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Go2Crowd Review

This post is my Go2Crowd review – The Go2Crowd USA is legit and good online survey site, and I have been paid.

The Go2Crowd Review - take surveys online for money

The Go2Crowd is an online survey site, run by a small but growing research company called The Interpreters. The Go2Crowd members answer surveys, and in return they earn points which can be redeemed for various rewards such as amazon gift cards and cash.

Is Go2Crowd Legit or Scam?

Go2Crowd USA definitely is a legitimate online survey site. Personally I joined the panel last year, and have redeemed and received payment once. I will show the payment proof in the later section of this review. Go2Crowd has an active community and many other members have been paid also.

The Go2Crowd survey panel rewards

The Go2Crowd USA panel members earn points for sharing their opinion by answering online surveys. The minimum points required to cash out rewards is only 1000 points ($10). Members can redeem points into following rewards:

  • Retailer gift cards (amazon, Walmart, apple store/iTune)
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Cash via VISA prepaid debt cards

Who can join The Go2Crowd USA?

The Go2Crowd currently is only looking for new panel members from the United States, and who are 18 years of age and older. Each user can only have one account.

Registration at Go2Crowed is really easy – Click here to join Go2Crowd, Make sure to active your account, and start taking your first survey and earning rewards!

The Go2Crowd Review

Survey frequency, topics & points etc.

Go2Crowd sends out two types of surveys to member’s email box.

The first kind are their own surveys, and they have about two or three such surveys a month. Those surveys usually pay between 30 – 200 points ($0.30 – $2), depending on the survey length. They once invited me for a high paying online discussion survey that pay $15, which I was too late to take the survey!

I like these surveys a lot, because they are mostly short and simple surveys. The surveys cover various topics but for me mainly are about politics and shopping , and believe it or not they are fun to do! I have always qualified for those surveys, and points automatically added to my account upon survey complete.

Another kind of surveys are third party surveys – they send those surveys more frequently, almost every day. Points for those survey will not automatically be updated to your account. Unfortunately I barely qualify for those surveys so I pretty much ignore them.

Survey reward payment

When I first joined the Go2Crowd panel, they had more surveys, therefore, it didn’t take me a long time to reach the required 1000 points to cash out. I redeemed the points for $10 amazon gift card the first time. I think I received the amazon gift cards (e-code) in one or two days. Following is the survey payment proof (screenshot) – the amazon gift card email I received from Go2Crows:

Go2Crowd Survey payment - amazon gift card
Go2Crowd Survey Reward Payment – Amazon Gift Card

Member Experience and Support

Go2Crowd community is built with the questionpro platform, which is very user-friendly. From the member dashboard, you can see available surveys, current points, survey history, link to redeem rewards, link to update profile and account information (name & password), and community discussion topics.

Personally I haven’t contacted Go2Crowd support since never needed to, but they make it pretty easy for members to reach them – members can just send emails to one of their employees/owners or the general inquires email box. Also since Go2Crowd is a very active community, sometimes members just ask questions on the online discussion forum and get answers there.

Go2Crowd Review Update 2020

On Feb.26, I received an email from Go2Crowd, here is the part of the highlights:

We have an exciting announcement for the Go2Crowd community! Over the last couple of months, we have been busy working on a brand new look and feel for ‘Go2Crowd’. As of this Friday (28th Feb), we will be switching to a different platform on which we host our surveys to make your experience an optimal one. 

We will be sending you surveys, polls and discussion topics directly via email on a weekly basis, where you will get to see your current points shown in every survey.
Your current email address registered with us will stay the same and be kept securely in our member database. Our email address will also stay the same – hello@thego2crowd.com

We won’t be having a home page/portal anymore to log into. Instead, EVERYTHING you need to know will be delivered straight to you via email, and immediately at your request. This includes pending surveys, polls, discussion topics and most importantly, rewards.
SO remember to keep checking your emails regularly.

Here are the steps to redeeming after we move platforms:Once you reach 1000 points, you will be instantly notified via email if you would like to redeem or not. Simply click ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Please refer to the image below. You don’t have to redeem right away, as you can store them up for an even bigger payout! 

So after they made the move, I wasn’t able to log into the new site with my existing member login, I emailed them but heard nothing, so I re-signed up with the same email address, unfortunately my points with the old platform was not there. I almost gave up on this site.

Since then I received a couple of survey invites from them but I am holding on answering any surveys for them until my account/points issues is resolved.

Finally, on June 2nd 2020, I received an email title “Hi Mei, check your points balance” – there is a link in the email to check my points. So I clicked the link, signed in my account, and got the message: “Your total points balance is 855 points.” I will resuming taking their surveys again and hopefully reach the 1000 points soon. I will update this review once cash out.

In Conclusion – Is Go2Crowd worth joining?

As a member of the Go2Crowd panel for over a year, I like my overall experience so far. Not only Go2Crowd is legit, the owners are honest and transparent about their expectations and the survey taking at Go2Crowd is more fun and engaging compare to most other survey sites. The survey compensation for time and efforts are very reasonable, and I only hope they will able to have more survey opportunities. The bottom line is: Go2Crowd is a legitimate survey site worth joining!

Are you a member of the Go2Crowd USA survey panel? I hope you find my Go2Crowd review helpful. Please feel free to share your Go2Crowd survey experience, and any comments and questions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Go2Crowd Review”

  1. Hello .. I have worked this page and I have already paid 2 times but I have a concern I would like to know why the surveys that affect me that the incentive is reflected in $ do not open or I do not qualify instead those that are reflected in points if they open very well … and he answered many of those that do not open … if someone can explain to me why or recommend something I appreciate it …

    • Hi Domarys, I haven’t been taking their surveys for a few months so can’t answer your questions. But I am guessing the surveys that pay $ are surveys from their partners, maybe that’s the reason? I sugget you contact them directly. Good luck!


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