Data Intelligence

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Loading...Data Intelligence is a division of the CRG Global, Inc. which also owns Cunningham Research. They use a point system which you earn points for completing surveys. Once you reach 1000 points you can redeem points for gift certificate or prize.

They send about 2 -3 surveys a month, and I qualify about half of them. They also have field taste testing opportunities at local mall locations.

Data Intelligence

5 thoughts on “Data Intelligence

  1. I joined this group and liked it for the first few months. I got a pt and a $10 amazon in the first month. I did 2 more ongoing projects that were over the course of 2 weeks and they changed their pay?? The e-mail invites were worded the same way as the one with amazon gc, but instead I got gc to Amway. I sent multiple e-mails over 1 1/2 months and finally got a canned reply back stating all future invites would be more clear about incentives. I have received another invite and the wording for the incentive has not changed at all. I just will not do any more for them until they clear this up.

  2. Hi Velda, Data Intelligence is Ok I think…You are right they do not send many surveys, but sometimes they do have good paying surveys and taste testing opportunities.

  3. I don’t know about Data Intelligence i don’t know if i have any points or not. I’m not much for this site. I don’t get surveys much only one or two past month. When i try to log in my member account they say my password invaled. Is this a good site to do survey??? Sign:Velda

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