ECN Research – Spam!

Is ECN Research is legitimate paid survey site or is it scam? Well, one thing for sure it’s a spammer site!

I joined ECN Research long time ago when I just started doing surveys. Back then I just tried to sign up anything I can find like many newbies.

During the years, I have NEVER EVER received one single real paid survey from ECN Research! All I got were advertising emails – spam spam spam!

If you check their Privacy Policy, you will see this: “We reserve the right to share your personal account information with other companies we work with.” And it explain why.

ECN Research is NOT a paid survey sites, NOT a Paid Offer site either, it is just an email harvesting site. If you don’t want spam in your email box, stay away from ECN Research.

If you are looking for legitimate paid survey sites that are free to join and pay, please check out my Free Lists of Legit Paid Survey Sites.

3 thoughts on “ECN Research – Spam!

  1. I just received a letter supposedly from ECN research with a check attached for me to use as a “mystery shopper”. Included in the “assignment” was a wire transfer of a large portion of the check. I’ve been to ECN’s web site and inquired if it actually came from them. Depending on what I hear, I will probably turn it over to the police and notify the Postal Inspector because it’s now in the federal jurisdiction because they used the U.S. Postal Service to send it to me.

  2. I just called the Bank that ECN sent me the check from and reported it to fraud. She told me to take it to my local police which I am going to do. Also I called the number ECN gave me and told them I had called the bank and reported it to fraud and that I was taking it to the police , He got rude and said take it to the supreme court and kept telling me to do it. I think he really got upset that I told he what I was going to do. They are trying to find them so they can get them for fraud

  3. I agree with you there ECN is a scam and I told them so when they asked me why I was leaving.

    Stay away people!

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