Kids & Teens Free Online Paid Survey Sites

Kids and Teens can also take online paid surveys for money! Following are lists of legitimate online paid survey sites for kids AND legit online paid surveys panels for teens – starting with the best teen survey sites on top, new survey sites are added at the end of list.

Kids Paid Survey Panels (updated 10/20/2018)

The following survey panels accept kids ages 6-12 years old, with parental permission. I strongly suggest parents sign up with more kids friendly survey sites to get many more fun and rewarding online surveys for your kids!

  1. KidzEyes – Earn Points redeemable for cash via check for taking surveys. for kids  6 – 12 year old, USA Only
  2. – Earn points redeemable for cash via check.  for kids 6 – 12 year old, USA Only.
  3. Quick Thoughts – mobile app where users earn points towards gift cards for taking surveys. For kids 10 years and older.

*** Both of my kids were/are members of two panels and have been paid. I will write reviews with payment proof later. ***

Teens Paid Survey Panels (updated 10/20/2018)

Following survey panels are open to teenagers age 13 – 17 years old, (age requirement and country are listed next to survey panel name, for example 14+, worldwide means accept anyone 14 year old and up, and open to all countries). I suggested you sign up with ALL of them to make the most money with taking surveys!

  1. GlobalTestMarket    14+
    Global Test Market offer members numerous surveys including many surveys for kids and teens. Earn points which can be redeemed for cash (check or Paypal) or amazon/iTunes/other gift cards. ONE account per mailing address. They accept members from most countries.  global test market review
  2. Opinion Outpost – 13+ Only
    OpinionOutpost has many surveys for teens and kids! Members earn points which can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. You only need 500 points ($5) to cash out amazon  gift cards. Must be at least 13 years old to join. Open to USA, Canada, UK & Germany.  opinion outpost review
  3. SpringBoard America  14+ year old
    Springboard pay members cash via check/Paypal for taking online surveys.  They accept member who are 14 years and older, and live in US only.
  4. OneOpinion – 13+ 
    Members earn points for each survey completed and can trade in points for Visa Prepaid debt cash cards. Minimum age 13 years old to join. Open to USA, UK and Germany.
  5. OnePoll – 13+  
    Onepoll members earn cash  for completing online surveys. Cash are paid through Paypal. New members earn $5 sign up bonus! Must be at least 13 years old to join. USAPlease note: if you see a “sorry” message, that means the quota is full for the month, come back at the 1st of the next month to sign up).
  6. E-Poll13+ USA only.
    Earn points for taking surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (Paypal), gift cards and prizes. Only ONE account allowed per household – you will get surveys for your parents too!
  7. Mindfield Online  – 14+ years old
    They pay members cash for completing every survey. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. Check threshold is $20. They also pay amazon  gift cards minimum $5. Open to USA only.   mindfield online review
  8. Product Report Card –  13+ 
    Members earn cash (through pre-paid visa card) and amazon gift cards for completing online surveys. New members also are rewarded $5.00 for joining. Must be at least 13 years old to join, USA Only.
  9. MySoapBox   13+;
    Members earn points for every survey completed. Points redeemable for amazon and other store gift cards. They accept members from USA and Canada.
  10. Paid Viewpoint 13+
    Paid Viewpoint offers member short and interesting surveys, and you always qualify for their surveys. They pay cash directly by Paypal. They are open to most countries.
  11. Prize Rebel – 13+
    Prize Rebel rewards members points for taking online surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash (paypal) or amazon gift cards. Minimum age 16 to join. Open to most countries.
  12. Ipsos i-Say – 14+
    Ipsos i-Say members get paid points to take online surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (check/paypal) or amazon/other gift cards or prize. They accept members from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.
  13. American Consumer Opinion 14+ 
    American Consumer Opinion members get paid cash (check) to take online survey and participate in focus group. Only ONE account allowed per household. They have many surveys for teens and kids. Open to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France. 
  14. MySurvey 16+ Only
    MySurvey members earn points for taking surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (check or Paypal), amazon or other gift cards  and prizes. MySurvey is a great survey panels for teens 16 year old and older. Open to USA, Canada, UK & Australia.mysurvey review
  15. Harris Poll Online – 13+ years old
    Harris Poll is a great survey site. Panel members earn points (HIPoints) for completing surveys. HIPoints are redeemable for Amazon and other gift cards and prizes. They accept members who are 13 years old and up, USA Only.
  16. SurveySavvy Teen Panel14+
    Surveysavvy was mentioned by Seventeen magazine. They pay members cash (check) for taking every survey. You can also earn extra cash by installing SavvyConnect app on your desktop/laptop computer or smart phone and tablets for 90 days.  ONE account allowed per household – has many teen surveys and you will get surveys for your parents too! Accept members worldwide! surveysavvy review
  17. Toluna 13+ 
    Toluna rewards members points for taking surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (via Paypal), amazon and other store gift cares. Lot of surveys for teens.They accept members from USA, Canada, UK, Australia,some European and Asia countries. toluna review
  18. YouGov  14+
    YouGov accept members who are 14 and older. Members are rewarded points for taking surveys, points convert to cash, amazon and various popular store gift cards. They open to USA, UK & Australia.
  19. Survey Round Table –  13+  
    Survey Round Table rewards members points for completing online surveys, and points can be redeemed for amazon and other popular gift cards. Must be at least 13 years old to join. USA Only
  20. TeensEyes –  at least 13 year old
    Operated by the same company for Kidzeyes, is an online survey panel for teens between 13 and 17 who lives in the United States. Members earn points for taking interesting surveys, and points can be exchanged for cash via check. A Great teen survey panel! USA Only
  21. – for teens 13 – 17 year old,
    Another great survey panels for teenager. Members earn points redeemable for cash, paid via check. A great survey site for kids and teens! USA Only
  22. VIP Voice 13+
    Members earn points for completing online paid surveys. Points can used in sweepstakes and auctions for great rewards. Prizes include vacations, electronics and appliances etc. USA Only.
  23. QuickThoughts – 10+
    QuickThoughts is a mobile app (iOS/Andriod) that rewards you iTunes or Amazon gift cards for taking part in surveys, polls and local events. Open to 10+ year old.
  24. Opinion Bureau  –  new! added  9/9/2018  
    Opinion Bureau – UK       Opinion Bureau – AU       Opinion Bureau – Germany
    Members earn points for completing online surveys, and points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal or amazon (and other popular) gift cards.Get $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining! 13+.
  25. Survey Consensuse – 13+
    Survey Consensuse rewards members points for taking online surveys. Points are exchangeable for cash (Paypal) and amazon gift cards. Minimum age to join 13. USA Only
  26. Univox Community  – 13+
    Univox  is a survey community where members earn points for taking surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal and amazon gift cards. Earn 200 points ($2) just for joining! Open to 13+. US, Canada & UK.
  27. Life Fun & Everything – added 9/9/ 2018
    Members are rewarded gift cards and prepaid visa cards for participating in surveys. Open to US, 13+ years old.
  28. Survey Junkie – added 9/12/ 2018
    Survey Junkie rewards members points for completing online surveys. Members can redeem points for cash paid via Paypal or amazon/target gift cards. Open USA, Canada & Australia, and 13+years old.
  29. Opinion Plus  – new! added 10/19/2018
    Opinion Plus members earn points for taking surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Earn $2 sign up bonus just for joining and answering profile survey! Open to USA, 13+.

Notes to Parents on Paid Surveys for Kids or Teens

It is very important for you, as a parent to monitor your kids/teens survey taking activities, making sure only let them sign up with legitimate survey panels that are safe for kids.

I also suggest you consider joining some kids/teens friendly survey panels (listed below) – these survey panels offer many online surveys for kids and teens, and usually those surveys are easier to qualify. Additionally, surveys for kids/teens pay very well and offer higher incentive compare to non kids/teen  surveys.

Teens Friendly Survey Panels

Survey Panels requires at least 18 years old to join, but have many surveys for teenagers:
Pinecone Research – requires members at least 18 years old to join, but occasionally they have surveys for teenagers in your household to take!

Kids Friendly Survey Panels

Follow are paid survey sites require minimum age of 13 or 18 years old to join, but we have received survey invitations that asked kids 6 – 12 years old in the house to complete!

So if your kids are between 6 – 12 year old,  join the following kids friendly survey panels who have many online surveys for them!
Global Test MarketAmerican Consumer Opinion, E-PollToluna,  SurveySavvy, MySurvey, Opinion OutpostIpsos, Pinecone Research, National Consumer Panel,  Product Report CardVIP Voice,  YouGov and ESearch.

Final Thoughts

Teens Kids Online Surveys for Money - List of Best online paid surveys sites for kids teens to earn money!Taking online surveys is such a great way for kids and teenagers to earn some extra cash! Both of my kids have participated many interesting surveys (and some product testings and online focus groups) for the kids panels and many kids/teens friendly panels too. It was really a fun and rewarding experience for them!

If you know any legit surveys sites that kids or teens can join that are not listed here, or if you have any questions or comments about kids or teens earning money taking online surveys, please feel free to share with others by leaving a comments below or contacting me, thank you!

Are you a kid or teenager who wants to earn extra money by taking legit online surveys? Feel free to sign up with the best teens/kids online surveys panels I listed here and give paid surveys a try! Parents – your kids will love this fun and interesting way to earn some allowance money!

272 thoughts on “Kids & Teens Free Online Paid Survey Sites

    • Hi i really want to do this cause i feel like i can earn great money from it but the problem is that my mom says that it is not safe and stuff so can u please explain how it is safe and good to use…

      • Hi Mackenzie, how old are you? If you are 12 or under, I suggest you sign up with KidzEyes and Panelpoll – please let your mom knows that these two survey panels are absolutely safe, in fact they need your mom or dad sign up for you and sign a agreement.

  1. I have been searching for a list of surveys sites for kids but could not find any. After seeing this list and recommending them to my kids, they were able to make a good amount of cash from them. These sites are highly recommended if your are really serious about your kids making money online.

    • Thanks for your comment Emma. I am glad you find this list helpful and that your kids are making good money with online surveys. Online surveys really is a great way for kids – recently we are receiving so many cool and good paying kids surveys but my kids are missing the opportunity since they are out of town.

  2. KidzEyes privacy update: Dear KidzEyes Parents/Guardians,
    We’d like to take a moment and thank your family for its participation in the KidzEyes community. We hope that your child/children have found it to be a rewarding experience.
    Because KidzEyes takes the safety of its members very seriously, we typically review our policies on an annual basis to make sure that they are up-to-date with any changes in the law. Additionally, as technology progresses, we want to make sure that our policies are up-to-date with the types of research projects we conduct. As such, whenever we make revisions to those policies, we send a notice to the parents/guardians of our members informing them that we have done so.
    If you’d like for your child/children to continue to participate in the KidzEyes community, please click the survey button above to acknowledge our new privacy policy.
    We ask that you respond by midnight (CT) on Friday, July 3, 2015.
    Additionally, we’ll be selecting one lucky parent in a sweepstakes, where you could win a new 16 GB iPad mini 3!

  3. KidzEyes survey invitation for Mom:

    Hi Mom,
    Every once in awhile KidzEyes will ask for your opinions in order to gain a parental perspective on the products and services we research. We hope that you have a few minutes to answer some questions for us.

    After you complete this brief survey, as a “Thank You” we will credit EACH KidzEyes account in your household with 50 KidzPoints.

    The deadline for this survey is at midnight (CT) on Thursday, June 5, 2014.

  4. Panelpolls website update – April 2014:
    Panelpolls finished their new website update. I received following email:

    Hi Mei,We are extremely excited to let you know that we have rolled out our new long-awaited Panelpolls website!!Panelpolls “The Cool Opinion” site for Families (Moms, dads, kids, Teens and Young Adults) has been redesigned from the ground up with the key focus of giving you the best website experience possible. The new Panelpolls site utilizes new and innovative web design technologies, and has been redesigned to be dashboard based with the emphasis on pulling in the important information you need about new surveys, projects, rewards/points, updating profile pic/info, news, activities and other fun events without having to click through multiple pages and links.

    Need to add a child to your account? You can now do so directly from the account information page-simply click the “Edit” link within the profile section at the top left of the community dashboard. You can view current child(ren) in your account or add new ones.

    On the go? Ditched your laptop for the newest tablet or smartphone? Panelpolls has you covered 😉 Panelpolls is now accessible across all major platforms and devices including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones and Kindle Fires. Check points, update account information and participate in community activities from your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop wherever you are. In addition, you will now be able to complete many Panelpolls surveys from your mobile device if you would like. Note: not all surveys will be mobile device compatible.

    We have added a few new community features to the site including our first ever blog, the “Kids and Family Insight Blog” and our monthly Panelpolls member “Quick Poll” located on the community dashboard. The Kids and Families Insight blog is the place where you can stay in touch will all things Panelpolls including exclusive content, news, new projects and activities, website updates, guest blog posts, and get access to quick poll and other community surveys and activity results. You can submit blogs ideas, content, and indicate interest in becoming a guest blogger by using our “Contact Us” form or emailing us at In addition, Panelpolls now has a presence on many social networks including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Please be sure to follow us to stay in the loop and help us spread the word.

    Have friends you know who would enjoy Panelpolls? Use Panelpolls new Tell A Friend feature and get paid 1000 points ($1.00) for each friend you refer to Panelpolls. Once your friend completes his/her Panelpolls registration your 1000 bonus points will automatically be added to your Panelpolls account. At this time, you can refer up to 5 friends to Panelpolls.

    I logged into my account, all my points are there, and the new site looks really good and much more professional.

  5. Received an email from, details below:

    Hi Mei!
    The Panelpolls website will be down for maintenance Tuesday April 8th, 2014 through Wednesday April 9th, 2014 while we roll out an updated version of the Panelpolls site.

    Panelpolls SURVEYS WILL NOT BE IMPACTED and you will still be able to complete these during the period.

    You will not be able to login to the site, redeem points, use the contact page or participate in community activities during this period. The site should be back online Thursday April 10th, 2014. We will be sending out a welcome email about the new site when it´s up.

    Thank you for your patience during this period and we hope you like the new site. We think you are really going to enjoy it!

    If you need to contact us during this time period please email us at or call us at 1-800-409-2665.

    The Panelpolls team

  6. I just checked my son’s KidzEyes account, he already have earned $28.50! Actually I helped him earn $20 (for a focus group earlier). He might qualify for another product test which pays $7 soon, so we are going to wait after that to redeem.

  7. Surveyspot sent out a survey, subject: A survey for you and your high school aged son” – 300 points ($3) 20 minutes. It’s already closed.

    So Surveyspot is a “teens friendly” survey site! They only accept member that is 18 years old and older.

  8. My daughter is doing a product test for ViewPointForum and will get paid about $20 plus the product. Unfortuntely they are not open for registration. Also you have to be 18 at least to join the panel. This is the first time I have done kids related surveys/product testing for ViewPointForum, and I guess I can add them to my “kids friendly” survey sites list.

  9. Just received a survey from GlobalTestMarekt “Opinionated teens wanted!”

    Is your teen opinionated? Of course! And GlobalTestMarket values your teen’s thoughts on everything from pop music to pizza. If your teenager age 13-17 wants to have a say on topics that matter, please have them complete the following survey under your supervision.

    Survey Number: 288900

    Reward for Survey Completion: 35 MarketPoints

    Take the surveys teens before it close!

  10. Received a survey invite for my kid from GlobalTestMarket, see email below. That’s why I suggest that if you are a parent, sign up with those “kids friendly” survey panels besides the “kids only” panel.

    Hi Mei,

    GlobalTestMarket is looking for your children’s opinions. Don’t miss out on having your children rewarded for sharing their opinions!

    We would advise you download FLASH for an easy access to the survey.


    Please allow your child of this age to answer this survey.

    We need their opinion!

    Many thanks for your help and collaboration!

    • Just received another survey from Global Test Market for my kids, this time for 200 points for watching four 22 minutes video!

  11. Received a 10,000 points ($10) survey from Panelpolls. Not sure if my kids have time do this, hope they can take this survey during the weekend. That’s 10 bucks for them! Sign up with them if you live in U.S. and have kids!

    This is a special invitation for your child age 10-12 to participate in a TV SHOW VIDEO SURVEY! Your child’s opinions are of great value to us-we would love to hear what your child has to say!!

    Please Note: If your 10-12 year old child is not available, and you have a 7-9 year old child that is available, please have your 7-9 year old child take this survey.

    ABOUT THIS SURVEY: There are three 23-minute videos in this survey. Please make sure your child watches each video entirely before moving on to the follow up questions.

    SURVEY TIMING: The total time involved for this survey is about 75 minutes. You can always take a break and come back to the survey, we just ask that you complete the survey within 24 hours after receiving this email, or there is a possibility that the survey will be full and you will not be able to complete it.

    REWARDS: After your child completes the survey, we will award your account 10000 points! We think your child will really enjoy this survey so DON’T MISS OUT!

    BELOW IS YOUR CHILD´S PERSONAL INVITATION TO THE SURVEY, please pass this invitation along to your child so they can click on the below link and take the survey and earn their points!

    Hi There!
    This is an invitation to watch a cool new show and give your feedback!! We really want to hear what you have to say. Remember your opinion counts! Tell us what you think and earn 10000 POINTS!

    YOUR POINTS: Remember we have a point system-it´s our way of saying THANKS! If you are unsure of how the points work, just ask your parents. If you have any questions have YOUR PARENT email us.

    Just click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser window. Be sure to use your personal survey link. You can also have your mom or dad log in to the Panel Website and check the Homepage and your survey will show by your name-click on that to start the survey.
    Click the button below or log in to the Panel Website to take the survey.

  12. My kids (10 & 9 year old) just did a 7000 points ($7) for Panelpollls survey today…Took them over an hour. They didn’t complain cause they watched three episodes of a new TV show. We cashed out for the first time for 10500 point ($10.50 by check) and will give the reward to them. They said that they love getting paid for watching new TV shows, lol. I will write the review for Panelpoll who accept kids and teens age 6 – 17 year old. So I add Panelpolls to the teens survey list.

    • Hello, I am speaking for 9-12 year olds who want money from survey sites , because you want more than allowance money$$$$. So all the 9-12
      year olds go to Kidz Eyes , this site is mother and surveypolice approved!!!!!!You want proof go to survey police .com to find out more and you will likely see $$$ in two weeks after you sign on Kidz Eyes!!!!!! $$$$$$ is always good for young people!

    • Thanks for the feedback gic. I signed up my kids with KidsEyes, but forgot to fax the parent authorization form…will get it done for them asap. I agree surveys is a great allowance money source for kids! 🙂

    • Hi Gic, I just faxed the aut. forms for my kids….how many surveys your kids get from kidzeyes per month? they said after signing up and faxing the forms my kids should start getting surveys in two weeks, couldn’t wait. Oh by the way I suggest sign up your kids with panelpolls, they are great – I already received the $10.50 check about a week ago, going to post my reviews. good luck!

  13. Hi I am just getting started in this survey buisness but apart from pure profile panel I can’t find any for me to go on. I live in the uk and I am 13

    • Hi Icemanjr,

      Try Harris Poll UK, and Test Spin (I think they accept members world wide, but not 100%).

      Just wait another year or less you should be able to join a few more best survey panels. Good luck!

  14. Hi Aaron, thanks for the information on spotwatch community, I will check it out. And I agree Panelpolls is a great paying survey site for kids and teens. 🙂

  15. SpotWatchCommunity is a brand new PAID online community for Teens Age 13-17 where teens get paid for talking about things like music, fashion, style, trends, entertainment, sports, TV, movies, clothing, games, mobile apps and more. Members earn $10 iTunes Gift Cards for each month they participate in the community.

    Here is the join link:

    Panelpolls is another great online survey and community based paid opinion site for Parents, kids, tweens, teens, and young adults.

    Here is the link to join:

  16. [quote name=Cameron]Do any of them have viruses? :sad:[/quote]No, those are LEGITIMATE paid survey companies/sites. 🙂

  17. Is there a survey site where I don’t need my parent’s permission 😕

    Like for kids under 13, just saying :-*

    Please help 😳

  18. [quote name=Melissa]Does anybody have a site for 9 year olds

    dont say survey network or youngpoll because i’m on them.[/quote]Hi Melissa, check out the survey sites for kids I listed – kidseye, kidspoll, panelpolls etc. Now regarding the other survey sites you mentioned, do you have url of the site so I can take a look. Thanks! 🙂

  19. [quote name=madison]im 11 and none of these sites worked on me 😳 :sad:[/quote]Hi madison, have you tried the first 3 kids panels like kidseyes, kidsipinions and panelpolls?

  20. No points given after a couple surveys, so we gave up on kidzeyes. PanelPolls is great. Another check is on the way. Surveys gear mostly towards 10-12 year old.

  21. [quote name=aram]im 11 and my laptop can only open the page Kids eyez help??[/quote]Hi Aram, I have updated the KidsOpinions and PanelPolls links – apparently they updated their websites. Sign up with them as soon as possible (cause sometimes they do close registration). My kids get lot of surveys from Panelpolls and they have cool surveys!

  22. hi im 10 and need money fast any internet sites i could go on to earn money plz i need it im gonna proe to my mummy i can be responsable

  23. [quote name=alex][quote name=marbe24][quote name=Guest]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] try it it’s fun 8)[/quote] 😥 im 12 and need money becoming movie producer any for me[/quote] 😥


  25. [quote name=marbe24][quote name=Guest]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] try it it’s fun 8)[/quote] 😥 im 12 and need money becoming movie producer any for me

  26. This is a good idea. I will inform my nephews and nieces to join these Paid Survey sites so they can earn while answering surveys.

  27. I recommend joining Global Test Market. They don’t offer alot of surveys but the ones they do offer pay fairly well and I almost always qualify for them. You even get a little something if you don’t qualify. The minimum age to join is 14.

  28. [quote name=Guest]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] try it it’s fun 8)

  29. [quote name=sarah][quote name=sinchita]urghhh!is there any for 11 year olds?[/quote]they might be in the kids section[/quote]Thanks for the suggestion Sarah! 🙂

      • Is it safe? How many points do you need to get money? Help mom won’t let me join any if they need any thing more than my name and age. I’m 10 turning 11 in 2 months. Please tell me all the information so I can join. Thank you so much!8)

      • Hi Aub,

        YES they are absolutely safe! Both of them are operated by 100% legitimate market research companies. Also to join you mom has to sign up and fax them the permission form (for KidsEye). Since you are 10/11 years they are perfect for you – they really have fun surveys (lot of kids new TV shows stuff etc.)
        Sorry I haven’t got time to post reviews, I will get it done as soon as possible (I will post my payments proof). If your mom has any questions, ask her to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions/concerns she might have. Good luck!

  30. [quote name=Turtle]I looked through every one and I can’t find any for Australian 11year olds :cry:[/quote]Turtle, in just a couple of years you will be able to join quite a few teen survey sites! 🙂

  31. [quote name=Carmen]Does Toluna work? i have an account on Treaure Trooper but i only made $2.50. But i only signed up yesterday..[/quote]Hi Carmen, yes Toluna does work. It has LOT of surveys. Treasure Trooper is a GPT site that their surveys are low paying and their main “business” is paid offers,not surveys. Hope it helps and good luck!

  32. For those seeking success in the paid surveys arena let me suggest you get a hold of Roboform, which is quite helpful. This form filler fills in forms automatically, or with the click of a button when you find forms you want filled in. So when you arrive at a paid survey company’s registration form you click a button and, voila, the form will be filled in.

    This tool will allow you to maximize your chances of success by virtue of the fact that you can join tons of survey companies, fast.

  33. :sigh:
    I am 15; signed up for a few websites here and there. Let me tell you, in a week I would honestly get $8 or $9 from taking atleast 15 surveys. Some don’t pay you as much as what is advertised, and you usually can’t get a check sent until $20, which frustrated me because I wanted to just leave the websites and get my small check after I learned that I really wouldn’t make much on these “good paying” websites. The websites sound so good, but don’t really work out. As soon as someone finds a website that actually pays $1.50 or more per survey, let me know.

  34. [quote name=kk]This is such a good idea,getting paid for taking survey’s!!!! But i’m only 11!!!!!! 🙁 I want to make like 100+ a week but I don’t want my parents helping me with my every move!!!! 🙁 🙁 :sad:[/quote]I know how you feel. I’m 12 and my bike got stolen just a few days ago. My parents said that because it was my bike, I have to buy a new one. School starts in less than 2 weeks and I need to be able to ride to school! These stupid websites need your parents permission to do this. This stinks so bad. 😥

  35. Kso, I cannot find ANY decent paying surveys! I’m trying to earn money to go on a school trip, and earning 1.00 euro for a few poxy surveys aren’t any good. I thought you could earn at least 10.00 for a survey! I’m only 14, and I’ve got a job…but that’s only on weekends. I NEED A GOOD SURVEY SITE! Anyone know one? 😮

  36. [quote name=11 year old]I can’t get any good, nice surveys…[/quote]Good and nice surveys depend on what kind of condition you have, you will get good and nice surveys once you meet the requirements. Keep on trying and do not give up!

  37. Hi chrissy – thank you for your feedback on panelopinion. I never heard of this survey site until now…Looks like it’s a UK survey site, do you accept teens?

  38. I signed up with panelopinion, it’s a great site especially if you live in the UK. It takes you like 2 minutes to register then they send you questionnaires. The more surveys you fill the more cash you get into your account. Once you accumulate 10 pounds, they send you a check to your postal address.I do it from time to time when I am broke. You guys should try it.

  39. This is such a good idea,getting paid for taking survey’s!!!! But i’m only 11!!!!!! 🙁 I want to make like 100+ a week but I don’t want my parents helping me with my every move!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  40. [quote name=mlynn]That’s great Bobby! I sent an email to them but no reply. Glad it works out for you now. Have you signed up with MyView, SayNation & Surveysavvy? I know they have surveys for teens especially MyView which has tons of surveys. Also GlobalTestMarket has surveys for teens too…Anyway, sign up with the sites on this list, they are all legitimate. Good luck! :-)[/quote]Yeah, I’ve signed up with almost all of the sites on the list. I haven’t made too much progress with them, so I was hoping that HighSchoolOpinionCouncil would be a bit more in depth. But, I’m just starting out so, who knows?

    Anyways, thank you for all your help! I’m excited to start these surveys! 😀

  41. That’s great Bobby! I sent an email to them but no reply. Glad it works out for you now. Have you signed up with MyView, SayNation & Surveysavvy? I know they have surveys for teens especially MyView which has tons of surveys. Also GlobalTestMarket has surveys for teens too…Anyway, sign up with the sites on this list, they are all legitimate. Good luck! 🙂

  42. I got it working now! They sent m my confirmation email, and I’m about to continue the process. I appreciate your efforts!

    (I think the problem was that I was using Google Chrome as my browser. I just used Firefox and it worked.)

  43. [quote name=mlynn]Hi Bobby, I am just guessing you might already joined. can you try to login with your email/password you created??

    I will try my best to see what I can do to help you.[/quote]
    I tried that after a few attempts to sign up, but to no avail, I’m afraid. It said “No account was found with that email/ password.”

    By the way, when I click “SIGNUP NOW” after putting in my information, it takes me to “” which is the exact same site but with a “#” added. I’m not sure why that is.

    Anyways, I really appreciate your help. I wonder how this can be resolved.

  44. Hi Bobby, I am just guessing you might already joined. can you try to login with your email/password you created??

    I will try my best to see what I can do to help you.

  45. I am 15 year old male and would like to join “highschoolopinioncouncil”, but when I register and click “SIGNUP NOW” it doesn’t take me anywhere.

    I’d really like to join, does anyone know how I can do this?

  46. cassidy
    hiya! plzzzzz help me to find a free survey that pays good money im only 11 and i cant find any plzzzz help me

  47. [quote name=Guest][quote name=Anonymous][quote name=Anonymous]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] Try! You get about 10p for each survey and when you reach twenty pounds you get that put into your bank. When you sign up you instantly earn £5.00! I hope this helps as I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago![/quote]sorry but this site does not exist[/quote]

    it does cuz i am on it!!!!

    (but your mum/dad needs to be a member of one poll:()


  48. [quote name=musicgrl] :silly:
    For anyone whos interested,, go to ” ” i dont know how old you have to be but im 16 and i use it! and its not a scam i promise. every 30 you make you can get a check, it may take a while but gez at least you get something![/quote]um. i had a look at it and at the terms and condition and it said that you had to be over 18, naughty naughty. 😛

  49. hello[quote name=mlynn]Hi Danielle – which survey site you are talking about?? Regardless don’t get discouraged, sometimes it’s like this – for long time no surveys but all of a sudden they send you one or two…Just be patient. Good luck to you![/quote]

  50. [quote name=Anonymous]I need money!! and i am 12 anyone now any place for mee![/quote]You need parent permission. They need to have a parent/guardian actually call in or sign a form and mail it in to let kids under the age of 13 participate in surveys. Hope this helps.

  51. [quote name=Jazzy]Your very welcome. Also, is Cash Crate really a scam? Because I was about to click the link to it but the comment before my first comment said that it was a scam. :-?:[/quote]
    it is a scam i tryed it and hated it, it never worked right..

  52. :silly:
    For anyone whos interested,, go to ” ” i dont know how old you have to be but im 16 and i use it! and its not a scam i promise. every 30 you make you can get a check, it may take a while but gez at least you get something!

  53. I’m 13, I’m eligible for these, but u can only earn paypal points on them. I guess there’s one bug problem; idont have a pupal account, and I’m not allowed to gy one! So in my opinion 1/2 of these r scams and the other 1/2 just plain out SUCK! 🙁

  54. [quote name=museee]anyone know survey sites that pay through paypal. i am 16 nearly 17[/quote]ya just look beside them and it says if they do paypal

  55. hiya! plzzzzz help me to find a survey website. im 10 and im going to be 11 in september so plzz i need the cash so plzzz tell me what websites r there that i can do surveys and get cash for for mee!!” x

  56. I’m 12 goin on 13 i don’t want to sign up for the kid sites bcause im bout 2 be 13 bt i can’t sign up for teen bcause im not 13 could u please give me sum sites i need money && FAST!

  57. I hate being 10 I want to get paid in a survey but I must be 13 years or more! If not my parents must help which I don’t want to! > : (

  58. ❗ ok if tryed a lode of thes sites
    for most of em the paige has expired
    i live in da uk so i need money
    im 14 and i have looked for lods of jobes but cnt find non

  59. [quote name=Anonymous][quote name=Anonymous]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] Try! You get about 10p for each survey and when you reach twenty pounds you get that put into your bank. When you sign up you instantly earn £5.00! I hope this helps as I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago![/quote]sorry but this site does not exist

  60. The problem people face with online surveys is that they jump in thinking they can make money doing very little. While it is true that they can make very little with a little effort, your really need to treat it like a normal job to really see the money that can be made.

  61. its the best website ive heard of. and im only 13! and try they give you 5 bucks just for signing up 😆

  62. [quote name=Ilana] I am 14 years old and I have tried a ton of survey websites, but most don’t even offer you that many surveys. I need a website that offers at least a few a day that you can get a good amount of money from. Any ideas?[/quote] try it’s good and you only have to be [i13![/i] please use my referral code it’s uin1288059787 thanks if you do

  63. I signed up at and they told me they didnt want me to join this is awful and NOT FAIR!!!!!!! 🙁

  64. I am 14 years old and I have tried a ton of survey websites, but most don’t even offer you that many surveys. I need a website that offers at least a few a day that you can get a good amount of money from. Any ideas?

  65. :confused: Im sixteen and im looking for a site that has non stop surveys because i joined some survey places and i only get a couple serveys a month which sucks because by the time i can qualify for a prize ill be like 50

  66. 😆 chavela – talk to your parents to sign up the 4 kids survey panels. Sorry that’s all you can join since you are only 10.

  67. Hello friends and admin..
    I am from Pakistan (neighbour country of india, Asia). I have visited and regsiterd many websites for such a long itme but i am unable to find paid surveys for my country or region.. plz can anyone help me or send me lists of websites where i can find surveys..

    • Same goes for me, I have Minecraft and I play on different servers c:


      I can’t buy ranks because of Pakistan not being there! LIKE LITERALLY! THERE WAS A 75% SALE ON MINEPLEX!
      THE $90 BECAME $20!!
      I hate my life.

  68. [quote name=Dominique]Saynation! Best one there. Definetly not a jip. Try it. Goood websitE… OWWWE[/quote] What saynation is a good suite

  69. i live in australia and i need i site for 13 year old and i need to start earning my own money. help please

  70. im 13 goin on 14 very soon and i really need money and FAST!!… what is the best paying site for someone my age please reply asap. thx

  71. [quote name=Anonymous]i want to get paid for taking survey and im only 10 does anybody have a survey for that :sad:[/quote] Try! You get about 10p for each survey and when you reach twenty pounds you get that put into your bank. When you sign up you instantly earn £5.00! I hope this helps as I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago!

  72. I am 10 years old and can find no Survey sites! The only one I have found is youngpoll! I tried kidseyes but as I am in the UK there is no way that I can be payed dollars. 🙁 Any suggestions?

  73. i know a lot of good survey sites for 13+ sorry wrinsiders was a good site but it got shut down I made 30 from it to bad. If you guys want to list of surveys just respond back

  74. Sorry kids, you have to have parent permission, or just wait a couple of years until you reach 13, you will be able to do more surveys. Enjoy being a kid! 😉

  75. [quote name=-anonymous-]Is there anyway I can take a paid survey without my parents permission? I’m 12.[/quote] I have the same question :O

  76. Hi,
    I am 12 and i really need help.
    does anyone know any worldwide survey sites for 12 years and over?

  77. Ok, I just wanted to make sure it was legit. 🙂

    Also, when I click on CashLagoon, it says corrupted URL. :/

    Many Thanks!


  78. Hi Jazzy, I have set up your account and welcome to MySurvey123!

    PS: Cashcrate is NOT a scam, it’s legit and been paid by them many times.

  79. [quote name=tuns]CASH CRATE IS SCAM[/quote]Are you sure you are talking about CashCrate? Cashcrate is one of the good and honest GPT programs, they are legit and do pay. I have been paid by them many times.

  80. Your very welcome. Also, is Cash Crate really a scam? Because I was about to click the link to it but the comment before my first comment said that it was a scam. :-?:

  81. Hi Jazzy, thank you very much for the heads up! I just fixed the link – changed their site url to! Still the same survey panel, I remember them!! Thanks again! :cheer:

  82. Hi mlynn! I just wanted to let you know that the link for is broken and is not working. 😉 Please fix the link, the site sounds very interesting!

    Also, this is a great website!


  83. Hi Danielle – which survey site you are talking about?? Regardless don’t get discouraged, sometimes it’s like this – for long time no surveys but all of a sudden they send you one or two…Just be patient. Good luck to you!


  85. how come there arent any surveys on help ive sent in my permission slip as far as i know and its been over three weeks 🙁

  86. my parents dont know how to finish the parent survey i need help and i need it bad
    please help!!!!!!!!!!

  87. ❗ WR INSIDERS:
    Effective immediately, Weekly Reader is discontinuing its WR Insiders program. As part of this plan, we will be removing the Survey and Reward Center from our website on March 15th. No further points will be awarded on this site as of February 24th. If you wish to redeem points you have already earned, you must do so before March 15th. Points not redeemed by that date will no longer have any value. ❗

    I really never cared for this site it was really worthless. It was kinda cheapy. :Pinch:

  88. Hi JT – Sign up with as many as you can…as far as I know some of sites on this list do have teens surveys even though there are more surveys for 18+ years old.

  89. I can’t find any survey site that is attually good that pays. I’M 14 years old and the sites that say 13+ or 14+ give alot of surveys for 18+. i can barely find surveys for my age. any recommendations?

  90. Hey i’m new to this and i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about this.I’m really interested in working this through.Do you really get the benefits required for taking the surveys?

  91. It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like that very much. I can feel that you paid much attention for those articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful. Thanks so much for sharing. Appreciate for your time! Happy New Year

  92. i need money for the people to people program and my mom wont let me sign up on the online survey paying sites and where i live its hard to baby sit mow lawns cuz theres basically no grass. WHAT DO I NEED 2 DO???????PLZ tell me:-)


  94. It is so stupid i am only thirteen and live in Belgium so only 2 sites for me!
    Butt… my anniversery is in 10 days!!!

  95. hi, i live in Italy and i have two children(10 and 8).
    They would like to try surveys, but they don’t speak well English (only Italian and Spanish). Moreover i’m not sure it would be easy to receive the “payment” (change a 10 dollars check at the bank??, giftcards?)
    Any ideas?thank you

  96. [quote name=mlynn]Hi Rina, not sure, but there is a age requirement. you have to be between 6 – 14 years old.[/quote] :woohoo: I JUST SIGNED UP TOO


  98. Boo…I’ve tried to sign up for but its keeps saying that im not what they’re looking for…What are they looking for then?? :dry: :s

  99. I a trying to find a site that just has surveys and not wanting your mailing adress to send you products to test. Can someonw please suggest a site for me? i am 15 bout 16…

  100. Twitter is free, after you sign up with Twitter, you can follow SayNation. They will post new surveys on twitter.

    Also, have you joined other survey panels on this list? For some of them you need to have your parent permission and make sure only one member in the household sign up(that’s will be you). Lot of them have surveys for teens such as GlobalTestMarket and SurveySavvy. Good luck!

  101. im 15 and i just started saynation teens and its awesome but how do i get more surveys? i did the 5 surveys on the front page and i only got 575 pts, so do i just wait for more to come in my email?

    it also has a little section to play games, is that to get more points? if i play them do i get points?

  102. Hi noah, yes Toluna US still pay cash (check) for each survey, still works the same way as former your2cents.

  103. since the your2cents survey panel has become toulna now are they still going to pay cash(check) for each survey. if not im not sure its worth it.

  104. SayNation is the best teen survey site ive been on!!!!! they have sims 2 as a item to buy!!!! :cheer: 😀 :woohoo:

  105. Hi Marquis, get a new free email account first(such as Yahoo Mail), then sign up with paid survey sites on this list (under Teen Panels). Feel free to ask questions, and Happy 16th BDay! :cheer:

  106. im 15, turning 16 tuesday. and i cant get a job anywhere. im new to surveys and need some advice for the good ones. does anyone know which survey would be for me? or can lead me in the right direction.

  107. on weekly reader insider it wont let me change it into a gift card, for amazon or something or into cash… how do i do that? does anyone know! please help! :dry: its the second from the top if that helps thank you!

  108. valued opinions say 13+ on this site and when i tried to sign up it told me i have to be at least 16. :s

  109. Hi REB,

    You need to tell you parents that those sites are legitimate and safe marketing research survey companies. You have to give them your address in order to sign up.

  110. this helped but most of these wites are either currently not accepting, or need a address which my parents are not into giving out. pls help i need some cash! :sigh:

  111. i dont see any good rewards on all of the stores offered are not in my location… where are the online rewards?? :sigh:

  112. well ive beend trying to find a website but theres always a little twist abd what is the amazing survey site ?????????? 😕

  113. hi im not from u.s but i have my relative there will it possible for me to work here and get the amount transferred to their account? please let me know

  114. hi am already 20.. and my relative is in u.s can i work for them and ask the money to transfer to their account? is that really possible?

  115. I tied to join DATAintelligence but I can’t 🙁 It keeps saying I didn’t asnwer a question when I did 🙁

  116. Hi Hollie,

    There are a few site on this list that UK 16 can join – such as choozz, ciao, gamesurveys.. look through this list again..

  117. i have been looking at survey sites for about a month now, signed up for the best ones and then i found this site, which had all the good ones i signed up for plus more!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  118. Hi Marsha,

    You are welcome!

    I am doing more research on kids/teen panels, and probably will add more sites on this list. so remember to come back to check again!


    All the best,

  119. Hi Kaylee,

    Thank you very much for your feedback on wrinsiders and Congrats on your success with them!

    I have been searching for more kids/teens panels and will keep looking!

  120. hi, im 19, from philippines, can you tell me which sites i can join?
    and can i really earn money from those sites?

  121. Hi Eric,

    Do you still remember your user name? if so, you can use their “password reminder” – to send the password to your email.

  122. Pretty happy with the weekly insider and would reccomend others to try it if interested in anything here. It would be nice if others could post there favorite of these up here.

  123. Hi divya,

    Check out the international list, this list is for kids and teens.

    Sign up with all the ones on the Intl list.

  124. i m from india and going to be 19 yr this september and cant find any site which can help me………..plz add some sites which can help me to earn some money………. 🙂

  125. 😀 there asre some for 11 year oldsbut 😥 😥 😥 😥 but please add more

  126. Thanks for the sites! I was a member of a few before I found this site and I just joined some more.

  127. i cant find any site which could help me……….
    i’m 18… me 😮 :sigh: 😕 😥 🙁 😡

  128. Hi Kasey,

    I am glad that the kids are making some money and having fun! Sure I will continue looking for new kids survey sites to add to the list!

    Thanks for visiting and your kind comment!

  129. This site is a big help!
    My kids are taking surveys and having fun while earning reward points like $50 gift cards, or on Weekly Reader Insider, you can donate the “points” to charity which they donate the money in your name!!! 😀
    please keep adding more sights, as it is a big help with my teenage daughters buying there own clothes, which as everyone knows, can get expensive! LOL

  130. Hi Ralph,

    I think some sites/companies pay via Paypal, and American Consumer Express pay with American Express Cashier (or Traveler) check.. You may have to check each site for the information or email their support. Good luck!

  131. Im from Philippines could we get real cash ?? or give us Game Cards to the game we play if we do this?

    • There are quite some survey panels accept teens from Canada, such as GlobalTestMarket, iPoll/Surveyhead, SurveySavvy, MySurvey etc..

  132. Man I am so mad right now.Because no matter what I cant even find the right one. Even when I do find one it acts stupid I really need some help bad 😥 🙁 😡 😕 😮

  133. I have tryed all of those sites before and the only one I got a response from was I have already got 3,900 points and I am looking foward to getting more soon!

  134. I will forward the teen survey panel to my almost 14 year old nephew who seems to be on the computer alot anyway. He could make some extra money for his music downloads and online games.

    Thanks a bunch for compiling this list.

  135. Amazing Survey Site
    Ages 5 – 18
    use Referral code METSGUY892

    Each survey you complete gets you points. (DUH)

    It is very easy to earn enough points for prizes.
    I myself have gotten $40 to in only about two and a half weeks on the site.

    They offer giftcards, books, games, toys, and donations to charities.

  136. 😀 i thought this was a FANTASTIC article it helped me save 70 dollars and I thank you so much!! 😀

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