Frequently Asked Questions About Online Paid Surveys

Are paid surveys for real? How does it work? How much can I make doing paid surveys? Answers to the frequently and most asked questions, and the truth you need to know about making money with online paid surveys.

Can I really get paid to take online surveys? Is Paid Surveys a Scam?

YES, you can really get paid taking surveys online, and paid surveys is for real, NOT a scam – there are many legitimate market research companies pay consumers like you for taking market research surveys and expressing your opinion on products, services, ads, ideas etc.

Over the years I have found and joined many legitimate online survey panels – many of the best panels (such as GlobalTestMarket, OpinionOutpost, PineconeResearch , Toluna and MySurvey) are founded by leading market research companies.

I have listed them all on my United States Paid Survey Listand within my detailed Survey Site Reviews, I also posted the payments I have received from those panels, which show that those legitimate survey companies are for real since they actually pay!

Is there a cost to take surveys and get paid?

No – There is absolutely NO COST to take online paid surveys. Legitimate surveys companies never ask you to pay to take surveys. They are always FREE to join, and it cost absolutely NOTHING to take surveys and get paid!

How do paid surveys work?

You sign up with (join) a market research/paid survey company’s market research panel, provide your contact information (such as email and home address) and basic (and sometimes a little more detailed) demographic information such as your name, gender, age etc… When the survey company has a market research survey that fits your profile, they will send you an email inviting you to participate. They will indicate what the reward will be for completing the survey. You take the survey, if you qualify and complete the survey, you will get paid by the survey company. Often if you don’t qualify for the survey, you will still earn a entry to enter in a sweepstakes drawing.

How do I get paid for taking online surveys?

Survey companies offer various rewards to panel members for taking online surveys. Most survey companies on my Paid Survey Lists offer Cash rewards that can be paid via Check or Paypal, and some companies pay cash through prepaid debit cards. Gift cards for popular retail stores and Amazon Gift certificates are also popular choices of compensations. Other forms of rewards include prize and merchandise as well as sweepstakes entries.

Please note: for some survey panels, members earn “points” for taking surveys, and points can be redeemed for cash and gift cards/amazon certificates. One of the reasons for this is some panels reward members “points” (usually a low amount) for trying to take the surveys but disqualified as a way to compensate members’ time and effort.

How much can I make from taking paid surveys?

The answer really depends on several factors: 1). How many legitimate paid survey sites did you sign up with; 2). Your demographic profile which determines the number and types of surveys you get and qualify; 3). The amount of time you spend participating in surveys, focus groups, etc; 4). How lucky you are when it comes to drawings, rattles and sweepstakes.

I would say if you signed up a number of good survey sites and take the majority of the surveys you are invited, you could make $1000 to $2000 a year in cash, gift certificates and prize combined.  After over 3 years doing surveys, currently I personally earn average $200 a month (spend about an hour a day) from taking online surveys (no counting referrals).

Can you really make $100 an hour? – It is possible to make $100 for an one hour focus group discussion, but you won’t have this kind of opportunity to fill a whole day’s work.  The truth is, you are not going to get rich or make a full time income by doing paid surveys.  However you certainly CAN make pretty good extra cash.

Why people think paid surveys are scams?

I think there are FOUR main reasons:

First, there ARE many scam sites claiming to be paid survey companies and pay people taking online surveys, but in fact they just want to have your personal information, not only they will turn around later sell it so you will get tons of spam.

Second, there are many websites promoting those “scam” survey companies just for commission no matter what, therefore it is difficult to tell what is real legitimate and what is not for survey beginners. Examples of those websites are those so called Survey Directory/Database sites who sometimes even charge a membership fee for accessing their list of survey sites – they almost always exaggerate how much money you can make by taking surveys in the hope that you will believe that their membership fee is worth paying for.

. Many paid offers sites advertise themselves (or claim on their own websites) as paid survey sites. The truth of the matter is, even some of them do have surveys (usually low paying ones), their main “business” is actually paid offers. Paid offers are those you get paid for trying the trial offers and often times you have to pay upfront. This could make people confused and often give false impression that paid surveys are NOT FREE, and unfortunately give paid surveys a bad name.

Finally, lot of survey beginners do not realize that it takes a while to get paid. Two or three weeks after signing up and taking some surveys, you don’t see the money coming in and you start questioning this paid surveys thing is just another online scam. Lot of people just give up this way because they don’t know if they signed up with legitimate survey companies and completed surveys, they will get paid, however, it takes time– lot of survey companies have minimum payout requirement to cash out reward, and it certainly takes time to reach that requirement. Also, it takes average 2-3 weeks for surveys companies to process payment.

How to find legitimate paid survey companies and NOT get scammed?

Can you really make money taking online paid surveys? How much can you make. This articles answers most asked questions about online paid surveys! https://mysurvey123.comTo be honest, finding real legit paid survey companies is NO easy task these days, especially for newbies. As a beginner you might be able to find a few good survey sites on your own, but the chance that you will get trapped into scam/spam is pretty high.

There are only a few honest websites that provide good list of survey sites, and definitely is one of the best, simply because:

  • I only recommend legitimate survey sites that worth joining and actually pay.
  • My survey site listings is much more comprehensive/complete comparing to any other sites.
  • Since I am actively taking surveys myself, I have first hand information and experience for each panel, therefore you can find detailed and honest survey panel reviews;
  • You will also able to get survey site news and updates on my site.

I honestly believe that IS THE BEST RESOURCE for anyone who wants to do paid surveys, and you can find all (almost all) legitimate paid survey companies on my free paid survey lists!

How do I start to make money taking online surveys?

Getting started to make money with online surveys is easy, all you have to do is to sign up with the legitimate online survey panels on my Free Paid Survey Lists (please select from the survey lists below based on your country of residence), confirm your panel membership, and you will start receiving survey invite emails. I suggest you set up a separate email address just for online surveys!

For more detailed guide on make money taking online survey, please follow the step-by-step instructions in my another article Paid Survey Guide For Beginners.