Focus Groups July 2021 – Technology, Vacations and more!

In today’s post, I am sharing a few paid focus groups that will be conducted this month July 2021. Paid focus groups is a great way to extra money during your spare time! I will also post any new product testing opportunities I come across from survey panels.

Paid Focus Groups July 2021

All paid focus groups are nationwide studies and you can participate remotely from your home online. I will update this post to add new focus group leads for this month or early next month. Also some news from Plaza Research – they now offer Paypal as payment.

$125 Paid US Vacation Study – Plaza Research

Topic: US Vacation
Code: P217063I-K
Who: Males and Females ages 25-54
When: July 19th-July 25th
Length/Pay: 60 min – $125 (virtual group via Zoom)
Where: WebCam via Zoom
Click Here for the US Vacation Study

$300 Paid Study on Eyeware – Plaza Research

Topic: Hair Products
Code: P217072I-B
Who: Females; Ages 20-50
When: July 29th at various times
Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes+ mandatory homework
Incentive: $250
Where: WebCam via Zoom
Click Here for the Hair Products Study

$100 Paid Technology Study – watchLab

Topic: Technology
Who: Males and Females ages18+
Dates Available: Monday, July 19th – Wednesday, July 21st
Type of study: 1-on-1 Video Conference Discussion
Length: 1 hour
Location: Seeking participants Nationwide
Incentive: $100 (Payment would be mailed to you as a check.
Checks would be mailed out about 6 weeks after the last interviews for this study have been completed.
Click here for the Technology Study

$200 Business Needs Study

Topic: College Students
Code: P216082I-A
Who: Nationwide Professionals, who work in Sales or Marketing
When: July 27th & 29th
Length: 75-Minute webcam interview
Incentives: $200 Check Mailed
Where: Online, from the comfort of your home
Click here for the College Students study
This study is hosted by Plaza Research

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Test Opportunity

Email from betabound:
Hi Mei, We’d like to invite you to participate in our latest test, featuring a robotic vacuum cleaner. With an accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS, take a smarter approach to cleaning your household and helping out with your weekly chores.
Whether you already own a smart vacuum cleaner or would like to try one out for the first time, this is a great opportunity for you to join!
Requirements: Must live in Germany, Japan, or the United States;; Must have a home internet connection; Must have an Android smartphone or iPhone.
Click here for the Robot Vacuum Clear Test study

Paid Focus Group Leads

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