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Clear Voice SurveysClear Voice Surveys is an online survey site owned and operated by ClearVoiceSurveys.com, LLC, a market research company located in Denver, Colorado. In this Clear Voice Surveys review, I will be sharing my experiences and more information about this survey site.
Join Clear Voice Survey Panel

Survey Compensation/Rewards:
Every Clear Voice Survey panelist who qualifies for and completes a survey is rewarded with between $1 & $20 When a panelist attempts to take a survey, but does not qualify for the study, he or she is still rewarded with a small cash reward – typically around $0.10.

Once your account reaches $10 you will be eligible to redeem your earnings for a wide variety of rewards:

  • Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  • Dining Dough Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • Payoneer – Prepaid Debit MasterCard

Age Requirement
18 year and older

Open to Countries
All Countries

My Clear Voice Surveys Review

Survey Frequency: – Clear Voice Survey sends out surveys invite emails regularly. I usually receive 2 -3 surveys per week.  You can also log into your account to check for surveys on your dashboard. You can find out the surveys you are invited to take, and also the surveys you are not invited when you click the “My Account” link on the top of the dashboard.

Survey Quality: – Generally speaking their surveys require reasonable amount of time to complete (about 10 – 25 minutes). They do have a wide range of surveys and I kind of feel they have many health and wellness related surveys. I also have done an interactive survey that paid $15.00.

Survey Rewards/Payments – They usually pay between $1 – $10 per survey, and they do sometimes have those short surveys that worth $0.25 or $0.50. I think the reward is fair, especially when you consider you still get $0.10 for trying but disqualifying. I have cashed out a few times (amazon gift certificates), and received payment fair quickly.

Other Notes & Tips:

Important – cash out as soon as you reach the $10 minimum requirement.
Rewards earned from participating in surveys are valid for one year from the award date. If unused on the 366th day after being deposited into your account, your reward will expire and be removed from your Member Account Balance. For example, if you are awarded $5.00 on February, 15, 2007 and by February 16, 2008, the expired $5.00 reward will be removed from your account leaving a balance of $0.00. Clear Voice Research will redeem rewards from your account based upon the award date. Your “oldest” reward funds will be deducted first, leaving your most recently earned rewards in your account. – From Clear Voice Surveys’ Terms of Use.

Overall, I think Clear Voice Surveys is an average to good survey site that pay amazon gift cards, and I suggest you could give it a try if you have extra time for taking online surveys.

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  1. I don’t know what the heck is up with all these people saying ClearVoice is a fraud and they don’t get paid and their accounts are closed for whatever reason. Well it’s probably because they rush through surveys, say things that are untrue just to get paid, etc. I’ve been taking surveys from Clearvoice for years now and made hundreds of dollars from them. I’ve had no trouble cashing out, ever, even at a higher increment than $10. I once cashed out $20 at once for Amazon codes and got my email with 2 $10 codes in it. The cashout is instant, at least with Amazon, and they do pay. I even once got a study back in 2011 where Bellomy Research sent me a free digital video camera, a Kodak PlaySport, worth $150 at the time, to use in a 4 day video study where I recorded 5-15 minute videos and dropped them in Dropbox. The pay for that was $100, but they even gave a bonus, so if you complete the study they upped the pay to $125, so I got $125 cash and a $150 video camera for free for maybe an hour of my time, maybe an hour and a half if you include the survey itself to qualify for the study and the preparation time for the videos. That was great for me as it was right around the time my son was born so I had a little extra cash. Granted surveys as big as those are rare, but I’ve seen several that are over the $20 mark before, quite a few that are $30-50. If you’re a parent of a child in diapers too, you’ll get quite a few surveys, especially product tests on diapers and wipes! You’ll get a free pack of wipes or two depending on the study or a set of probably at least 25 diapers depending on the study, plus the incentive. One diaper study I did sent me two different packages of 25 each to test plus paid $40 which was enough to pay for my next box. My only gripe is I wish I could stop receiving the invitations to other panels as I’m not really interested in them, and stop receiving the invitations to the Accurion clinical trials as I do not have any of the conditions they are researching. Otherwise though, I have no gripes. Even like how they show you how much of your earnings have been cleared and how much is still pending. ClearVoice is pretty sweet.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience Amanda! Wow, I am so glad to know ClearVoiceSurveys offers such great survey and other opportunities and Contrats on your success with them!! I personally also have done product test and focus group for them before, I guess I will pay more attention to their surveys from now. Thanks again!

    • Yes and no. I had been a member for over a decade and no problems. I answer truthfully, but recently had an issue with my pc and perhaps a few answers were ‘wrong’. But, that has happened in the past.
      I am a professional who does these for ‘fun’ and curiosity between clients.
      So, imagine MY dismay to find I had been closed out. Wrote them TWICe to ask for an explanation (you know, innocent until proven guilty, let me know WHY) but just the same canned response that reviewing my account I have broken my agreement, some issue. BS. It’s funny that it was also when I was about to cash out my NEXT Amazon gift card. I had earned quite a bit of these over the years..
      So, I would watch out. YOu may be nest

  2. Good site you have here.. It’s difficult
    to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate individuals like you!

    Take care!!

  3. I love this survey site. They always send surveys and I like that I can at least receive the 10 cents if I dont qualify. Its pretty easy to accumulate the $10 and I have done so many many times. I even won the $100 daily sweepstakes once!! I dont mind the fee for the payoneer but it would be nice if they didnt have one.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Ermalinda and congrats on winning the $100! That was awesome! I agree with you Clear Voice Survey is a good panel and they give you $0.10 for trying! I have cashed out Amazon gift cards before!

  4. Clear Voice is now claiming that their “clients” require validation of me before I can claim the $10 I earned very slowing by taking a couple of surveys and getting 10 cents each time I do not qualify for a study. To now be validated one must submit one’s cell phone number, the name on the cell phone account, the carrier company name, and other information. Then Clear Voice sends an authorization number via SMS text to one’s said cell phone. That authorization number must be typed into a location on their website, within a certain length of time, and submitted. Then that data is evaluated and one becomes “validated”.

    The problem comes in when I/we do not have a cell phone. The REQUIRING a cell phone is new and rather discriminatory.

    I have emailed and offered to validate myself by voice/interview via my land line of 11.5 years and my listing in the phone book for the same period of time. No one has phoned me from Clear Voice to accomplish this alternative, nor has anyone replied to my emails about the matter.

    I am through with them.

    • Sorry to hear your trouble with them Patricia. This IS new! I found a phone number on their corporate website clearvoiceresearch.com: (303) 895-3613. Maybe give them a call? Good luck!

    • I use to like Clear Voice Surveys but now they are a BIG RIP OFF. They owe me $10+ dollars and refuse to pay. I reported them once to the Better Business Bureau to get my money. Now they want to know my cell phone number. I called them once and got it cleared up, now they ripped me off again. CROOKS!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Ronald. I have been receiving lot of surveys from Clearvoice and I even did a product test survey lately…I think cell phone text authorization is fine but they should be able to verify by calling land line phone as well cause I know other companies do this. I don’t understand why they couldn’t.

    • Hi Patricia, I just cashed out $10 Amazon gift certificate from ClearVoiceSurveys. I wasn’t ask any kind of validation, and in fact I received the amazon e-certficate delivered to my email inbox almost instantly after I requested the cash out. So maybe things has changed? Just a heads up and hope it helps.

  5. They keep sending invites but the surveys NEVER load properly. I cannot even contact them as this fails on the Contact Us link. Waste of time and space..I cannot even see if I have any build up of funds as I cannot get into their system or contact them AWFUL COMPANY

  6. [quote name=Guest]THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM! whenever i get to ten dollars the money magically disapears even though it hasnt been a year. Its a waste of time and energy.[/quote]Clr Voice is scum in the pond.What a bunch of shysters and chiselers

  7. I was only .25 from being able to cash out when I tried to log in and it said my account was suspended for suspicion of fraud. I think the real fraud is Clear Voice! How convenient that just when I am about to cash out that decide I’m a fraud and thus don’t have to pay me.

  8. Wow I just received one of their surveys (a Canadian one too) and was told I didn’t qualify right away? Answered one question and disqualified 😡 . How are you supposed to accumulate $10 to cash out before a year when you receive invitations once in a while?

  9. I have alway’s said I would never do these thing’s cause they are big scam’s! But I said why not try what do I have to lose? Got My answer it’s a waste of time and have not got 1 cent!!!!! They take up your time then tell you they dont need you or what ever B.S reason they may give you but it’s all a waste of time.

  10. Clearvoicesurveys is indeed a scam. They will send you invitations to take surveys and offer good money. You spend 15 minutes giving them all of your personally identifible information and then a screen pops up to say “Sorry we already have enough participants in this survey. Your participation is not needed”. As a consulation, they say they’ll add 10 cents to your account in 2 to 4 weeks.

    Run the ther way from this scam. It looks as if they may be harvesting your personal information for use in an identify theft ring or possibly to conduct home invasions. If you are contacted by them report it immediately to your state’s attorney general’s office bunko division.

  11. 🙁 trying to redeem 20 dollars. need laundry soap and tp. it wont go to the page to redeem. it goes back to log in, or back to account. is there a problem with this site? i have wrote to see . ask questions, but havent gotten any reply.


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