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How to Get Paid To Test Products at Home for Free

Do you know you can get paid to test and review products at home and make extra money? For years I have been testing and reviewing new products at home for extra income. It is fun and rewarding to be able to get paid cash or other rewards for trying out new products and giving my opinion before they hit the market!

Like paid surveys, product testing is always free for consumers, and it’s a great way to make extra money!

How Does Paid Product Testing Work

Top name brand companies need consumers to test their new products before introducing them into the market. They hire market research companies to collect consumer feedback.  Therefore in order to get paid to test and review new products,  you need to join consumer survey and product testing panels (the panels), operated by market research companies.

As a member of the panels, you will have the opportunities to test and review new products at home, and  get paid cash, gift cards or merchandise!

Top Product Testing Companies/Panels

Below is a list of the paid product testing/survey panels that have offered me, my husband or my kids opportunities to try out new products and give our reviews and opinions. Majority of them have paid us for our time, and ones haven’t are those have sent me invites but I haven’t yet qualify.  Click the links to join the panels, make sure fill out your profile and confirm your membership.

  1. Lifepoints
    I have done many product tests for them and one was a very good name brand household appliance product test. They have numerous online surveys and is one of my favorite panels. Accept members worldwide, and 14 and older. They pay cash via check or Paypal or online (such as amazon) or store gift cards. 
  2. I-Say
    I-Say surveys, operated by Ipsos, members get paid cash or gift cards to take online surveys and test products. They have lots of online surveys and product testing opportunities. I have done personal care items for them. Open to 14 and up years old. i-say review
  3. Ipsos
    Ipsos i-say is a great market research panel if you like to test products and get paid. I have test many products for them from beauty products to food items. They pay cash (via Paypal), amazon and other store gift cards. Accept age 13+, live in USA, Canada, UK, Australia & Germany.
  4. Product Report Card – USA
    They offer online surveys, product testing and focus groups for members. New members get $5.00 sign up bonus. I have received several good product testing (such as baby products) surveys invites. They pay amazon and prepaid visa cash card. Accept age 13+, live in USA Only.
  5. Toluna
    Toluna offers many product testing and online surveys. I have tested various items for them from food to clothing. They accept teens 13 and older and pay cash via PayPal or tango cards.  USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe & Asia.
  6. Opinion Outpost
    Opinion Outpost is a top rated and a very productive online survey panel.  They pay cash (via Paypal) and amazon gift cards, and pay very fast! I have tested many products for them over the years. Accept 13+ years old. Open to USA, Canada, UK & Germany.
  7. Survey Junkie 
    Survey Junkie is a great online survey panel, they have many online and product test/review surveys. They pay members cash (via Paypal) or amazon gift cards. Open to 13+ years old.
  8. MySoapBox 
    Members make money by taking part in online surveys, product testing and focus groups. You earn points and cash out points for amazon or store gift cards. I have received great product testing surveys with great rewards. Accept age 13+, live in USA.
  9. E-Poll – USA
    They mainly have surveys on the entertainment industry and as a result I have “tested” (previewed) TV programs/shows on DVDs they sent me. You earn points redeemable for Cash paid via Paypal. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. Accept age 13+, live in USA Only. 
  10. SurveyClub – USA, Canada & UK
    SurveyClub has been around for a long time, they have surveys and local product testing opportunities. I have tested beauty makeup products for them. They pay cash (via check), amazon and other store gift cards. Accept age 13+, live in USA, Canada, UK.
  11. Opinion World
    Another survey panel powered by SSI. They have many survey and product test opportunities for members. They pay cash (Paypal) and amazon. Minimum age to join is 13 and open to US and some European and Asia countries.
  12. SurveySavvy
    SurveySavvy is one of the oldest and very reputable market research company. I have tested several great products for SurveySavvy over the years, and they paid me very well.  They accept members worldwide, and age 13 and older. They pay cash via check.
  13. American Consumer Opinion
    Another oldest market research panel in North America. I have tested products for them such as personal care products, children’s DVDs etc. Accept age 13+, live in USA, Canada, UK, Germany & France.
  14. OneOpinion 
    Members earn points for completing surveys and testing products and can trade in points for cash via Paypal or Amazon gift cards. I have tested food products for them, great panel! Minimum age 13 years old to join, and live in USA.
  15. National Consumer Panel
    Former Homescan panel. For this panel, members download smart phone app (iOS & Android) to scan  items they purchases.  Members are rewarded for it with cool prizes you can choose from their reward catalog such as electronics. Accept age 18+, live in USA, Canada, Australia & Germany, and Singapore, Hongkong.
  16. Mindfield Online
    They pay members cash for completing every survey and they have product testing surveys often. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. Check threshold is $20. They also have Amazon option minimum $5. Minimum age requirement: 18+ USA only.   mindfield online review
  17. ClearVoice Surveys
    ClearVoice Surveys has many product testing surveys, I have tested personal care products before and got paid. They also have online focus groups. Accept 13+ years old. USA.
  18. YouGov
    You earn points for surveys and product tests, points convert to cash (paid via cash prepaid card), amazon and popular store gift cards or prize. Accept age 14+. USA, UK & Australia. 
  19. MyPoints
    Members earn points for taking online surveys and testing products. (You get 5 points if don’t qualify). Points can redeemed for cash via Paypal, amazon and other popular store gift cards such as Walmart, Target, Macys etc. They also have paid emails. Very reliable site. Accept age 18+ USA & Canada. 
  20. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks is a popular reward site, and they have tons of online surveys even product testing opportunities. You can also do many other activities to earn points and redeem points for cash. Must be 13 and older to join. Open to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland.
  21. Daily Goodie Box
    Every month Daily Goodie Box sends you a box of free goodies and all you have to do is let them know what you think! Shipping is Free.
  22. TryProducts
    The Daily Goodie Box team created this new website. You can sign up and actually apply for the products you are interested. They have a good numbers of new products you can apply to test and review!
  23. PinchMe
    PinchMe is also a community/panel for members to try and evaluate various name brand product samples. I just signed up with them and have not get to test anything, yet, but I do many good feedback about them.
  24. Branded Surveys
    Members earn points for patriating in online and product testing surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Open to US, Canada, and UK. minimum age requirement is 13 years old. branded surveys review
  25. Focus Group by Schlesinger
    This market research company offers members many focus groups and product testing opportunities. They pay visa prepaid debit card or amazon gift cards. USA Only 16+.
  26. Opinion Bureau
    Top rated survey and product testing company! Members earn points for completing online surveys and testing products, and points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal or amazon (and other popular) gift cards.Get $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining! Open to US, UK, AU, France & Germany, 13+ years old.
  27. Shopper’s Voice (USA & Canada)
    Shopper’s Voice is one of the biggest consumer survey panel in North America. They send members free samples, coupons and other freebies in exchange for their opinion by answering surveys. They accept members from USA and Canada, must be 18 and older to join.

More Product Review and Testing Panels

Below are more companies that send you free samples and products to try, and in exchange you provide your feedback and opinion, some of them allow (or even encourage) members to share product reviews on social media or blogs etc.

26. Betabound
Betabound (formerly Centercode) has many great beta testing opportunities for electronic and computer products, software, apps, games and websites. I have been invited a few times to test wireless mouse, keyboard, smart phones (android phones), apps and websites.
27. ProdcutTesting USA   ProdcutTesting UK
This is a company that gives members the opportunity to test new products in return for a simple product review. Must be at least 18 to sign up. They accept members from both USA and UK.
28. JRA Consumer Opinion Research – USA 
I have tested only once for them I think. It was a food product and they paid me $50 for trying it out for two weeks. Hope to get more opportunities from them! Accept age 18+, USA Only
29. J&J Friends & Neighbors
Consumer Panel for Johnson & Johnson.  Personally I have tested personal care products for them and got paid cash! Accept age 18+, USA Only
30. BzzAgent Panel
BzzAgent is a panel where members can sign up various “campaigns” to test name brand product samples and give opinions and feedback. I have heard lot of people get to try new products offered by BzzAgent. I  have done a few “campaigns” and it was a great experience. I will write a detailed review for BzzAgent later. So far love BzzAgent!
31. Home Tester Club (USA)
This is a new site/community I found while shopping at Walmart! I joined it right away and already applied for a name brand toilet tissue home testing – hope to get approved!
32. Smiley360
Smiley360 is another online community where members  get to test name brand new products and receive to try product samples. I just signed up with them after hearing positive experience from the members of Smiley360. I have not qualified to test anything yet, but I am hopeful I will soon.
33. Swaggable
You sign up with Swaggable and tell them which products and categories you are interested in. and they will find and send you free samples to try based on your preference. Once you  try and products you are required to write a review. This sounds a fun site and I am going to try it out myself and review it later.
34. L’Oreal Product Testing
Participate in product tests for L’Oreal. I haven’t signed up with them, because I don’t use their products and don’t plan to use. But I have heard many other happy testers for L’Oreal!.
35. New Balance Wear Test
If you are then selected as a Wear Test candidate, all you have to do is to wear prototype products, test these products based on comfort, durability, and performance and provide your feedback about the new products. To apply to be a tester, click the link at the top “Become a Tester”. They accept both Adult applications and Kids application.
36. NIKE Testing
This is the program for consumers to test NIKE products and provide feedback. You can apply to test Footwear (as adult or kids 13 years old and under) or Apparel.
37. Nintendo Game Tester
This is a video game tester job testing Nintendo Video games. All positions are located in Redmond, Washington.
38. Microsoft Playtest
Sign up to test Microsoft new games, give you opinion and get a free Microsoft software as reward!

I will continue to work on these two lists by adding new product testing  companies whenever I find one, so please bookmark this page and check back often!

How to Become a Successful Paid Product Tester

Detailed instructions – how to get paid to test products at Home

Step #1. First you need to sign up with market research survey & product testing panels (“The Panels”) – see my lists above  and  this is where you will find most product testing opportunities or jobs.

You will need to provide your basic demographic information. I suggest you create a separate email address for this purpose. Also some panels require you have a physical address (not a PO box) so they will be able to mail/send the product to you to test.

Step #2. Once you are a member of a survey/product testing panel, the panel will contact you by email about new product testing (and online surveys) opportunities. You will need to respond to the email by taking the qualifying survey/screener. If you qualify for the product test, they will send the product (usually full size products) to your home with instructions.

Step #3. The Panels gives you a period of time (usually from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, sometimes longer) to test the products. After the testing period is over, they will send you an online survey/questionnaire that you need to answer about the product you tested. The survey is very important to the company/manufacture because they need consumer feedback on the new product to make marketing and other business decisions.

Step #4. Once you complete the online survey questionnaire about the new product, the panel will record your participation, and you will get paid right away or you can cash out your rewards later.

Tips for Product Testers  on paid product testing at home

Get paid to test & review products at home and earn money! You can get earn extra money (cash via paypal or check, or gift cards) for trying and review new products at home!1. Response to product testing surveys screeners as quickly as possible. This is because product testing opportunities usually come with good/high paying incentive, therefore these surveys are very popular and quota fills quickly.

2. If you are selected for a product testing, make sure to read and follow direction very carefully. Generally the instruction comes with the product sent to you (although sometime it was sent via email as well), and you can find detailed information about the product test including panel project manager’s name and contact information in case you have any questions.

3. You will notice that among the many survey invitation emails from the market research panels, some clearly indicate that the surveys/projects involve testing products – of course you want to response to those obvious ones first. For others surveys invites that don’t mention survey topics, based on my experience, very short surveys/screeners could lead to product tests, and many times those short screeners only offer very low or sweepstakes rewards.

Some products I have tested before (pictures)

I got paid to test this products at home!

Those are the free products I bought (with coupons) to test at home for Bzzagent Kroger Home Sense campaign. I got all these stuff for free plus coupons for the same products. I think these products total worth about $20.

Paid Product Testing - Trix cereal

This is a recent product test for a survey panel (one of the paid survey/product testing panels, sorry can’t disclose which panel). Trix cereal. My kids love those!

Laundry at home Product Testing

This is a laundry product test I did for one of the paid survey/product testing panels last year. Love the product!

Printer product test & review

This is a brand name all-in-one printer I tested a few years ago for one of the paid survey/product testing panels. I am still using it mainly for scanning documents and pictures.

Coffee maker Paid Product Testing

This is a brand name coffee maker test I did last year for one of the major paid survey/product testing panels.

food product testing

I have tested numerous food items and this is one of the recent product test from one of the paid survey/product test panels.

Paid Product Testing Alerts – December 2021

In this section, I will be sharing any current paid product testing opportunism that I am aware of. I try my best and review those information every two weeks to provide timely information. 

  • Rakuten Insight – [Recruitment for Product Test] Survey on Daily Necessities, Survey# #1020475 .This is a prescreening survey for [Home Use Product Test] to be conducted later.At the end of this survey, you will be invited to join an Home Use Product Test (HUT) activity.
    HUT Schedule: 2021/12/06 – 2021/12/17
  • MindField Online – currently has one product testing survey. Survey#: #2021220061 ($2),
  • Daily Goodie Box & TryProducts – These two sites have monthly special home product tests, make sure to sign up and check.
  • BetaBound – Andriod Smart Phone test for TracFond users. https://tctusertest.centercode.com/key/tracfoneref (my Ambassador Code: Possible shell)

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy testing products for various companies and getting paid for it! I have to say, the product testing experience really makes me continue to be interested and engaged in the market research online survey opportunities, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Have you ever got paid to test products at home ? Please share your experience! And feel free to comment and ask questions!!!

101 thoughts on “How to Get Paid To Test Products at Home for Free”

  1. In my experience all of the surveys are for the purpose of finding honest people,I done surveys over 2 years before I got my first product to test but once I got my survey score up I’ve tested numerous products,I just finished a 2 weeks test for wrangler jeans and got a 200 visa prepaid card and a pair of jeans that will retail over 70,so just have patience and keep doing the surveys and,most importantly,don’t lie about anything in them and it’ll happen. Hope this helps

  2. So far, I’ve joined 3 of these websites, and I keep taking one survey after another. When I get to the end of the survey, they say I am disqualified and then ask if I want to do another survey. It keeps going around and around and around. I have yet to “qualify” for a survey. And nowhere on any of these sites do I find anything about testing products at home.

    • Hi Cyndie, which three websites did you join? Unfortunately pre-screening/qualifying is part of the process of survey/product testings. Please make sure to read the “tip” section of this article that might be helpful.

  3. I was contacted by JBL to test audio products for them, well they dont pay but you get free speakers and headphones and if anyone needs home product testing they can contact me at

  4. well are these testing thingy is for US based person only? i’m from the philippines… And i would like to earn extra money too…

    • HI Joan, yes most of them are for US, Canada or UK residents. But you can try GlobalTestMarket – I think they accept members worldwide. Good luck!

  5. Hi,
    I’m very interested in testing out and trying beauty/health products and getting paid for doing so. I’m not that interested in surveys but willing to do them if its involving testing products. The problem is I’m only 16 soon to be 17 still in the process of schooling in high school (so a lot of my time is consumed by school and school advents.)and I’m not for sure what company or panel to sign up for that would work in my current condition. I was wondering if you had any suggestions and tips on where and how to start.

  6. Good day. My name is Amanda and I am a stay at home mom. I am really interested in doing this, but I am from South Africa. Can I still apply for these companies?

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards


    • Hi Amanda, unfortunately the only panel accepts members from your country is GlobalTestMarket – you can sign up with them but I am not sure if they have actual product testing surveys for you though.

  7. I have cleaned houses for six years and I had foot surgery and can not do it know more and your job opertonety sounds interesting. Tina shepherd p.s I have helped my husband in his bissnes he sales books and other items in schools and I checked his products out before he sold them flashlights and different items.

  8. I have cleaned houses for six years and I can not do it know more .because I had foot surgery. Your job sounds very interesting and I would love the opportunity.

  9. do all testing sites have long surveys .i can see doing a pre survey to see if qualify but why three or four sometimes more than that please someone HELP

    • Hi Mary, Screening surveys for product tests usually are short (and offer low reward or just sweepstakes entries). The surveys for the products you tested could be long, but not always. Hope it helps!

    • Hi Sarah, Yes to do product tests, you have to go through the “screener” surveys which the market research companies determine if you are good fit for the project. I know there are lot of surveys that don’t involve product testing but a great portion of them do. Read my whole article especially notes and tips, and be patient. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  10. I am 48 yrs old and ben in Retail Management and Sales since I was 17 .I have sold Cars,
    Homes Appliances Apparel I have ben in Wholesale and Retail.I have dun Store Resets and Demo or sampeling work I have also dun product testing !

    • Hi Troy, thank you for your comment. To do product testing please sign up with all the product tests survey panels I listed in my article. Good luck!

  11. Hi Ms Mei 🙂 I am a female, 21 yrs.old, college student from the Philippines. Can you suggest a good survey or product testing panel or that is good or fitted for me? Thank you

    • Hi Roxanne! You can join any panels on this list that accept members worldwide, or check out this Asia Pacific Survey Panel List – I suggest you sign up with all of them and personally I think you will have better chance of receiving surveys (and possible product tests) from GlobalTestMarket and iPoll/Surveyhead. Good luck!

  12. Received an email from Betabound: Announcing Betabound’s newest test platform

    Hi Mei,
    Smart home technology is one of the hottest parts of our industry (as you may have noticed from all the smart home beta tests we’ve been running lately). Many of you own and use smart home products (like smart light bulbs, thermostats, security systems, etc.) every day.
    So we’ve added “Smart Home” as a test platform in Betabound. Now you can tell us about the smart home devices you own, so we can let you know when relevant beta testing opportunities arise.
    If you aren’t familiar with test platforms, you’re missing out! By adding test platforms (like your phone or computer) to your Betabound profile, you’re telling us about the technology you own, so we can tell you about the opportunities you’d be a good fit for. If you haven’t updated your test platforms in a while, you could be missing out on beta tests that are perfect for you!
    If you have any questions about the new test platform, check out this blog post. If you’re ready to add your devices to your profile, log in now!
    All the best,
    Brad Day

    Betabound Community Manager

  13. In-Home product testing has a new product test survey (testing two products), pays $35. I didn’t qualify. I think it is might for men’s since I disqualified right away after answering gender question. good luck!

      • ‘Hello,
        I am very interested in becoming a beta tester/product tester. I am on
        disability, so I am mostly at home. Please consider me as a tester.
        Thank You

      • Hi Steve and Sandra,

        In order to become a product tester, please sign up with the market research survey panels first. Once you a member of them, you will receive product testing surveys from them. Hope it helps!

  14. Just qualified for a Paid Facial Cleanser Product Test from ClearVoiceSurveys! Need to try the product for two weeks, answer 3 surveys and keep the products plus $20 payment!

  15. Just email from Panelpolls, my daughter was picked for the beta testing project!:

    Hey Mei!
    Congratulations, C[my dd] has been selected to participate in the Website Beta Testing Project for Kids Ages 7-11!

    The project launch was delayed and is currently on hold. It should launch in the next few weeks so be sure to check your email! We will send you a notification letting you know when the project is about to start. The project kickoff email will include all the details about the project along with iGamelab account information and activity details for C.

    This fun project will run for about 2 weeks. During this time, C[dd] will be asked to go on a website daily on the device that you selected for your child to participate with in the screener and then share their feedback in the discussion forums, answer moderator questions, etc. At the end of the project, we will have a brief follow up survey for C[dd] to complete. For actively participating, C[dd] will earn $10.00!

    We cannot wait to hear what C[dd] has to say! Can’t wait to get this project started!
    iGamelab team

  16. Esearch $30.00 Product Testing for MOMs. Details:

    Hello again from Esearch.com. Today we have a fun product testing survey for MOMS with babies. If this is you, we hope you are willing to participate. Study participants who qualify AND FULLY COMPLETE THE RESEARCH will receive $30.00 – paid to this email address via Paypal.com by November 27th, reference CPM-71436.

  17. Esearch – 90.00 Product Testing Opportunity for MALE in the Household: Check your email!! I add Esearch to the list of product testing panels early this year, hope you already sign up with them. Email details as follows:


    Greetings again from Esearch.com. Today we have a fun product testing survey for MEN who shave infrequently due to skin irritation and who use refillable razors. Study participants who qualify AND FULLY COMPLETE THE RESEARCH will receive $90.00 – paid by December 10, reference DR090814-71438.

    In order to see if you qualify you will need to click the link AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE EMAIL and answer a short questionnaire. We will analyze all of the results and if you qualify, we will notify you in the next few weeks, via email.

    PLEASE NOTE… there is a little more required for this study. If you qualify, you will use your own product for 2 weeks, completing a daily diary each day and then one survey at the end of 2 weeks. The diaries will take just a minute or two each day.

    After 2 weeks of using your own product, you will receive test product to use for one month. Again, you will be required to complete a daily diary and 2 additional surveys.

    If you qualify for the study, you will receive a link to a calendar with the daily diary for each day and 3 surveys:
    (1)survey after 2 weeks of using your own product
    (2)survey after 2 weeks of using the test product
    (3)survey after 4 weeks of using the test product

    You need to complete a daily diary every day and all 3 surveys in order to receive your incentive ($90). Also you will also be required to return all test product in the return packaging with postage provided. We must receive all test product back in order to receive incentive.

    You will need to complete this qualifying survey below at home, as you will be required to reference your current products during the survey.


    [link removed – user specific]

    • question is this shaving study still going on with esearch? It would be a good fit for me. I know it has been a month later but was curious

      • Well I went back and couldn’t find that email invite anymore (deleted it already) but my guess is this study is in the process and probably too late to apply now. Sign up with ESearch if you are interested in product testing – they have been offering more great product tests lately.

  18. SurveySavvy currently has a high paying in-home product testing survey, unfortunately it was already close when I tried to take the survey. Here is the email I received:

    SurveySavvy invites you to share your opinions in an important new product placement in-home usage test (IHUT). This study requires you to use the specified product in your home for a duration of time.

    If you qualify and complete all phases of this study, your SurveySavvy account will be credited $21 within two to six weeks. As always, your responses will be kept confidential, and they will be used for research purposes only.

    Estimated length of survey: 10 minutes
    Incentive: $21

    Use the link below to get started:

  19. Received an email from GlobalTestMarket, a very good product testing survey, unfortunately I didn’t qualify or maybe it’s too late!

    Survey Number: 290387

    And here is the email subject and detail:

    We are looking for candidates for a very special product use test project!

    Hi Mei,

    By taking this questionnaire you will be seeing if you qualify for this product use test. If you complete the questionnaire and then complete the product use test, you will receive an incentive of 1,200 MarketPoints as a token of our thanks! There will also be opportunities to earn even more MarketPoints on top of that!

    Please click the link below to begin the questionnaire and find out more.

    • Hi Alexandria,

      To become a product tester at home, please sign up with those product testing panels I listed in this article. Once you joined those panels, they will email you the product testing and online survey invites.

      I am going to update this article adding some tips on how to qualify for product testings… I will also upload some pictures of the products I have tested before.

      So please make sure to check back this article later and at the mean time sign up with those market research product testing panels.

      Thanks for visiting and good luck!

      • Hi Diane – You just need to sign up with the market research panels I listed in this articles – after that you will start receiving survey/product testing invitations and if you qualify you will get to test products and most of the time get paid!

  20. I don’t know you very well as a person or anything, lol! I’m so sorry to bother you and I am extremely grateful for to actually reading this— Honest to GOD my mother lost her job about 3 1/2 months ago and I absolutely need to man up for her. I don’t want to see her worry our cry! I best mine as wee get to the point lol- instead bugging you!
    I was really just wondering if you can send me in the right way—- I really wanted to do the product testing-
    I’m amazing with my hands n I put a few years in community coll.
    Yet I can’t be gone all day! Thank you so much for you time and if u could poss
    Think of anything best I could do! I’m kinda looking up to u for advice “like a mentor”! U know ?! Please get back to me n God bless u
    Thanks again my name is AL email-hargrave.Stacey@yahoo.com

    • Hi AL,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      To get started with paid product tests, just sign up the market research panels I listed in this article. You will start receiving survey and product test invitations.

      Hope it help and let me know if you have more questions.

  21. Surprised you do not have PineCone Research on this list. One of the highest rated survey companies on many sites. From time to time you do get products to test. Their membership opens for new members every so often.

    • Thanks for your comment JD. You are right Pinecone is one of good ones but since they don’t accept new members all the time so I have to remove them from the list from time to time and sometimes I do forget to put them back. 🙂 I do 2-3 surveys a month for them and as best I can remember I only have done 2-3 product testings for them over the 8-9 years with them.

    • I guess how many you do depends on your demographics. I have been with them for only 2 years I think and have done 4 product tests in that time that I remember.

  22. I finally qualified for an in-home product testing for Clear Voice Survey! Earned $.5 for the screener, plus will get paid $2 for trying the food item!

  23. Do you have a 0-2 years old? If yes, Toluna currently has a product testing opportunity: Colgate Smiles Toothbrush for 0-2 years.

    If you are chosen, the product to test will be sent to the address given in your personal area. We therefore kindly ask you to check (and update if necessary) your address in your Personal Area.

    Please note that there are a limited number of products available.

  24. Also received a survey invite from JRA Consumer Opinion, thought it was a product test, turns out not – finished the survey , didn’t earn anything but a sweepstakes entry. Survey was short and interesting though.

  25. I received a paid product test invite from data intelligence today.

    “We are looking for females to voice their opinion in this home use test study for personal products.

    If fully completed, respondents will be eligible to receive a $5.00 online gift card.”

    Unfortunate didn’t qualify, got very close!

  26. I am testing three items at home right now! I might have a little problem since I don’t know who I am testing for one of the products! Lol.

  27. Realmente he realizado cientos de encuestas en linea, Ejemplos . eque no pagan son: Pandaresearsh. vindaleresearsh y otras muchas, ahora tengo una cuenta de mas de 500.00 dolares con shoppingjob, he enviado correo electronico y cartas y no responden nada solo les pido que me paguen las encuestas del 2011 y 2012, y todo es un silencio sepulcral.

    • Hi, Panda Research and Vindale Research are not legit market research companies. They make you pay to try and test products, stay away from them.

  28. I have removed the garbonline.com from the list – one of my email subscribers contacted me regarding the problem signing up, also the panel manger’s email isn’t working either. Last time I heard from them was a few months ago, it is possible that they are inactive currently… I will add it back once I hear from them again


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