Focus Groups August 2022 – social media, pets & more!

It’s time for new focus group leads! In this post I am sharing a few good paid focus groups leads for this month August 2022. I will also post product testing survey opportunities. Like online surveys, paid Focus groups are great ways to make extra money during your spare time!

Paid Focus Groups August 2022

All paid focus groups are nationwide studies and you can participate remotely online from your home. I will be updating this post to add new focus group leads for this month or early next month.

$125 Paid Study on Social Media

watchLab is hosting this study – Project Alfresco!

  • Topic: Social Media
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 18+
  • Sessions Available: August 2nd through August 8th
  • Type of study: 1-on-1 interview
  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Location: Seeking participants Nationwide
  • Incentive: $125 (check)
  • Click Here for this study if you are interested

$125 Paid Online Study on Pets

This is another focus group by watchLab – Project Ultraviolet

  • Topic: Pets
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 18 – 65
  • Sessions Available: August 8th and August 9th
  • Type of study: online board
  • Length: approximately 45 minutes of activities per day, for 2 days
  • Location: Seeking participants Nationwide
  • Incentive: $125 (Payment would be mailed to you as a check. would be mailed out about 6 weeks after the last interviews for this study have been completed.)
  • Click here for the shopping study

$125 Paid Study on Technology

This is another focus group by watchLab – Project Pencil

  • Topic: Technology
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 18 – 65
  • Sessions Available: August 10theek of March 28th
  • Type of study: Virtual Focus Groups
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Location: Remote
  • Incentive: $125 Amazon gift card
  • Click here if you are interested in this study

Please note for above studies from watchLab: After you fill out the survey, they will review your responses. If you appear to be a possible match to the research criteria they will call you to verify your responses and ask you some additional questions to determine if you fully qualify.  Please note that simply filling out the survey does not automatically qualify you for the study.  Any information you share with watchLAB will never be given to any clients or third parties without your explicit permission as part of a paid market research study.

Fieldwork is conducting following focus group studies below.

$$100 Paid Research Study regarding Healthcare

Email received regarding this stuy:

Fieldwork NRC is looking for adults, over 45 years of age in the US, to participate in a 55 minute, remote market research study regarding healthcare. Qualified individuals will receive $100 after they have completed the study.


$175 Paid Online Study about Online Shopping

Fieldwork NRC is looking for Adults 18-60 years of age in the US, to participate in a 2 hour, remote online market research study regarding Online shopping. Qualified individuals will receive $175 after they have completed the study. Link:

The follow focus groups are hosted by Plaza Research.

$150 Nationwide Teen study (16 & 17 Years old)

Participants ages 16 and 17 are still needed!
Topic: Teen Study
Who: Nationwide teenagers, ages 13-17
When: Extended through August 2022
Length: 1.5 to 2-hour individual interview
Incentive: $150 digital incentive
Where: Online
Click Here

$550 Paid Study on Travel

Topic: Project H3 (Travel)
Who: Nationwide Residents
When: August 10th – August 18th
Length: 5 day online bulletin board followed by 2 hour group interviews for those chosen to participate in the groups
Incentive: $550 digital incentive + $125 for those chosen for the 2-hour group interviews
Where: Online, from the comfort of your home

Above are the some good paid focus groups I know for this month of August 2022. For more information on making money with paid focus groups, please check out following two articles:

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