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Loading...hotspex_logoHotspex is a Canadian based market research company. Founded in May 2000, Hotspex conducts global market research project in over 19 countries. Hotspex panel offers members (panelists) highly interesting and interactive online paid surveys, and Panelists learn about/contribute to the evolution of new products (panelists are called “Innovators”).


  • Panel members earn BUX (similar to points), and BUX can be redeemed fro Amazon gift certificates. As soon as you reach 1100 BUX you can redeem for $10 amazon gift cards.
  • VIP members have the option of getting paid cash via Paypal. Get VIP status by completing at least five surveys that are sent to you via email.  To redeem cash via Paypal, you need to have 2750BUX for $25.
  • You can order up to $50 per calendar month. This is a combination of both Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal funds. For example, if you order $40 in PaylPal funds, you will be eligible for a $10 Amazon Gift Card within the same calendar month.
  • Members can also trade BUX for chances to win cool prizes. The more chances you buy. The better your odds of winning.

Open to Countries/Regions
United States & Canada

Minimum Age Requirement:
18 year old

My Experience/Review

1. Survey Frequency – I receive about 2 -3 survey email invites a month, not very often. There are two ways you can find surveys. The first is your email box – those are the “regular” market research surveys that you could earn at least 100 BUX. The second way to find surveys is Hotspex website, where you can find ‘Fun’ surveys (surveys written by Hotspex that are meant to entertain you and possibly teach you something about yourself). “Fun” surveys usually worth 1 point.  Following is a email I received from Hotspex:



2. Survey Quality – Hotspex surveys are very interesting and conducted in an very interactive way, this makes the surveys taking much more enjoyable. Surveys take between 5 and 15 minutes, survey topics are quite diverse.

3. Survey Rewards – There was a time Hotspex only offered sweepstakes for members – I pretty much just ignored their surveys back then until they introduced the amazon gift certificates and cash via Paypal option. Most of their surveys offer 100 – 200 BUX and occasionally I receive 500 BUX surveys. I don’t quality often but I have managed to cash out the amazon gift certificate a couple of times.

I think their rewards are fair and reasonable good. I like the fact that:

  • a. you still get 5 BUX for trying but don’t quality;
  • b. you get to play the “spin the wheel” game while in the middle of the surveys and get bonus points;
  • c. you are credited the BUX immediately after you complete the survey.

4. Customer Service – is pretty good, I once contacted them regarding my account  and received the response within one day with the issue quickly resolved.

Other Notes
Hotspex also rewards members referrals. To refer a friend, go to the “Refer a friend” page. Just write them a personal message using the easy-to-use tool. if your friend successfully completes their registration and answers their first survey, Hotspex will credit your account with 100 BUX.

Hotspex is a very good online paid survey website, and I do recommend it!

Join Hotspex USA and Canada ( must be at least 18 year old to join)

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