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Best European Online Surveys Sites – Paid Surveys for Money in Europe

There are many legitimate European online surveys companies conduct paid surveys in Europe, and they often provide people with cash or gift card rewards for participating in market research surveys. In this article I am listing the best survey sites for European residents.  For United Kingdom residents please use the Top UK Paid Surveys List.

European Online Surveys Sites for Money

Some global and Europe market research survey companies accept new members from European countries, including but not limited to: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Noway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. If you live in Europe, I suggest you sign up with those online survey sites to make extra money.

Paid Survey Sites for – Germany

  • LifePoints–  points for cash (paypal/check) , gift cards (amazon/others) and prizes. minimum age requirement 14 years old.
  • Pinecone Research  – points for cash (check/paypal), gift cards (amazon/others). Open to 18+
  • Opinion Outpost – earn points points for cash (paypal), gift cards (amazon/others), open to 13+
  • OneOpinion – get paid cash or amazon gift  cards. Open to 13+.
  • Toluna – points for cash (paypal), gift cards (amazon/others), open to 13+
  • Ipsos (i-Say) – points for cash (paypal,check), amazon gift card. Open to 13+
  • American Consumer Opinion – get paid cash via Paypal. Open to 13+
  • Panel Station – get paid cash or amazon gift  cards. Open to 18+.
  • Opinion Bureau – get paid cash or amazon gift  cards. Open to 13+.
  • GFK Consumer Panel – earn rewards (points to gift cards) for scanning shopping, Open to 18+.
  • Nelson Digital World – rewards are cash  by check or sweepstakes entries. Open to 13+
  • Prize Rebel – members earn cash (Paypal) or gift cards. 16+
  • SurveySavvy – get paid cash (check), 14+
  • Univox Communitynew! Get paid cash (Paypal) or amazon gift cards. 13+
  • Market Agentnew! Get paid cash via Paypal for online surveys. 13+

Paid Survey Sites for – Denmark

Paid Survey Sites for – Finland

Paid Survey Sites for – France

Paid Survey Sites for – Italy

Paid Survey Sites for – Netherlands

Paid Survey Sites for – Norway

Paid Survey Sites for – Spain

Paid Survey Sites for – Switzerland

Paid Survey Sites for – Sweden

European online surveys for money - get paid to take surveys!

Do you live in Europe and would like to take online paid surveys for extra money? Sign up with all the legitimate European online surveys sites listed in the article, and start making money while giving your opinion! If you belong to one (or some) of the European survey sites above, please feel free to share your knowledge (such as payment options etc.) and experience, thank you!!! 

14 thoughts on “Best European Online Surveys Sites – Paid Surveys for Money in Europe”

  1. There are tons of online paid surveys sites out there.

    There are those offering to get paid for answering a survey online. There are others promissing to grant you access to a list of paid surveys sites.

    There are those who charge you for access to a paid survey list. There are others who allow you access to paid survey databases free of charge.

    In any case, remember that you can often search yourself for paid survey sites w/o help of paid survey list sites.

    Remember, too, that it’s unlikely you’ll make a ton of extra money by getting paid for doing online surveys.

    It’s good if you’re looking for some home activity plus wish to earn here and there an extra buck – which you may or may not earn.

    Do it, therefore, only if you have plenty of extra time and are willing to it anyway for the fun.

    If you do it primarily for an extra earning, perhaps you’d want to look for another job.

    You won’t get rich from online surveys.

    • Exactly.

      The only reason why I do it, is because I can kill some time with surveys whenever I’m bored, plus I buy CD’s about 4 times in a year, usually with paypal. I kind of hope that by taking these surveys I can cover the payments of these albums. I would be more then satisfied if I’d make 50$ per YEAR. To be honest, even 50$ is something I don’t really expect from doing these online jobs.

  2. 😕 Are you sure with surveys.com link ? because it redirects me to a freelotto.com and there is unreal prize for doing nothing 😀


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