Focus Groups November 2021 – Liquor, Electronic Devices and more!

Time to share upcoming paid focus groups for November 2021! Online focus groups is a great way to make extra money during your spare time. I will also post a couple of new focus group panels later in this article.

Paid Focus Groups November 2021

All paid focus groups are nationwide studies and you can participate remotely online from your home. I will be updating this post to add new focus group leads for this month or early next month.

*** Plaza Research is hosting following online focus groups ***

$275 Designer Brands Study for Women 20+

Topic: Designer Brands
Who: Females, ages 20 & older
When: November 23rd, 2021
Pay / Length: $275 / 2 hours + Pre-Assignment
Where: Online via webcam
Click Here for the Design brands study

$175 Electronic Devices Study

Topic: Electronic Devices- Virtual Shop along
Who: Consumers 21-65 year old
When: November 9th- November 30th
Length/ Pay: 60-minutes/ $175 (includes 15-min homework)
Where: Comfort of your home or office
Click Here for the Electronic Device study

$200 Liquor Study for 21-45 years old

Topic: Liquor
Who: Males & Females; Age 21-45
When: November 12th, 16th and 19th
Length/Pay: Daily Online activities approximately 60 minutes per day over 3 days/ $200
Where: Online Bulletin Board
*You must complete the entire study to receive any incentive.
There will be no partial payment for partial participation. No Exceptions!
Click here for the Liquor study

$150 Usability Study

Topic: Usability Study
Who: Consumers 18-54 year old
When: November 10th- November 12th
Length/ Pay: 90-minutes/ $150
Where: Comfort of your home or office
Click here for the Usability Study

$300 Study for Parents on Children Sleeping routine

Parents: What is your routine for placing your child to sleep?
Who: Parents Nationwide
When: November 4th-9th
Length: 4-day board (45 min per day)
Incentive: $300
Where: Online
Click here for the children sleeping routine study for parents

$200-$250 Teachers & Learners Study

Topic: Teachers & Learners Study
Who: Nationwide Teachers, or 18+ Students
When: November 15th or 16th
Length: 90-minute webcam group
Incentive: $200-$250 Digital Incentive
Where: Online, from the comfort of your home
Click here for the teachers and learners study

Paid Focus Group Leads

New Focus Group Panels

Recently I came across two good focus group companies. One of them I am already a member, they recently redesigned their website and it’s more user friendly. Both of them offer good online focus group opportunities.

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