Digital Pulse Panel (NiceQuest)

UPDATE 1/31/2018: Registration currently closed.
Digital Pulse Panel (NiceQuest) is a new opportunity I recently found out, for people interested in taking surveys online for actual prizes!


Many companies want to know what you think and they’re willing to pay you or reward you with gifts for your opinion! Check out Digital Pulse, here’s some information:

You can earn gifts and prizes just by answering surveys online. Members receive points for each survey they complete and are redeemed for hundreds of different gifts in an online shop, including electronics, cosmetics, movie tickets and more.

Remember, it’s INVITE ONLY! So you complete the form to apply, and if accepted you’ll receive a confirmation email and a first survey. When you complete the first survey, you will earn your first points to jump-start your earnings.

Click here to request an exclusive invitation – for US residents

Click here to request an exclusive invitation – for UK residents

See if you qualify today. Hurry!!!

I joined the digital pulse/nicequest panel a while ago, and already earned enough points (51 points) to cash out!  Currently I am waiting for the $5 walmart gift cards to be available to redeem!

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    • Hi Claudia, sorry they closed registration a while ago. I am going to update this article. If they reopen sign up I will update this post (if you sign up my newsletter you will get alerts). Thanks for the heads up!

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