DigaYGane.com Online Panel

DigaYGane.com is a new online Latino survey panel founded by HispaniSpace, LLC (a market research company located in Burbank, California).

Join DigaYGane Online Panel ! (USA Only)

Rewards: (from DigaYGane website:)

Join today and begin earning Amazon.com Gift Cards! In addition to earning Amazon.com Gift Cards for sharing your opinion, you will also be entered into our monthly sweepstakes of $500 in cash prizes.

Points to Amazon.com Gift Card System

DigaYGane.com rewards members for sharing their opinion through a points to Amazon.com Gift Card system. Each survey you take will be worth 100 – 200 points, depending on the length of the interview. Before you take each survey, you will know how many points that survey is worth when you receive your survey invitation in your email. Once you reach 1,000 points, you will be able to redeem your 1,000 points for a $10.00 Amazon.com Gift Card to use on Amazon.com There is no limit to how many Amazon.com Gift Cards you can earn!

In addition to our points to Amazon.com Gift Card system you are also entered into a monthly sweepstakes drawing!

I also checked their Privacy Policy and it looks legitimate. Not sure if it’s only open to Latinos though – but if you are I definitely recommend you give them a try! They only accept people who live in United States.

Join DigaYGane Online Panel ! (USA Only)


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