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Consumer Opinion Institute – Earn Cash Taking Surveys

Update: 12/8/2021ย  Consumer Opinion Institute Registration CLOSED!

Join Consumer Opinion Institute NowOpen to Male 18 – 54 & Female 18-29ย  years old. USA Only. Quota fill really fast, please sign up as soon as possible!

Who is Consumer Opinion Institute

Consumer Opinion Institute is a market research survey panel, managed and operated by TNS, one of the world’s leading online market research companies. It is one of the survey panels that pay cash!

How does it work?

How do I participate in surveys?

Surveys will be sent to you in one of the following ways:

Surveys will be sent to you through the U.S. Mail. Just complete the survey and return it to us in the included postage paid envelope. If you do not have a reply envelope please contact us to have another one sent to you.

When an online survey is available, you will receive an email from kathy@consumeropinioninstitute.com asking you to login to ConsumerOpinionInstitute.com After logging in you will be automatically routed to a page with a link to all the surveys you have available. Click on the survey you want to take then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the survey.

How often will I receive a survey from Consumer Opinion Institute?

You can expect to receive a survey 1-2 times per month through the US Mail and about once per month online.

What do I receive for taking surveys?

The incentive you receive for your participation varies depending on the survey topic and length. Usually when a survey is sent to you through the US Mail, we will include $1-$5 for your participation. If you are unable to complete the survey, don’t worry, we’ll catch up with you on the next one. For online surveys, we will let you know in the email what the reward is for your participation.

My Review of Consumer Opinion Institute

I have received a $5 cash mail-in paper survey (return envelop provided and postage paid) since I joined a couple of month ago! I look forward to more surveys from them!

So far I have done two (or three?) mail surveys (each paid $5), and even  one online survey which also $5, surprised and happy! Payments all arrived in the form of $5 bill in the mail.

I find it quite interesting that besides online surveys they send surveys by U.S. Mail, and payment will be included in the mail. They only accept US residents into their panel.

How to join Consumer Opinion Institute?

This survey panel is invite only and they don’t open for registration often, so I suggest you sign up as soon as possbile while they are accepting new members.

Join Consumer Opinion Institute Now! – currently they are accepting Male 18-54 years old, and female 18 – 29 years old! Hurry up! Before they close registration again!

Consumer Opinion Institute - Sign Up & Take Surveys for Cash!

Are you a member of Consumer Opinion Institute survey panel? Please feel free to comment and share your experience, thank you!

53 thoughts on “Consumer Opinion Institute – Earn Cash Taking Surveys”

    • Hi Jim, I haven’t received any surveys from them for a long time. I would suggest you contact them directly. I think it might just be some tech glitch. Good luck!

      • I haven’t been able to contact anyone from Consumer Opinion Institute since July 2023. Website still there, but NO RESPONSE at all. Are they totally done for?

      • Hi ina – same as you – no contact from them whatsoever for a long time. It’s hard to say if they are done or not if website still up.

  1. Love Consumer Opinion Institute Surveys .I would love to get two a month or even some online surveys.Have never received one online yet.but dont mind giving my opinions love to be heard feel valued.

  2. My last two surveys, I have received a yellow card saying they were not sent back. Those surveys were sent back in the mail. I spent my valuable time filling them out, and sent them back within 2 days. Let me know. how I can

    • Hi Jenny, sorry for the expired link – this round of sign up has closed. Don’t worry I am sure they will open registration again soon. Make sure you subscribe my newsletter – I will keep you updated when they reopen for new members again. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi John, can you find anything on your survey? Also sometimes I receive newsletter from them along with the survey and I believe on the newsletter there are contact information. Hope it helps.

      • Kathy Kyle I sent my consumer opinion institute survey in bout. 2 weeks ago now I’m ? because u haven’t received it because I really enjoy doing them helps pass the time away could u please send me a nuther one please

    • Hi Tiffany – it’s hard to say… I received my first survey in the mail after joined the panel (you can see in my comments below.), but who knows you might get a survey sooner!

  3. I just completed my first survey they sent me along with $5 awesome and easy survey i qualified for thats hard to find in survey companies nowadays. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I received a survey from you l
    Over a week ago and filled it out. I got a card and some emails to remind me to fill it out. I have not been able to go to to your site. It keeps saying website not found. HELPPPPPPPPP

  5. I am a member when I go to sign in it says wrong info that is it won’t accept what I type in. So I try to get an e-mail sent for a new password says I don’t exist in your system can’t be signed up in 2009 so not understanding this. Ty for your help

    • Hi Diana, personally I never tried to log into my account, since I have always been receiving mail/paper surveys (along with cash payments) from them, in fact I just received my third survey. Have you ever received mail surveys from them?

  6. Hello i was wondering if the consumer opinion registration application was still available because it keeps taking me to a paid games website..

    • Hi Tisha, It looks like the quota/target groups left are male 18-54, and female 25 – 29 years old…Don’t worry they will re-open those age groups later. Sign up my newsletter and I will post update if registration is open again.

    • Hi Sweetness – I don’t think they are bought by Toluna. They closed registration and the old link redirects to Toluna. I have disabled the link. I will repost this article when they open sign up again. You can get an alert by signing up my newsletter. Thanks for the heads up and sorry about the old link.

  7. I just received my first survey in the mail, with a $5 bill and return envelope in it! What a surprise! You are right Lynda, Consumer Opinion Institute are legit Thanks for the feedback again!

  8. Consumer Opinion Institute is awesome! I have received two surveys in the mail with a $5 bill in each of them! I have yet to finish a survey online. So far this is a legitimate survey site! I hope this helps someone out!

  9. Thanks for the heads up Rita. They just closed registration. I will send out newsletter when they re-open sign up. Or you can come back check it out later.


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