Daily Survey Panel Review

Daily Survey Panel Review - Get Paid to Take Surveys Online!Daily Survey Panel is a online survey site that pay members cash (paid via Paypal) and/or amazon gift cards for completing surveys. Members can log into DailySurveyPanel site daily and earn points for every survey they complete.

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Survey Compensation/Rewards

For every survey that you successfully complete you will receive points. You can redeem these points for cash or amazon gift certificates. They pay cash via Paypal.

Minimum payout requirement is only 200 points ($1). Points never expire.

Who Can Join Daily Survey Panel?

Age Requirement
At least 13 years old (this is a good survey panel for teens)

Open to Countries
United States, Canada and United Kingdom

Please note: Daily Survey Panel only allow 1 account per IP per household. If 2 people of the same household want to have their own accounts each one must use different computers which are not located in the same house.

My Daily Survey Panel Review and Update

I really like DailySurveyPanel – they always have surveys in rotation. You will be able to complete surveys almost on a daily basis if you qualify. Their “daily surveys” pay a little bit less than other “daily survey” sites, but they usually have “regular” targeted surveys that pay more than daily surveys.

The thing I like DailySurveyPanel most is the super-low cash out requirement. You only need 200 points to cash out, which means as soon as you earn $1 you can cash out.

Another thing I like is their fast payment! I have always requested cash payment, and usually receive my Paypal payment within 24 – 48 hours!!

Review Update October 2019

I recently logged into my DailySurveyPanel account, and realized that I have 300 points in my account! I cashed it out and received the Paypal cash payment the next day!

The surveys they have now offer between 300 points ($0.60) to 375 points ($0.75), which are pretty much the same as other “survey router” sites like PrizeRebel.

Review Update August 2011:

The last two months I have found out that their regular “non-daily” surveys have been paying less and less, usually 150 points (that’s only $0.75), and the regular daily surveys usually only pay 100 points ($0.50). So at this point I am not really sure if they are still worth joining (and I have lowered my rating to 3 star), but one thing I am sure is they are legit and do pay (and pay pretty fast).

Review Update October 2011:

Very recently I have noticed that DailySurveyPanel has some improvement in terms of survey incentive. Now they have Daily Surveys that reward 200 points now (worth $1.00) that’s pretty good compare to other sites. They also have “target surveys” that offer more than 200 points (the latest one I notice offer 600 points).  So I would suggest you check out the “target surveys” and the 200 points daily surveys and take the 150 points or less surveys if you have time. I still highly recommend Daily Survey Panel because they do pay really fast!

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13 thoughts on “Daily Survey Panel Review

  1. Used for a while, but got tired of answering several questions within a survey for 5-10 minutes only to be told I didn’t qualify. They got a lot of info for their survey needs within those first 5-10 minutes and I got zippo.

  2. the same thing that happened to mj happened to me but its weird because i cashed out b4 and this did not happen to me. I emailed their support and got no response

  3. I recently posted on the main page about site issues with Daily survey panel. went round and round with their support for a week before they told me to create a new account and they would transfer the points, the only problem is that i had to use a different email and cant switch it back to the old one(it wont let me yet).
    I dont think my issue was related to the site upgrades because i used the new site for 3 days before it wouldn’t let me login.
    Also i haven’t cashed out since the upgrades but before I always got cash through paypal within 48 hours.

  4. Hi MJ, sorry to hear you are having trouble with Daily Survey Panel. I highly recommend you contact their support. I have had login problems before (twice), both times they got back to me within 1-2 days and resolved my problem. Give them a try hopefully you will get help.

    They recently had a system upgrade, I am guessing that might caused some problems. But it seems back to normal. I just cashed out a few days ago and got my money in 2 days. Good luck to you!

  5. You might want to take your business elsewhere. I have asked for cash out and it has been over 3 days. Now I am locked out of my account. I go to log in and I am unable to log in. I changed my password and I am still unable to log in.

    Look elsewhere. Don’t waste your time with them, they just went scam.

  6. Hi Amy, I never cashed out Amazon, but I would assume they will email you the gift certificate code like many other survey companies. I always request cash via Paypal and usually receive the payment within 2 – 3 days. Hope it helps. Keep us posted if you like. 🙂

  7. I requested for an amazon card. I thought I would get it by e-mail but I did not.

    How do they send the gift cards to you?

  8. The "-)aily" surveys are quite low paying I agree (skip those if you’d like to), but they do have regular surveys that pay more like $2, $3 or more. The best thing about DailySurveysPanels is they pay really fast.

  9. Surveys for daily survey panel pay the equivalent (and on average) only about .50 to .55 cents per survey. This is very, very low in average to most survey sites in the industry. Also, the surveys (in my experience) are very long.

  10. Hello mlynn

    I went back on the site and at left top I saw the Home key but next to it is Account. There is no join key. So now what?

  11. Hi Barbara, there is a “join” button right next to the “home” button. Click the “join” button which takes you to the registration page. Also there is a huge “Join Panel” button at the bottom of the home page. Good luck!

  12. I went on the Daily Survey Pane at 8:20 p.m. EST on March 16 and clicked the home button and nothing happened. There was nowhere on the site to sign up. I’m from the USA. Are they still signing people up or not?

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