Focus Forward Online

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focusforwardFocus Forward is an online paid survey panel by Focus Forward LLC, a New York based market research company that conducts nationwide recruitment for qualitative research. They reward members cash for completing online surveys and participating in online and offline and focus groups.


Focus Forward Rewards

  • Members earn points for taking regular online surveys, and points can redeemed for cash, paid by check, minimum cash out 20,000 points = $20
  • For online, in-person and telephone focus groups, you will be paid directly by check (no points involved)
  • Entry (entries) for Monthly Sweepstakes if qualify and complete a surveys. Some surveys may permit entry into the Monthly Sweepstakes to Participants that start the survey but do not qualify to complete the survey

Who Can Join Focus Forward Online

  • Must be 13 years old and up to join
  • Must be residents of United States

My Review of Focus Forward Online

Survey Frequency and Quality

They send out about 1 -2 regular surveys (surveys for points) per week. Most of their surveys pay 1000 points ($1) and require about between 15 to 30 minutes to complete.  I never qualified for their surveys. Those regular survey are not worth trying in my opinion.

Focus Forward also offers focus group opportunities, mostly online focus group project or telephone interviews. I have qualified and completed one online focus group.

Survey Credit and Payment

Focus Forward provides cash rewards for those participate their focus groups. They have online and telephone focus group opportunities and those pay, well if they really pay!  Even though I have been paid by them, but they never paid me my last cash out. No response to my emails I even called them but they never called me back.

Member Support

I have contacted them regarding my membership and non payment issue, and got reply in 2-3 days for the login problem, but NEVER heard back from them regarding the payment issue.


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