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International Free Paid Surveys List

The International Paid Survey Directory lists survey sites that are open to all countries, plus survey sites for New Zealand. Please note: This list is for anyone who does NOT live in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Paid Survey Sites – International/Worldwide

Following are global market research survey panels that accept members from all (almost all) countries.

  1. Global Test Market
    Members earn MarketPoints, which are redeemable for cash by Paypal or check, amazon gift cards and various merchandises.  One account per household. Accept 14 and up years old.
  2. iPoll (formerly SurveyHead)
    Get paid cash (Paypal) for taking each survey. $5.00 sign up credit. Surveyhead was founded by the founders of goZing.com, they have LOT of surveys, and accept members worldwide. Open to 18+ years old. Survyehead is another survey panel offer surveys for many questions such as many asian countries.
  3. American Consumer Opinion
    Earn points for answering survey screeners and surveys, points can be redeemed for cash paid via Paypal.
  4. SurveySavvy
    SurveySavvy is a global survey panel, and they accept members worldwide. Members get paid cash (via Check) for every survey and focus group. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have a double tier referral structure.
  5. Paid Viewpoint
    A market research survey site pay cash (via Paypal) for every completed online survey and you will never get screened you out once you’ve been invited into a survey!  Open to countries: worldwide, Minimum age required: 13 years old.

internatinal-online-paid-surveys-for-moneyPaid Survey Sites for – New Zealand

If you live in New Zealand, you can join International survey sites I listed above, plus following surveys sites are also accept members from New Zealand, and I suggest you sign up with them as well!

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  1. am a university student in kenya could you please send me a viable and legit online job through my email i need some cash to pay for my fee
    i hope to get your feed back plz

  2. I have just registered to GlobalTestMarket and when I replied to their activation email to confirm my account I received a reply : We’re sorry, but you are ineligible to register for GlobalTestMarket at this time.

    I am in New York, NY.

      • Hi, @Mei Lynn what paid survey sites use skill or payza as their payment option coz PayPal withdrawal is not allowed in my country u can only pay to other PayPal accounts or pay for online purchases.

  3. Great list of international survey companies. Global Test Market is great as you receive daily surveys and they pay via PayPal. I also found Crowdology very good, which is open to UK and US residents, though you wont receive surveys everyday, you can easily make £50 per year completing a few surveys per month.
    I complete surveys and save the cash up for Christmas, which is a fantastic and fun way to save.
    Thanks for the info!

  4. Please tell me about nextgenpaidsurveys.com. Is it a scum site? Joining is 49.95 dollars paid through click bank. I am not sure whether to join.

  5. Im lost I signed up and paid my $50 and I have not been able to even get on a survey. I live in Jamaica and it said its open to Jamaica. When I click on surveys tht say ALL the pages are not available. Someone please help me to navigate this. Im in desperate need for additional cash to help with my expenses and I’m concerned that I just blew $50 of what I really need. helpppppppppppppppp

    • Hi Tatyana,

      Which site did you pay $50 to? None of survey sites on this list charge you to sign up. Does the site say they are a survey site? If yes, you are scammed.

      If you paid a survey database/list and paid through Clickbank, you might be able to get your money back.

      Sign up with the survey sites on this page, it’s FREE to join. I am not sure if you are going to receive surveys from them, but those are your best bet.

      Good luck!

    • Hi, I am not sure if they have surveys for sir lanka, but you can try to sign up with the survey panels on this list. I know they are all legit.

  6. Can anyone please let me know what is the best sites for cash surveys,that
    work and payout in south Africa.


    • Sorry martin I am not sure which sites have surveys for south africa. as far as I know Brand Institute and iPoll have international surveys, but again I don’t know if they offer surveys for your country.

  7. I am from Guatemala and I can not find a wbsite for surveys that works with Guatemala, please if you know one, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Antia, are you able to join the five sites on this list? Those are the international survey panels but I am not sure if you can sign up with them from your location.

  8. I have two suggestions for you who wants to get good legit sites who pay you

    1. Firstly I will suggest go for ipanel online india version, which is a very good site where you can earn points through participating lots of System Survey, Business Survey, Mutual Survey and other Survey sections. And there is also sections like Member Voice and Press Release where by posting any thing you will earn points. I will get your money through cash or by gift.

    2. My Second Suggestion will be micro worker, In this site you have to complete some simple tasks to earn money. Tasks are like sign up, search in google, watch video and rate it, bookmark installation, Download software etc very simple and interesting tasks. For every task completion you will get around $0.08 to $0.5, some times above it.

    Just remerber wait few second and click the Skip the Add button to go to the sites….. Best of Luck

  9. urveyhead.com. This site is a joke. They are the last to post surveys that all of the other sites have already released and I’ve done so of course you will not get selected to participate in the survey. I did, however, get into a six week fight with them over a survey I spent 45 minutes doing only to be knocked out in the middle of the video. The idiots at surveyhead.com told me the survey hit the number necessary. Long story short, I won and was compensated the sum of money quoted for the survey. i spent 3 fucking months filling up surveys and when i wanted to cash my money, my redeem has been rejected so they keep your money and few survey never end, repeating the same question untill you let go the survey

  10. my country ghana is not listed by pay pal.Can you suggest alternatives to pay pal for me? I want to start signing for surveys now

  11. I am from india i am fed up from searching how to make money. now i just try this if it is free, pl let me know about survey sites in india

  12. [quote name=Annerie]Hi guys im looking for Surveys wich is aplicable for south africa aswell :P[/quote]Your best bet is the top two on the list – Brand Institute and Surveyhead. Good luck!

  13. Anyone else facing the same problem like me, or have any advice to recommend feel free to contact me at Munkhzaya88@yahoo.com we can help each other find a way to fix the problem. dont foret to title your email SURVEY HELPER hehe because i receive too many junk spam mails.


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