Digital Reflection Panel

Join Digital Reflection Panel, a new online market research community, dedicated to understanding how people use the Internet in their homes.


Here is how it works:

First users will take a one-minute survey to verify eligibility into the Digital Reflections Community. Once users are selected into the community (become a member), a meter will be shipped to their home.

Members will get rewarded (through Paypal/Visa Prepaid card) for using the in-home meter and connecting to internet:

  • When a member connects the meter to their internet connection he/she will receive $25.00.
  • Members will receive an additional $25 once the meter has shared data with the community.
  • Members can earn an extra $10 per month for just keeping the meter installed.

This a a great opportunity for individuals interested in participating in a long term community, where they can earn real money. A single member has the opportunity to earn $170 per year!

Currently the Digital Reflection Panel only accept United States residents, and must be at least 18 years old.  Join Digital Reflection Panel Now!

One thought on “Digital Reflection Panel

  1. A while ago you sent me a digital meter to install on my computer. We then found out that My tower didn’t
    have a connection for it and you said you would send me a return package to get it back to me.
    What happened did I get lost in your rush.
    Christian V Bardo

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