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This post is Consumer Village review – I have been a member since 2007 and here I share my experience with this great survey site that pay gift cards!

Consumer Village SurveysConsumer Village is an online community (forum) launched by Gongos Research (a leading market research company) in 2007. Members of Consumer Village earn Tokens (points) for taking online paid surveys and other sponsored activities. Consumer Village members also have the opportunity to constantly interact with and engage in chat with other members of this private online community.

Who can join Consumer Village?

  • Open to Country: United States
  • Minimum Age Required: 18 year old

Consumer Village Rewards

Members earn Tokens (points) every time they take a survey or participate in sponsored activities. Tokens(points) are redeemable for amazon gift certificates. Minimum payout level is 500 token ($5 amazon gift code).

Consumer Village /Review

Survey Frequency and Quality – I don’t receive survey invitations from Consumer Village very often, about 4 -5 survey per month. But I do like their surveys. Typical surveys last 10 – 15 minutes sometimes shorter and survey topics are interesting. They also have other paid sponsored activities such as polls and dialogues (discussions, which usually are quite interesting to see other’s people’s perspectives.).  Half of my earned tokens were from the discussions.

Survey Rewards and Payments – Typical surveys reward 100 Tokens ($1) or more, and if you don’t qualify for the surveys you will get 20 Tokens.

Each time you accumulate 100 Tokens, five cents ($.05) will be added to the Consumer Village charity pool. This is in addition to your individual incentive – it will not come out of your earnings.

Being a member of Consumer Village you also have access to in-person, high paying focus group and product testing studies. Most of these in-person activities will have individual cash compensation of $50 – $150 or more if you qualify and participate.

From time to time, they also have so called “Exclusive Portals” that you can be invited to. These portals will allow you to earn additional Tokens towards your incentive and towards the Village charity pool.

There will also be monthly sweepstakes drawings that will based on level of member participation. About 30 sweepstakes winners are paid out through amazon.com gift cards (usually $10).

I have been paid a few times via Amazon gift certificates and so far no luck getting into high paying focus groups or product testing though.

Customer Support – is helpful and friendly. After a couple of years being a member I found out that somehow my account was deactivate. This is when I had to contact customer service. I emailed cpeterson@gongos.com and to my surprise I actually got a response quickly. In the email they let me know that their system automatically disables inactive accounts after a certain period of time, but not to worry – they can reactivate them whenever that happens. So they reactivated my account. 🙂

How To Get Started and Tips

To get started, first you need to take a “enrollment survey” – it takes between 5 – 10 minutes, take your time and answer all the questions carefully.  After taking the survey, you will receive an email informing your membership.

Once you become a member you will start receiving invitations for online surveys and discussions. Please be patient cause it does take a while to start receiving invite emails.  If you are lucky you might receive invitation for focus groups or those “Exclusive Portals”.


Overall, I think Consumer Village is a very good online survey panel. They offer good and fun surveys and other opportunities (such as discussions and focus groups) to earn rewards.I highly recommend you to sign up with Consumer Village and earn gift cards by taking surveys!

Join Consumer Village (USA Only, at least 18 year old )

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    • Hi Henry, please click the “Join Consumer Village” link at the end of the post, which takes you to the sign up form. Hope it helps. Good luck!

      • Hello Meil,

        I keep getting this error “Email address is incorrect, please use the email address by which you are contacted to participate in this site”
        I think to register it’s required you are invited, kindly invite me on this mail address “praisesmart21@gmail.com” thanks.

  1. Just received an email: Exciting New Changes Coming to Consumer Village – Please Read!

    Attention Villagers!

    We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes coming to the Consumer Village community! By the end of October 2014, we will be moving Consumer Village to a brand new community platform! We’ve been working hard to develop a new community for over a year now and we can’t wait to welcome you to the new Consumer Village!

    The new site is more intuitive, more user-friendly and more fun! In the new platform we’ll be introducing a new community design and some really exciting new features which will make participating in the community a thrilling new experience!

    • Change is coming! Received the email below:


      Attention Villagers!

      We will be moving Consumer Village to a brand new community platform SOON! We’ve been working hard to develop a new community for over a year now and we can’t wait to welcome you to the new Consumer Village!
      Make sure to save all unused Amazon.com gift codes from your profile page. Once Village is moved to the new site you will not be able to retrieve any past codes.

      All remaining tokens will be rounded to the nearest payout level and paid out via email once we have moved to the new site. For example, If you have 9,500 tokens left, you will receive an Amazon.com gift code for reaching the 10,000 token payout level.

      Consumer Village is the first Gongos community to migrate to this new platform so we are really looking forward to your feedback. Please check out this Coffeehouse post for more information about the changes, as well as some FAQs about the process: Exciting new changes coming to Consumer Village – please read! Within this post, you’ll learn more about the exciting changes to come and how they’ll affect you and your Consumer Village profile, account and incentives.

      Thank you for being a member of Consumer Village! We truly value your time and participation and we can’t wait to welcome you to the new chapter of CV!

      The Consumer Village Team


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