzer becomes a go-to platform for people who need to understand accurate consumer opinions as quickly as possible.

None of that growth would be possible without our panelists; you are the backbone of PollBuzzer, and we want to continue to make sure that our panelists are compensated at the top of the market compared to other survey sites.  As the business has grown, it has become difficult to process payments on a daily basis, so we have decided to run a three month trial of doing cashouts once per week, beginning on Monday, February 11.  All credits you have earned up to that date will be paid out on February 11, including both question earnings and referral earnings, and then all the the credits you earn over the course of each week will be paid out on each Monday thereafter.

After the three month trial is complete, our team will evaluate whether to return to our previous policy of trying to facilitate daily cashouts, and we’ll welcome any feedback you may have on which system works better.

Thank you in advance for your understanding; we appreciate your responsiveness and we want to make sure that you are getting what you deserve in return for your efforts.  We aim to provide the best panelist experience in the survey industry, and hopefully this change will provide a more predictable schedule for payments to reach you.<

As always, we look forward to delivering more questions to you soon.

Noah Seton
Co-founder & CEO, PollBuzzer

I signed up with PollBuzzer last month and so far haven’t received any surveys yet, but I did received a couple of bucks for referrals – at least this means somebody else actually get paid taking their surveys.

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