This post is my E-Poll review. E-Poll Surveys is a great survey site for you to take online surveys for extra money (cash or gift cards)!

e-poll review - take surveys for cash!E-Poll offers a convenient forum for you to express your opinions with some of the most well-known companies in entertainment and household products. It is absolutely free to join, and E-Poll rewards you for taking online surveys with points redeemable for a wide variety of rewards.

Is E-Poll Surveys Legit or Scam?

E-Poll survey panel definitely is a legitimate online survey panel! Personally I have been paid multiple times over the years. and I have heard many others been paid also.

E-Poll Surveys Rewards

E-Poll rewards members points for completing online surveys, and points can be cashed in for a wide variety of rewards as follows:

  • Cash Via Paypal
  • Gift Cards at major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart & StarBucks.
  • Monthly $1000 drawings.
  • Charity

The minimum points required to redeem is 3750 points for $5 cash via Paypal or Amazon/BestBuy e-gift cards.

How to join E-Poll Surveys Panel?

  • You must at least be 13 years old to join, and live in United States. (I don’t think they have any surveys outside of United States).
  • Click this E-Poll Surveys Sign Up Link to join. The sign up process is very easy.

My E-Poll Review

E-Poll is one of my favorite online survey sites. They send surveys regularly. Their online surveys usually are about entertainment such as TV shows, movies and celebrities which are fun and easy!

E-Poll’s typical surveys range from 5 to 15 minutes and are usually worth 300-500 points, plus an entry into our monthly cash drawing. Sometimes they offer 100 points for “profile/screener” surveys which are usually short.

I always try to take the surveys E-Poll sends me, since even you don’t qualify you still get the points!

Once you accumulates 3750 points you can convert to $5 cash (via Paypal), gift certificates or other prizes or charities. It doesn’t take long to reach the low payout!

E-Poll has many good surveys for teens and kids. My kids have “tested”(previewed) some good kids tv shows – they sent us a CD for my kids to pre-watch the new TV show! Fun days!

E-Poll just recently introduced a new “Refer a friend” program where you earn 1000 points for every person who signs up with your personalized link.

I have cashed out a few times, it takes about 6 – 8 weeks to receive the rewards. I used to always cash out Amazon Gift Certificates, and they mailed the amazon gift certificates to me, now they have only send rewards electronically!

UPDATE: May 2020:

I just cashed out $5 Paypal reward. Following is message after I placed the order:

Order processing usually takes about 4-6 weeks. When you order is ready, it will be sent electronically and be noted as “Order shipped” in your Activity Summary.

I will update this review when I receive the payment!

Update: June 2020: 

I just received the $5 Paypal payment from E-Poll! Following please see the Paypal email (screenshot):

E-Poll Surveys Review - Cash Paypal

E-Poll Surveys – Cash Payment Received via Paypal

Final Thoughts

E-Poll Surveys is one of the best online survey panels in my opinion. They don’t have tons of surveys but it’s consistent. What I especially like about them is that their surveys are fun,  and it’s easy to reach the low payout. And of course everyone likes to get paid through Paypal or amazon gift cards!

So, if you live in US and are 13 or older, definitely should sign up with E-Poll to earn some easy extra cash!

I hope you find my E-Poll Surveys review helpful. Please share your comments and experience if you are also a member of E-Poll, and please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

18 thoughts on “E-Poll

  1. Update – I receive 2-3 surveys a month and qualify for all of them. Not as good as it was in 2011 for me, but I haven’t been doing them as much as I was in 2011. I haven’t had any problems with them. 🙂

  2. I finally tried to redeem some points and can’t.
    I am send in a circle; sign in, go to rewards tab- that sends me back to sign in. I can’t get to customer care; another circle. Any ideas??

  3. Update – I receive 1-4 surveys a month and qualify for most of them. About the same as it was in 2010. I have no problems with the company.

  4. got my gift card in mail.thank you so much.not like other surveys that are not attainable and i received card very quickly.

  5. I just registered and did the profile survey and it was awesome, I completed the survey and if you register and atleast make one survey a month, you can win 1,000 cash (i do not what method, maybe paypal), they can give you amazon gift card codes and paypal deposits so is great, they got a faq there (i am new) have never cashed out for paypal., is onlu 250$ so yeah not 1000, probably they will tell you, –I do not now if they tell you but what ever (is not mentioned but go ahead and ask in in customer support, on faq ull find it) and also you do not need to reffer for extra cash which is great and survey are thorugh email and paypal email must be same as profile which is great, give it a try.

  6. E-Poll is an honest company. They pay out all of the rewards you have earned, and do so in a timely manner. You have the option to choose what type of reward you want, whether it be cash through paypal or gift-cards.

    Also, the surveys are actually fun! And super relevant. I have recommended this site to all of my friends and family, and they love it too! 😆

  7. Update – I receive 1-3 surveys a month and qualify for all of them. 150-500 points a survey. I cashed out through paypal and it takes 2-3 weeks to get it. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  8. Update – I receive 1-4 surveys a month, 100-1000 points each survey. I qualify for all surveys. It takes 4-6 weeks to get payment. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  9. The site is legit and I only receive about 1-2 surveys per month from them. They’re always about tv/movies.

    It takes 6-8 weeks per their policy, to get payment which is insane. If you have patience then go for it. I make sure to mark on my calendar the date 8 weeks from the day I cash out and then raise hell if it doesn’t arrive.

  10. [quote name=Diana]It is a reliable site, but what I do not like about them is the fact that they do not reward you enough for the length of the surveys. For example 500 points for a 30 minutes survey that is ridiculous, and you need 3500 points for a 5 $ cash out[/quote]
    I agree. Sometimes the surveys are short but there have been a few times they’ve asked me to watch a 30 min video then answer 20 minutes of questions for 1000 pts. I just stop mid survey and move on. My inbox is full Mon-Fri with lots of higher paying surveys so I’ll do them on the weekend sometimes.

  11. It is a reliable site, but what I do not like about them is the fact that they do not reward you enough for the length of the surveys. For example 500 points for a 30 minutes survey that is ridiculous, and you need 3500 points for a 5 $ cash out

  12. :cheer: it is a good site. i’ve gotten giftcards from them. however, they don’t send as much survey invitations. i probably get 2 per month. it’s probably because i dont qualify for most of em.but highly recommended!

  13. I’ve been a member of ePoll since 2006 and they’re pretty good. I just wish it take so long to receive a Paypal payment. I don’t regularly get surveys from them but when I do get them they’re usually pretty easy and well compensated. It’s on my list of keepers with my favorite survey sites

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