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Leger Opinion

In this Leger Opinion review, I will share my experience with this great Canadian based market research survey panel.

Leger Opinion SurveysFounded in 2004 by Leger Marketing, formerly known as LegerWeb, Leger Opinion (LEO)  panel members express themselves through different studies when they want, wherever they are, while earning money and prizes.

Is Leger Opinion Free? Is It Legitimate or Scam?

Leger Opinion membership is 100% free, there is no fees or cost of any kind whatsoever.

Leger Opinion is a legitimate online survey platform, owned by Leger, the largest Canadian-owned market research survey company. The LEO community has over 400,000 members across Canada and the United States.

Personally I have been a Leger Opinion member for years and have been paid many times. I will provide payment proof later in this review.

Who Can Join Leger Opinion & How?

On LEO’s website it states:

“Only residents of Canada or the United States who have reached the age of legal majority in their province, territory or state when they register can be LEO members.

People 14 years of age or older may be part of the LEO panel, but their parent’s approval will be required to open the account and apply for a reward.”

So basically you need to live in Canada or United States, and at least 14 years old.

Here’s how to join Leger Opinion:

To sign up, GO HERE, click the “Sign Up” button, then go ahead created an account, you then will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration.  It is important to click on the confirmation link in this e-mail to indicate that you accept receiving LEO surveys.

LEO Payment & Rewards

LEO Members earn points for completing surveys. You can redeem points once you have reached 20,000 points ($20) by logging into to your account and clicking on the “Rewards” tab. The rewards options are:

  • Paypal Transfer (need 20,000 points=$20)
  • Visa Prepaid cards (need 20,000 points=$20)
  • Various gift cards, such as Amazon, Walmart, StarBucks, Uber (need 20,000 points=$20)
  • AIR MILES Reward Miles (need 10,000 points for 20 AIR MILES Reward Miles)

If the total amount of points you have earned allows you to proceed to more than one cash out of $20 each, you must wait for the first claim to be processed before requesting a new one.

Leger Opinion Review

1. Survey Frequency – I received about 1-2 surveys a month. Not often I have to say but keep in mind that I am an United States panel member. LedgerOpinion is a Canadian based survey panel, I am not sure how often Canadian members receive surveys but I would guess it’s could be more. (update: from the feedback from some Canadian message boards it seems Canadian members receive far more surveys and the pay range from $1 – $5 per survey!)

2. Survey Quality – I really enjoy their surveys. Surveys are always quite interesting and never took more than 10 minutes, usually only required 5 minutes of my time to complete. All the surveys I have completed so far pay between $1 – $2 (mostly $1). I have never experience any technical problems during surveys.

3. Survey Rewards & Payment –  I think Legerweb offer members pretty good rewards for completing short and interesting surveys. You can also refer your family or friends to join the panel. Once your referrals sign up and complete their first survey you will be rewarded $1. Minimum cash out threshold is $20. I have cashed out a couple of times without any problems and it took about 3 weeks for the payment checks to arrive.

UPDATE: currently LegerOpinion offers cash payment through Paypal, or Prepaid Visa Card. I have cashed out few times via Paypal, and it took about two weeks for the money to arrive.

Following is a $20 check payment I received.

Leger Opinion Survey Payment Check

4. Customer Service – I have contacted Leger Opinion support regarding referral questions once and received response within two days.

Overall I think legerOpinion is a pretty good paid survey site, and I recommend it!

Join LegerOpinion Survey Panel – Canada & USA (Must be at least 14 year old to join)

Thanks for reading my Leger Opinion review! If you are also a member of LEO, please feel free to share your experience, and let me know if you have any questions in the comment!

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  1. I do not have internet only my Verizon cell phone will I be able to do surveys from my phone until I can get a laptop or phone with internet in it

  2. hello,

    my question is of getting the check did you get charged a fee since it is a Canadian check depositing it in your us bank account or cashing it? I have a chase bank account, so hopefully it is not an issue.


  3. I agree with everything you have written here, down to the cheques looking the same. Thanks for posting this, as it helped me feel more comfortable with this company. The surveys are fast, the cheques are real, they respond quickly to questions that I’ve had and I have made much more than I ever expected. Legerweb is one of the good ones!


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