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This post is my ClickIQ review. Please note: ClickIQ is now MySoapBox!

ClickIQ ReviewThe  e/visor Panel is an online research panel managed by ClickIQ, an online market research and technology company that specializes in online market research and panel management applications.


Survey Rewards
Members earn Points and Points can be redeemed for Cash, paid by Check

Open to Countries/Region
United States

Minimum Age Requirement
18 Year old

My ClickIQ Review Experience

Survey Frequency and Quality – They don’t send out survey often, about one or two surveys a month. Their survey usually are fun and easy to do, usually take about less than 10 minutes to complete. The panelist can also bid for a higher compensation, but I have never used this system – I just take the default compensation, because their surveys fill really fast.

Survey Rewards and Payment – They use a point system, you earn points for each survey completed, usually 100 – 300 points per survey. If you don’t qualify, you will get about 10 -20 points. It takes me long time (a year) to reach payout which is $25 (2500 points), however, the payment (check) arrived pretty quickly.

I have also done at least one online discussion board (focus group) for ClickIQ. It was a very interesting discussion and I was paid very well!

I have never encountered any technical or payment issues, and I also like the fact that their points never expire.  Overall, I think ClickIQ is reliable and a pretty good survey panel and I would recommend it.

Join ClickIQ/MySoapBox!

Update: e/visor (ClickIQ) is being transitioned to

Received an email from ClickIQ:

We are excited to announce that e/visor panel will soon be transferred to offering you MORE opportunities to complete surveys and earn rewards!Your points will be automatically transferred on March 26, 2014 MIDNIGHT PST and can be redeemed for gift cards based on points accumulated. Each e/visor point is equal to 10 MySoapBox points (equivalent value but not redeemable for PayPal).

As a member of MySoapBox, you can cash out your points for gift cards to more than 80+ high-profile retailers such as American Eagle Outfitters, Bath & Body Works, CVS Pharmacy, Foot Locker, Groupon, JC Penney, Lowe’s, Sports Authority, and many, many more!

Additionally, as a member of MySoapBox you will have many more opportunities to participate in surveys and other research activities through and will continue to accumulate points for rewards based on your participation.

Please note that on March 26, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT, the e/visor panel website will be re-directed to and all active accounts will be transferred once the website is redirected. You will receive a follow up email with more information in the following week.

If you are a ClickIQ member, log into MySoapBox with your ClickIQ login (your email address), you need to reset your password first. After login, you will see your ClickIQ points are also transferred.

If you are not a ClickIQ member, you can join the MySoapBox panel!

6 thoughts on “ClickIQ Review

  1. I received the email for clickIQ today informing that my account has already been transferred to mysoapbox. They gave directions on how to log into your account. I just log into my account and glad to see that my ClickIQ points are there and I browsed their reward category and I have enough points to cash out $5 amazon gift cards!

    • Thanks for your comment Soly…I am more than half through there so hopefully will be able cash out before then year ends.. lol.

  2. Just qualified and completed a 200 points survey for ClickIQ today, took less than 10 minutes. Not bad.

  3. I don’t think it’s by accident that amazon is not up and running. That’s the only offer that’s legit. Why would anyone pay a fee to have a payoneer. Even worse is diner dough. They make you pay a gratuity fee. WTF???? I tip –but I want to make that decision. I will not be completing anymore surveys, until they have better incentives or have amazon working. Out of coupon codes my azzz. 🙁

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