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[ratings]ipsos-isay-logoIpsos i-Say is an online survey panel powered by Ipsos, a leading global survey-based market research company. Ipsos is one of the largest survey-based research companies in the world, and conducts 20 million interviews a year, to serve more than 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

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Ipsos panel members earn reward points for taking online paid surveys. Once you have earned minimum 1000 points, you can redeem your points for $10 Amazon gift Certificates, And once you have 1500 points, you can redeem for $15 via Paypal or $15 American Express Gift Cards.

Besides earning points, you are also invited to play “Poll Predictor” game each time after you complete a survey.  Every time you play, you earn chances to win prizes.

Age Requirement:

18 year and older

Open to Countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom

My Experience/Review  (updated October, 2013)
IPSOS i-Say panel has great improvements in terms of panel member account interface, survey quantity and customer service. Right now after you log into your account, you can check your available surveys (which for each survey it indicates points and how many minutes it takes to complete the survey), survey history. It is also very easy to redeem your rewards.

Ipsos i-Say do offer member many online surveys and product test opportunities. Compensations for surveys are not very great (average 90 points/cents), however it does seems I qualify more of their surveys compare to other survey panels. Also if I don’t qualify a certain survey, sometimes I get 5 points for just trying! Their surveys are not very long, and quite easy and interesting.

You also get to play this “Poll Predictor”game every time after you complete a survey to earn extra chances for sweepstakes that offer various  prizes such as cash, Yoga classes etc. Those polls are interesting and I do enjoy it! 🙂

I also like the fact that they credit points to your account immediately after you complete a survey not like some other survey panels that it takes weeks to get credits.

Ipsos i-Say also have this “Loyalty Program” to reward members to complete their surveys. Members get “Loyalty Points” for completing x numbers of surveys each year, such as you get 25 points for complete 5 surveys, 50 points for 10 surveys, 100 points for 25 surveys and so on and up to 600 points for 200 surveys.

Ipsos also offer great customer service. I once found out some mistake in my profile and I emailed them and they helped me very quickly!

I suggest you log into their Ipsos account to check available surveys frequently. The reasons are: first, their survey invite emails don’t tell you how many points you will earn, and second and more importantly their surveys do fill fast!

Overall, IPSOS i-Say is a great survey panel, and I highly recommend them!

Join Ipsos i-Say Surveys – USA Panel

Join Ipsos i-Say Surveys – Canada Panel

Join Ipsos i-Say Surveys –  UK Panel


Other Questions and Notes

Following questions and answers are from recent i-say member newsletter.

Panel Support Questions

Q: Why do I sometimes spend a lot of time on a survey before I’m being screened out of a survey?

Every survey we have available has a selection of pre-qualifying questions to determine eligibility for that particular survey. If you don’t qualify for the initial survey you were invited to take, we try to find another survey that you do qualify for. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not qualify for any of the surveys we have available and this is why the process might take a longer time.

Q: Why do I sometimes have difficulties taking surveys on mobile platforms?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to test all surveys on mobile systems. This means that some surveys may not work on these platforms. However, we’re working to ensure all surveys can be taken with mobile devices in the future.

Q: How do I speak to i-Say support directly?

Our Panel Support team is available via email. If you cannot find the answer to a question in our FAQs, simply click on the ‘no, contact support’ button below or send us an email at questions@i-Say.com. We’ll get back to you within three business days.

Are you a member of Ipsos i-Say survey panel? If yes, please feel free to share your experience (good or bad) by leaving comments below, and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

35 thoughts on “Ipsos i-Say

  1. You guys are lucky you don’t get their invites. I wish I could unsubscribe I get way too much, and it’s annoying bc when I take their surveys I login to the site, I never do them through my email. They need a way to unsubscribe from emails but NOT the site. I marked them as spam just so they wouldn’t clog up my inbox. They send me TWO every DAY! It’s crazy…
    Here’s a screenshot of only a FEW of their emails…

    • Hi Victoria, I am with you – I also never take their surveys via email links cause they don’t tell you how many points you get and length of the surveys etc. Like you I just log into my account and take surveys within there. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Avoid!!! Dishonest. Most recent, aside from all the other times they cheated me was, after I had spent 45 minutes on a survey for skin care received, Sorry, there are more surveys available, bla, bla, would you like us to search for another? No points, nothing after 45 minutes. Don’t waste your time. Their support is toally worthless, answers make no sense,. If you complain too may times they claim you have “unsuscribed yourself” and forfeit your money. In my case, nearly $100. What the heck? Steer clear!

    • Sorry to hear the trouble Lee! I have heard similar experience from others, and that’s why I avoid doing long surveys altogether! I am just guessing there – the reason these thing happens is that at the time you started the survey the quota was not full, but by the time you finish the survey the quota was full!

  3. when i do a survey at the end it just comes uo error eu1 please try again but nothing happens i have no way of contacting you it just gives the same message no matter what i do please sort this out i have completed a lot of surveys but see no rewards as i cant login

  4. Wow just did an incredible easy and short survey (less than 5 minutes) and get credit 45 points immediately!

    • Tried two surveys today, both disqualified.:( but received 5 points for each survey (total 10 points) just for trying. 🙂

  5. I mentioned the loyalty program in my reviews, here is a answer regarding the program in the i-Say December newsletter:

    Q: Do I have to register for the loyalty program?
    You don’t need to register again in order to receive Loyalty points. It is just another great way for you to earn points. Basically it comes down to this…the more surveys you take and complete, the more points you can earn. The points are added automatically to your account.

  6. First try today and qualified and completed a 90 points survey! Pretty easy and fast. Getting close to cash out. Can’t wait to redeem rewards for holidays!

  7. I tried four/five surveys today, earn 100 points. 10 for trying but disqualifying two surveys (5 points for each), and 90 points for completing one survey – I am also waiting for a product to test, look forwarding to the new product testing! Love ipsos i-say, especially the opportunities for trying new stuff before they go on market!!

    • Got a text message from them yesterday that the products (to be tested) are on the way! Couldn’t wait to start the testing (can’t reveal what I am testing due to confidentiality agreement).

  8. I signed up several years ago and after doing 1-2 surveys a week, I stopped getting invitations. I contacted them and they said my account had been deactivated since I had requested this. Not true! I signed up under another name and started getting surveys again, but half of them bomb out after investing 20-30 minutes in the survey – I get the message “The service is not available” so I don’t get any points. When I try to re-enter the survey, I am told that I have completed it! So I will cash in my points and quit using this site.

  9. I just did a 20 minute survey, 500 points credited immediately after. I really enjoyed the survey especially the movie trailer, funny movie!!

  10. I have same problem. No way did i delete my account. The lady that answered the phone seemed to be laughing underneath…I’m dumbfounded-I too, lost lots of points. Maybe they just didn’t want me anymore. I would prefer they just say so instead of saying that i unsubscribed–which i didn’t.

  11. Be careful with this suspicious scam survey site! It’s a shame, I’ve been a member of Ipsos I-Say and they treat their loyal members like crap. My account was randomly removed/deactivated and all my points lost (happened to many others too). I contacted them and emailed back and forth, trying to get my account back. Throughout the whole time the lady, Janis, was basically trying to say and do anything to prove me wrong, rather than try to help me out and regain a loyal member. She repeatedly kept saying I apparently unsubscribed from their emails (why in the world would a whole entire account with points be removed just from THAT?!) and “they can’t do anything about it”. Funny because the first email I got stated that when I “unsubscribed”, you’re supposed to get a confirmation email. But I did not receive any confirmation email whatsoever (double checked my whole inbox like three times), they ignored my proof and found more “rules” to not give me my account back. This seemed suspicious, I was very angry and frustrated. I did surveys for years and worked hard for my points, it’s a shame they’re not understanding. So beware, your account may suddenly disappear if you have a lot of points, and they will claim it was your fault and that they cannot give you back your account. Don’t even waste your time, it’s just not worth it. Don’t know if it’s the whole Panel Team, but the lady Janis completely did not understand or care about a customer’s point of view in how long it and how much hard work it must have taken to accumulate points. I felt the whole time I was trying to negotiate, they just kept shutting me down rather than helping. They don’t care because it’s their win that they’re saving money, it’s ridiculous.

  12. shaista – you don’t need to provide credit card number to IPsos – they will not charge you anything, they are the ones pay you.

  13. i never put my credit card number coz i dont trust anyone i wish if they send cash to our address through mail.

  14. [quote name=Diana]I signed up with them about two months ago, I receive about 4-5 surveys a week. They dont pay much per survey(about 90 cents) but I qualify most of the time, if not I get 10-20 points.Also, I like the fact that they are online now. The only thing that I dont like is the fact that they dont credit the points in the account right away. But the admin told me that the points are in their system and I will receive them anyway, cause they are still working on their website.[/quote]Hi Diana, I have similar experience as you. I am so glad to see Ipsos now has cash-paypal and amazon rewards. Their surveys are lot easier to qualify and don’t take long to complete. They are one of my favorite survey sites now! 🙂

  15. Update – I didn’t qualify for their surveys enough…so I deleted my account. It was seldom a good company for me to take surveys.

  16. 😯 i commented on ipsos in the message board and today i found ipsos listed
    i heard some people get lucky at this site
    and get few surveys per week
    i rarely hear from ipsos
    i wish they would survey me more or send products for me to test out something must
    be wrong with my profile i rarely qualify for surveys at ipsos survey site
    i hope things will bet better soon
    and ipsos will ask more people to do more
    surveys i would like to earn gift cards
    for amazon at ipsos

  17. I signed up with them about two months ago, I receive about 4-5 surveys a week. They dont pay much per survey(about 90 cents) but I qualify most of the time, if not I get 10-20 points.Also, I like the fact that they are online now. The only thing that I dont like is the fact that they dont credit the points in the account right away. But the admin told me that the points are in their system and I will receive them anyway, cause they are still working on their website.

  18. Try this number “bricomp”…866/893/1188
    This should do you some good. The last time I used it a live person answered the phone.

  19. :-?: Does anyone have an 800 number for IPSOS customer service. I have been trying to get my point totals corrected, they acknowledge my emails but do not really read them or give me an answer to my questions. Their computer conversion has been a real bummer!

  20. So far I have done pretty well with IPSOS. Survey usually awards 8 points (80 cents). If not qualified usually receive 1 point. Excellent customer service, have always received follow up, in fact when I botched up my points for an end game (poll predictor) because I proceeded incorrectly I just emailed them asking how to correctly proceed in the future not asking for my previous error in loss of points, they emailed me instructions & awarded me the points lost. When problems with $5 gift card they sent me a $6 check ($1 extra for my trouble). Would of course like higher paying surveys. No problems. I am not a game player but I enjoy their poll predictor game after the survey, better than stupid sweeps.

  21. Congrats Brian! Thanks for the update on the payment, and I am very glad to hear that they are going to add CASH reward! :cheer:

  22. I finally received my money. It took over 2 months. They sent me a letter and a check to explain their situation. Its because they had problems with there reward process, so they sent me a check, so I could use it for whatever. Plus in the letter it said in the future they will be offering cash as one of the redemption options. :cheer:

  23. They no longer have e cards for amazon.com 🙁 . But you can still get physical cards for amazon.

  24. I’m having a problem redeeming my points for an amazon.con GC. I have e-mailed them 2 times and they have not responded. 🙁 Next step I will call them.

  25. I receive 3-8 surveys a month.
    I havent done any product testing or online focus groups.
    The instant win game at the end of the survey is called “Poll Predictor” I have been having problems downloading the game.
    I e-mailed them about and they said they would check it out.
    I tried to redeem my points for amazon GC and it wouldnt let me, I have enough points.

  26. Hi Deb,

    You are welcome!

    Ipsos will change to point reward system in April – points for every survey, and points redeemable for gift cards and merchandise! A good change!

    Good luck to you!

    Best regards,

  27. Cathy,

    I also don’t have luck with them. I still do their surveys from time to time, just get some kind of tickets for a drawing…They are the last one on my list. I just don’t have time to do surveys just for drawings..

  28. The thing with Ipsos is that I would spend the time answering a lot of questions only to be deemed not eligible. I would get so disgusted withthe time I would waste, I just removed myself from the list.

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