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This post is my Harris Poll Online review – I was a member of this survey panel and had been paid.

HarrisPoll_logoHarris Poll Online is one of oldest and market research paid survey site in the United States. With over 50 years in the business, HPOL has delved into and analyzed every aspect of American life.

For every survey you complete, you’ll earn HIpoints. Once you’ve accumulated enough points you may redeem them for your choice of a variety of prize and rewards. You can redeem your points as soon as you reach a redemption level, or you can let them grow for even greater rewards.

I have been a member of Harris Polls over the years. I receive surveys from them weekly, their surveys are generally easy to do though occasionally time consuming. It’s pretty easy to accumulate enough points for a reward. I have cashed out amazon gift cards and the payments arrived promptly.

UPDATE:  It looks like Harris Polls Online website has been compromised (again), This has happened before. Therefore I do NOT feel comfortable recommending them at this time.  Here is what they have on their site:

“We value the trust you have placed in us. Please note that we recently discovered an unauthorized party accessed a small number of Harris Panel members’ rewards benefits. As a precautionary measure, we have reset all account passwords and added additional security protocols.”

They deleted my account again due to their own xxxxx – this is the third time!! I am done with them – don’t wasted our time with them, since obviously they are not capable of keeping data secure, therefore  they cleaned up their member data every time they are hacked, and as a member you lose all your points!

Harris Poll Online Welcome

UPDATE June 2019: I re-joined Harris Poll Online, and everything looked fine. It seems that they finally fixed the security issues and I have had no problems logging into my account, taking surveys and checking point balance etc.

UPDATE March 2020: I just received an email notice from Harris Poll Online subject: Important update on Harris Poll Online:

“We are writing to inform you that, as of March 31, 2020, we will no longer offer new survey opportunities. Not to worry, the points you have earned through March 31, 2020 will still be available for redemption for one year from the date the points were credited to you. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to stop earning.

You’ve been selected to join our prestigious invite-only partner panel, e-Rewards. It’s very similar to Harris Poll Online Panel, with one key difference: there are even more rewards! Enjoy air miles, hotel points, gift cards and more by sharing your opinion in our exclusive community. You’ll even get a $1 bonus in e-Rewards currency when you finish your first survey. To try out e-Rewards for free today, click the link below. If needed, you can also copy and paste the link into another browser window.”

I used the invitation link joined E-Reward. Will update review for E-Reward later.

Please note: Harris Poll Online Canada is still open and active, if you live in Canada, you can join Harris Poll Online – Canada Here.

Thank you for reading my Harris Poll Online review. Please feel free to share your experience and any comment about this paid survey panel is welcome!

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    • Hi Ron, the invitation link Harris Poll sent me already expired (used). Sorry couldn’t help. Have you checked out other survey sites yet? Good luck!


    • Hi Paul, you might need to log into your account’s reward section. It’s been a while I can’t remember clearly but I think they posted gift card code (amazon for my case) under your reward and you have to look for it. Good luck! Personally I will not bother with them again and ever – they delete your account and honestly I think they might just be another scammer!

  2. Hmm, they deleted my account again. I just rejoined them (one last time!) and did a very short survey -took 5 minutes even the invite says 15 minutes. Checked my account after – they credited the 50 points right away.

  3. Haven’t received surveys lately so I logged into my account. (Forgot my password but their password recovery works), and after logging in saw this message:

    “We’re currently in the process of making changes to the look and feel of our surveys and websites. You may notice some of these in your next survey; be on the lookout for additional changes over the next few months! “

  4. I have to sign up with them again because for some reason I can’t login with my old account. Anyway I also receive 5-6 surveys a month. I agree the incentive isn’t that great, but I don’t mind taking those if I have time since they don’t take that long. In fact I just did a survey that took about less than 10 minutes even though they estimate 20 minutes.

  5. Update – I receive 2-4 surveys a month and qualify for 1-2 of them. The incentives for the length of the surveys are low. I don’t like their new way of qualifying for surveys either. It’s just not worth it for me. I just cashed out and then I’m closing my account.

  6. Update – I receive 3-6 surveys a month and qualify 1-2 of them. Sometimes I spend a good amount of time on a survey and then come to find out I didn’t qualify. Not quite as good for me as in 2010. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  7. Update – I receive 3-5 surveys a month. I qualify 1-3 times a month for the full amount. I havent had any problems with them or receiving the GC’s.

  8. I belonged to harris poll for a long time I was very satisfied with them then all of a sudden I didnt receive any emails I tried to log onto the site and they couldnt find me I wrote several emails trying to find my membership and even though I knew I had points they had no record of my membership I think something strange is going on there I have signed up again and I dont seem to get surveys to make it worth losing the points again

  9. In over seven years of being a member, participating in every survey sent that I could (sometimes they’re full by the time you reply), and choosing low point level incentives except once, I was able to get 11 items ranging in value from about $5-20. I added up the retail value of the prizes received, for a total of about $125 in incentives. Divided by the number of surveys taken (342), that means surveys–for me–provided payment of about 36.5 cents apiece. I provided my own statistics here so that others may get an overall feel for whether or not the reward is worth the effort. However, this is a generalization since prize values and points awarded may have gone up or down in my years of membership.

    I personally am leaving after nearly eight years because the reward delivery time has been incredibly slow for the last 1 1/2 years that I’ve been a member. E-mailed inquiries just receive pat “answers” that aren’t really answers . . . basically, keep waiting and your reward will be sent eventually, or some other such response that shows no one is addressing the concern when a reward is long past the arrival time they themselves have set.

    Harris is a legitimate and respected survey company. Their polls are referred to on the news and in magazines, and it may be exciting for some participants just to know that their opinions are important. However, I personally wouldn’t join Harris expecting to get anything overly valuable for your time and without the knowledge that getting the incentives–both earning enough points, and actually waiting to receive them!–requires a lot of time and patience.

  10. I figured they were reputable and answered surveys for years. It took a long time to build up points worth anything. I checked less than a year ago and had over 5000 points. When I checked my account today, I found they had deducted over 5600 points effective 2008 due to survey inactivity, which I have no proof to fight.
    They never sent a reminder or notification they were revoking the points, but continued to send me weekly (or almost weekly) surveys and even sent me offers to change my points for contest entries. When I contacted them about the matter, thinking it was an mistake, I received a form email stating ‘read the fine print’. Do not trust them.

  11. When I first joined I qualified for 3 surveys and received 230 poiont plus 100 bonus points but have not received a survey for 6 weeks.

  12. [quote name=Lee]Does Harris only do surveys? Has anyone been invited to a discussion panel or Product Testing?

    I’ve been a member since December and just reached the 2nd prize level ($5 Amazon gc). I’m thinking of moving on because I only get surveys once every 1-2 months and for 75-100pts. But if there’s bigger and better things, I’ll hold on.

    I have done surveys only. I cant remember if I have been invited to any discussion panel or product testing. If I did I didn’t qualify. I have been a member since Nov. and I’ve cashed out once. I have enough to cash out again.

  13. Does Harris only do surveys? Has anyone been invited to a discussion panel or Product Testing?

    I’ve been a member since December and just reached the 2nd prize level ($5 Amazon gc). I’m thinking of moving on because I only get surveys once every 1-2 months and for 75-100pts. But if there’s bigger and better things, I’ll hold on.


  14. This exact thing happened to me with Harris and at 850 points too. Could not log in finally when I was able to my points had expired and my request to reinstate them was denied.

  15. I have been a Harris Poll member since 2006 and have earned thousands of points and redeemed many for gifts. Recently I discovered my points at zero. My points suddenly started to “expire”. 850 points in one day expired because I log into my account? I would assume taking surveys would be the same as loggin in. The policy and system sucks.

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