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This post is my revised E-Rewards review. I was a member of E-Rewards survey panel and recently rejoined.

e-rewardse-Rewards is a market research online survey panel operated by Research Now Group, LLC. Members opt-in to take surveys, earn credit and redeem for a fantastic selection of rewards.

E-Rewards Review

E-Rewards send out lot of surveys, and you earn E-reward currency for completing surveys, and e-reward currency rack up pretty fast.

You can use E-Rewards currency towards prize, most prizes are discount for purchasing products and/or service. The prize are not all that good, and usually you can only use them once a year. If you travel a lot, the prizes could be handy since you can redeem E-Rewards currency towards airline and hotel frequently fly-er points etc. I usually redeem my E-Rewards currency for Blockbuster movies.

Due to the limitation of their prize selection, I usually stop taking their surveys after I have redeemed all the prizes that I want. But again, if you travel lot, you might find E-Rewards is a pretty good fit.

E-Rewards Review Update (June 2020)

I recently rejoined E-Rewards, thanks to Harris Poll Online’s invitation. I have noticed some changes of E-Rewards. One is they added more better reward options. Now You can redeem e-rewards currency for following rewards:

  • More gift cards options such as Amazon, Target, CVS, HomeDepot and Macys.
  • You can still exchange your E-Rewards currency for Airline miles or hotel points, such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, British Airways & Choice Hotels
  • Magazine subscriptions

Another change is there are more profile surveys – those seems important if you want to receive more surveys. So far I only completed the very basic profile, but I will fill out more later, and will update this review.

How to Join E-Rewards?

Currently for UK Residents, You can Click Here to Join E-Rewards UK

For anyone outside UK, you need to have an invitation from one of E-Rewards’ partners.

Following is from E-Rewards website:

e-Rewards is an invitation-only community. To join, you’ll need to receive an email invite from one of our selected partners. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirming your details…

In other words, you need to sign up with one of E-Rewards’ partners (such as Harris Poll Online for me), the partner will send you an invitation to join E-Rewards.

Based on E-Rewards reward options, I am guessing the airlines and hotels could be their partners.

Thank you for reading my E-Rewards review. Are you a current member of E-Rewards survey panel? If yes, please feel free to share your review and experience!

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98 thoughts on “E-Rewards”

  1. Help! I am overseas in Israel and unable to connect online. Can you place a hold on my account so I don’t get penalized. I should be back online in about 7 days.
    Thank you, Ray Sternberg

  2. I get survey invitations daily, but I can’t access the website, nor can I use the ‘contact us’ link in their emails. Something’s fishy!

  3. avoid this at all costs, there have poor customer service, not everyone has a social media and forcing us to either join or count our losses is even further. tried a few times to contact them regarding my locked account. I do a survey daily, so, how can there be no activity, I was locked out for inactivity, but that came about the moment I wanted to “cash out”. I couldn’t even put in my proper data because it kept thinking my cell number was my landline number. there are loads better survey places out there, this is not one of them.

  4. I finally get back to e-rewards…currently have $1.98 in my account.

    I browsed their reward catalogs, didn’t find amazon gift cards. Only gift cards are Macy’s and Gamestop.

    They do have a large selection of magazines, I might just pick one of those. Will update my reviews soon.

    One more thing, they do credit you $0.25 E-Rewards Dollars if you disqualify from a survey.

    • Lisa,

      Are you be able to successful sign up? I was going to sign up again because they DE-activated my account, but decide to email their support and ask them to re-active my account.

      Received a “case number” in confirm email and it says I will get a response in 5 days. Will update.

    • Received an reply from e-rewards:

      “Dear Mei,

      Thanks for contacting e-Rewards®. As requested, your e-Rewards account has been re-activated. Please allow 48 hours for your account to reflect this change. You may use the following information to log into the e-Rewards Member website.”

  5. [quote name=Judith Moncla]I would like to join the e-rewards program.

    Your directions to do this are vague as how does one get to the sponser to sign up to receive and invite from them.

    Would appreciated feed back on this.[/quote]Hi Judith, back then I signed up with Blockbuster (who was E-Rewards’s sponsor at the time), and Blockbuster sent me an invite to join E-Rewards. I suggest you check E-Rewards’s current sponsors and join one of them (such as restaurants.com which is a great program helping you save money on dining). No guarantee they will send you an invite, but worth a try. Good luck!

  6. I would like to join the e-rewards program.

    Your directions to do this are vague as how does one get to the sponser to sign up to receive and invite from them.

    Would appreciated feed back on this.

  7. wow, after I read about the HH redemption from this site, I checked with my HH redemption. Really it was required $125 for 7000 HH points. It used to be $100 only. ereward cheated us by increasing 25% their currency for that? I’m going to quit. I’m really upset about that. 🙁


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