[ratings]JuryTest.com is an online virtual juror panel. You sign up as a virtual online juror, and review real life cases and get paid cash (paypal) by JuryTest.com.

I “served” two cases as virtual juror for JuryTest.com about 2 years ago. Both cases are real local cases. I listened to the tapes and read the transcripts of the arguments of both sides, and answered a series of questions, giving out my opinions about the cases. I couldn’t remember the details, but the questions were interesting and you need to give your decisions and reasons. Both cased took about 2 hours, and I got paid about $30 – $40 by paypal in just a few days.

I really enjoyed the experience, and hope to get more opportunities.

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  1. We encourage any and every individual who has done a case with us to be in touch if somehow a payment has been delayed. We make fully explicit that the payment window is 3 weeks, sometimes it is sooner.

    We make every effort to research and determine case participation and resolve payment issues promptly upon notification. You should have the e-mail that invited you to do the case and we will have a record of your participation, upon providing the e-mail with which you are registered with us.

    We would just ask that individuals – rather than assume bad intentions – just be in touch with us to resolve the issue.

  2. i did my first jury test, it was interesting and at the conclusion, i was informed that i would be paid in seven days. the only problem is, they do not pay you and refuse to reply to any emails! clearly a scam by a bunch of crooked lawyers, what she i have expected. i have filed a complaint with the BBB and the ABA

    • Juror was paid and confirmed payment, per e-mail below. We cannot publish his e-mail for privacy reasons. People are informed that payments will be processed within three weeks at the end of the case, not seven days.

      We encourage people to communicate with us if an e-mail address or mailing address or other administrative issue has delayed payment.

      Fri, Jun 2, 2017, 10:24 AM

      Check received today, thank you. Christopher Robinson

      • I have been trying to sign in as a juror, but in the application does not allowed me to type or select from calendar my birth date; therefore I am unable to complete signing in process.
        I need help getting past this and complete application.

      • Hi Filemon – maybe you could contact them directly – they have email address and phone number listed on their site. Good luck!

  3. I finished my first case three weeks ago. It took 2 hours, I got the confirmation that I would be paid, by never was.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Nia. Hope you contact them regarding payment and keep me updated on this issue. I haven’t heard from them for a while (not sure my membership is still active).

      • I was eventually paid after a few weeks… just took some time and patience. Still believe they’re a reputable company.. have done a few things with them and no issues.

  4. Hi Lee, I think it was like $30 for less than 2 hour work. I remember I spent more time than they said it should – I was interested in the cases and didn’t mind spending more time I guess. 😀 .

  5. “Both cases took about 2 hours…got paid $30-$40.”

    Hi Mei,

    I just signed up as it seems interesting. Did you receive $30-$40 total for 4 hours of work? That’s still good at approx. $10/hr but just wanted to confirm because the site said we are very well paid for our time. It’s good but not that good compared to other online groups or discussions.

  6. I have signed up for this company but haven’t ever received anything to be on a jury panel. But I have worked in a few different areas of the legal field and I don’t know of any attorneys or firms that use something like this. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there but I personally have not seen them used.

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