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Get Paid to Sign Up & Complete Offers and Earn Rewards

Get paid to sign up and complete offers is another way to make extra money online. Personally I am not big fan of it but I know there are people making money doing this.

How does “Get Paid To Sign Up Offers” work?

You join a “Get Paid To (GPT)” site, sign up and complete offers through them, and you earn cash or points which can be redeemed to cash or various gift cards. While you sign up offers via the GPT sites, the GPT site owners earn commissions from the merchants or advertisers.  This is a win-win situation – you get paid for signing up and completing offers, and the GPT site owners make money!

Typically GPT sites also can be referred to as Reward sites, because besides signing up offers, they offer a variety of ways for members to earn money, such as you can get paid to to shop, search the web, take surveys (typically low paying “daily surveys”), watch videos, and play games.

What are the Best “Paid Offer” Rewards Sites?

Even though I generally not very much into paid to do offers, but sometimes I do free offers or if I really interested in a offer or trial. I know many people are making money by signing up paid offers. I personally signed up and checked out some of the most popular Paid To Do Offers sites listed below.  They are all legitimate, reliable and most importantly they pay.

  1. CashCrate
    One of the most reliable GPT sites. Get paid for signing up offers, shopping and daily surveys. Minimum payout is only $10 paid by check! They have a great referral system – refer your friends and family to earn more money. Open to US, Canada, UK and Australia.
  2. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks is another well-known top online rewards site that gives free gift cards to its members for their online activities. Members receive free gift cards for Taking Surveys, Shopping, Searching the Web, Watching Videos, and Playing Games. $5 sign on bonus for new users. Swagbucks.com accepts members from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.
  3. MyPointsUSA and Canada Only
    Another great reward site. Members get paid for signing up offers, shopping, reading emails and taking surveys (usually 10-50 points).
  4. InboxDollarsUSA and Canada Only
    Get paid for signing up offers, shopping, reading emails, searching and taking their daily surveys. $5.00 sign up bonus.
  5. SendEarnings
    You get $5.00 sign up bonus. Get paid for completing offers, reading emails, taking daily surveys and shopping. Minimum payout is $30.
  6. Daily Survey Panelaccept USA, UK and Canada residents only
    Daily Survey Panel members earn points for taking daily and target surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal and amazon gift certificates. Low payout threshold ($1), fast paying, great site! Open to 13+ years old.
  7. QuickRewardsaccept USA, UK and Canada residents only Get paid $0.75 – $1.05 for taking paid surveys. Pay cash (via Paypal) or gift cards. Also can get paid to shop online or offline, click, read emails, sign up offers and more. No minimum if cash out via Paypal. Fast paying, great site!
  8. EarningStations
    A new program just launched by the founder of MyView. Some of their surveys offer the highest payout among all the offer/GPT sites!

FREE Paid Offers and Non-FREE Paid Offers

There are basically two type of offers that you can sign up – FREE offers and Non-FREE Offers.

FREE offers are those offers that you do not pay anything, usually you just provide an email address or other information. – This is the kind of offers I occasionally do.  If you do free offers make sure they are 100% free – do not give out credit card information.

Non-FREE offers are also called “trial offers” – for those you must pay to sign up, usually you need to provide your credit card information You can always cancel the offers later. I don’t recommend you do this kind of offers unless you really want to try the product or service.

Please note that sometime they call it “free trial offers” which is only “free” for the trail period (usually several days up to a month) and if you don’t cancel the offer within the trial period, you credit card will be charged.

Difference between paid surveys and paid offers

Important (lot of paid surveys beginners are confused about this):

Please make sure you understand the difference between Paid Survey Sites and Paid To Do/Sign Up Offer sites. Paid Surveys are always absolutely FREE to do, you should NEVER pay for doing surveys. Paid To Do Offers, however, sometimes need you to pay upfront a small fee (therefore need your credit cards information) to sign up non-free offers. Lot of Paid To Sign Up offers sites call them paid survey sites, in fact their main “business” is actually paying you for signing up offers via them.

Advice and Tips?

  1. You need to make sure sign up with a legitimate and honest GPT site – they must pay, otherwise, they are the only one make money.
  2. When you sign up offers, you need to read the terms very carefully. Make sure you understand what you are up to. Lot of times, you need to make sure cancel the offer if you don’t want to be charged any fees later even for the free trial offers;
  3. Some good GTP sites provide instructions – such as what you need to do in order to get credit/paid – follow those instructions carefully;
  4. Again some really GTP site (such as CashCrate) has member discussion forum where members share ideas and tips, and other helpful information such as which offer (s) they earned credits;
  5. Sign up only absolutely FREE offers if you don’t want to pay;
  6. Some GPT sites require you NOT to sign up the SAME offer with multiple GPT sites – make sure you read their Term of Service;
  7. Clear your cookies and/or cache of your browser(s) after you sign up offers;
  8. Use a disposable email address for those “fill out the form” offers;

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  1. I need a list of paid survey sites, affiliate sites and more that works for anyone in any part of the world. Can i bank on you to provide me with that please,……?

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  4. yo people yes these site are great but for people that just want to get points and for folks that have just too much time on their hands dont get me wrong i am a member of cashcrates but when you can make ten bucks or twenty bucks for a free or almost free 2 minute email and screenname that is money my friends so dont waste your time doing those boring surveys colecting points

  5. 😐 never join any of this sites. please everyone don’t signup to any of these sites. they are not scams , but the problem they got is that it will waste your time and you will never earn better money from them. they will tell you that , you will earn $5 or $6 by signing up . That’s an eye catch to attract people to signup . And then they say the cashout amount will be $20 or $30. Man that amount is really hard to get.

    Even this site here is trying to refer people to those site so that they can earn more money.

    You can believe me and you stop here or you can join and you go see for yourself to prove me Wrong.

    But good luck. Get a Real online job by doing something more stable.

  6. [quote name=Lilly]I’been reading about Cashcrate and I’m interest but Some people said that is a scam. I’m still trying to figure out away earn some money from my home. But no luck yet. Is driving me crazy.Or any body that had used Cashcrate lately could give any info PLEASE.
    Thank you have a great day[/quote]http://www.cashcrate.com/paymentWall

  7. I’been reading about Cashcrate and I’m interest but Some people said that is a scam. I’m still trying to figure out away earn some money from my home. But no luck yet. Is driving me crazy.Or any body that had used Cashcrate lately could give any info PLEASE.
    Thank you have a great day

  8. Earning money has online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

  9. I want to know where to go to participate in free surveys and focus groups to earn extra cash.

    Thanks and have a great night!!!!

  10. Hi Joecd11,

    Just sign up with the paid survey sites on our Paid Survey Lists..Make sure read the “Paid Survey Guide for Beginners” first.


    If you want to do paid surveys, please check out the Paid Survey Lists page(s), and sign up with sites on them. They are all FREE to join!

  12. Hey Jeff. Surfbounty is legit. You just do offers like you would on any other GPT. Plus, you get a $5 signup bonus!

  13. Have you looked at SurfBounty, Mei?
    its similar to the ones you have listed here, im not sure if its better or worse….

  14. Hi Chris,

    Welcome to MySurvey123.com!

    Sorry I am not familar with GetPaidToPost.com. You can post your referral link at the “downline” builder section of the message board, and you can also post cashcrate referral link there too! Just make sure you make 5 posts first!

    I will take a look at GetPaidToPost.com, and I will sign up with your referral link if I decide to join them!



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