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Ethnic Voice Accord Survey Panel

Ethnic Voice Accord (EVA) is a Canadian based online survey panel, owned and operated by Cido Research. They accept members from Canada and United States.


How Do Members Get Paid?

As an EVA member you will be paid for every study you complete.  The amount you are paid will be determined by the length and topic of the study.  In addition, you will be paid $2 for registering and $1 for every friend that you refer.  Once your account has reached a minimum of $25, you can cash out your account and will receive a cheque to the address you have registered with.

I have received 4-5 surveys from Ethnic Voice Accord since joined them three months ago. Each survey offers $5 reward, and I think at least a couple of them targeted Canadian residents. Also their surveys seem fill quota fast – for one survey by the time I was about to answer the survey it was already closed. Guess lesson learned next time I will act fast!

Even though they don’t have many surveys, yet, I think Ethnic Voice Accord  is a legitimate online panel and I suggest you give them a try.  Remember you will be paid $2 just for registering!

Join Ethnic Voice Accord Panel! (U.S. & Canada, Must be at least 16 years old)


10 thoughts on “Ethnic Voice Accord Survey Panel”

  1. I registered with EVA and saw that they rewarded me $2 for the registration but will only send it when I reach a total of $24 or $25 to cash out. I did the profile survey and I never received any other survey. I check in every day every day same thing NO Available Surveys. Is this thing real or a scam to get all your information when you sign up? Did this work out for anyone? Someone please answer me.

    Not Happy, Hate scams.

    • Hi Kay,

      I only received about 5-6 surveys since I joined this panel. Unfortunately I never qualify for any surveys because I think those surveys were for Canadians. EVA is basically a Canadian survey panel they just started opening to US, but I guess they don’t have many surveys for Americans.

      Since they do send me survey emails I never log into my account to check surveys.

    • Hi Kay,
      This is my email address: awanarsala@gmail.com so you know how to contact me in the future.
      I did about 8 surveys with them, some made me $2 and some made me $4, obviously I got excited and kept going, I got alot of surveys, let me be clear, i live in Canada and I live beside Cido Research, they are behind my street on 170 Robert Speck and I live on Absolute Avenue. OUtside 170 Robert Speck it says buildings for Sale, no one answers the calls.
      I made $25 enough to cash out, so I cashed out, waited two months no cheq, emailed them….no response, called Cido Research Group, no response, the only thing left is to go there, why i am holding back is because I am one person and they will for sure give me a run around or dismiss me. I need a group of people to either contact the BBB(Better Business Bureau), write as many reviews as you can, surveypolice.com is another one, just keep writing till ppl know about this and stop asting their time.
      OMG I even went and wrote on their facebook page, and I WAS IGNORED LIKE I DONT EXIST. This is disgraceful how people run scams like these but i found out that alot of survey companies are doing these type of scams.
      If there are a bunch of people in Canada who want to get together and call the media on them, I am game! I just need more ppl to make my case look credible. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME THEY ARE A SCAM!

    • Sorry to hear your problem with them Arsala! Well, enough complains so far – I am removing them from my survey list! Please update us on this Arsala and hope you get paid!

  2. Anybody received a $3 housing survey from them today? Hmm, I didn’t even get to answer one question before I disqualify! lol

    Thank you for your time today, but unfortunately you do not qualify for this study. Sometimes panelists may not be a good fit for a particular study. Don’t worry, a new study will be arriving in your inbox soon.

    • Hi Soly,

      What kind of error message did you get?
      When I was first signing up I recall I had issues similar to yours I think, so I contacted EVA, and they fixed the problems so I signed up.

      I just logged into my account and “updated” my profile and it shows my contact info including the 5 digit zip code, but one of the profile question was which provinces(all Canadian provinces) I live in and I have to choose “Refused”. so it seems there is still bug.

      Please let me know what kind of error message you get. I will contact EVA again and let them know. Thanks!


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