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Loading...Keynote is a very good paid survey site. They pay panel members (usually $10 amazon gift certificate) for evaluating websites. They send about 1-2 surveys a month, usually pay 3 or 4 days after the survey.

In order to do their surveys, you do need to have IE browser, and install their ActiveX control. I have never had any technical problems completing their surveys. (I have Windows XP Home)

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7 thoughts on “Keynote

  1. When I signed up for Keynote. I did the initial survey(profile survey) and got a message saying I didn’t meet the qualifications. I don’t understand why. 😥

  2. Lee- I would shoot Keynote an email if I were you, and tell them this is EXTREMELY UNFAIR – tell them you spent a great deal of time and deserve to be paid!!!

  3. I spent a great deal of time on this evaluation but they didn’t think so:

    “Thank you for completing a Keynote customer experience evaluation… Unfortunately, data from your evaluation did not meet these standards and, therefore, cannot be included in the aggregated results that we provide to our client. At this time, we are unable to offer you the reward specified in our invitation e-mail.”

    I sent them an email asking what I didn’t do. This is 2 I’ve not been paid for. I’m one of those that spends extra time and thought on surveys and evaluations to do a good job so this is unfortunate for me and them. That’s 2 strikes; it’s the bottom of the 9th so 1 more and this game is OVER. :silly:

  4. I just did an evaluation yesterday. I should be getting a $10 Amazon certificate by Tuesday. I did a survey for Keynote on March 3rd but forgot to save the email. My notes show I earned $3 but I can’t prove it and it doesn’t show that I’ve earned anything on my account. Moral of the story: Keep all email invitations from Keynote until paid.

  5. I have done a an evaluation so far, and I received my gift certificate. I just wish they sent me more evaluations. 😆

  6. :woohoo: I agree Michelle! Keynote is a good survey site. I haven’t heard from them lately, your review reminds me maybe it’s time to login to my keynote account. Thanks! :cheer:

  7. I have done 2 surveys for them so far, and I have to say, I love them. The ones I have done have been evaluating certain websites, just like you would do on your own and then answering questions and making comments. They are sooo much fun! They paid me each time w/i 3 days. They are a great change of pace from the norm. :woohoo:

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