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UPDATE: Lightspeed Panel has became LifePoints survey panel.
Lightspeed Research Surveys PanelLightspeed Research is another leading online market research survey company. Their paid survey panel is called Lightspeed Consumer Panel. Lightspeed Research was founded in 2000 and are owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups.

Lightspeed Research acquired in early 2010, and Lightspeed Research Consumer Survey Panel has merged with and currently run under the label. This change applies to Lightspeed/MySurvey USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany Panels.

For Lightspeed USA,  Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and Ireand, you will be joining the new merged MySurvey Panel . (No need to sign up if you already a member of MySurvey panel).

Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – USA Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Canada Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – UK Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Australia Survey Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Ireland Panel

Lightspeed rewards panel members LIGHTSPEED POINTS and sweepstakes entries for completing online paid surveys.  Lighspeed points are redeemable for:

  • Cash (Pay via Paypal)
  • Online gift certificates such as amazon gift certificates
  • Music downloads
  • And hundreds of other prizes.

You need to have a minimum of 1150 points (equivalent to $10) to cash out.

Age Requirement:
At least 18 years old

Open to Countries:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

My Experience:
Lightpseed Research has LOT of surveys. I receive several surveys a week from Lightspeed. Most surveys offer 75 – 500 points. Surveys generally are interesting and points add up pretty quickly. I also have done product tests and interactive surveys/online focus groups (which offer 1000 points and more) for them from time to time, and never have any problems with payment.

Other Notes
1. Lightspeed sends survey invite emails to members, and members also can check available surveys after logging into their accounts. One thing you need to pay attention to is that once you start a survey, you need to finish it in one setting, otherwise you wil not be able to take the survey again.

2. According to “Points Official Rules” on Lightspeed Research website, Lightspeed Points expire after two years (Panelists must use the points within two years).

“Lightspeed Points are non-negotiable and may only be redeemed through Lightspeed in exchange for Rewards. Once a Panelist redeems Lightspeed Points, the appropriate number of Lightspeed Points will be deducted from the Panelist’s account. Any Lightspeed Points that are not redeemed within two (2) years after such Lightspeed Points were posted to Panelist’s account will expire and no longer be valid. Lightspeed reserves the right to modify at any time the number of Lightspeed Points required to redeem any item or to participate in any activity.”

So please make sure cash out as soon as possible and if you want to cash out after accumulating certain amount of points, it will be wise that you don’t let your lightspeed points sit in your account for too long.

Lightspeed has a number you can call: 1-877-839-5030 if you don’t get response after emailing them. Here is a tip I “borrowed” from one of our members (who posted this on anther forum): after the call get through, press “0” so that you can be directed to the operator. Once you get to the operator, tell him/her your problem and he/she will direct you to the appropriate person that can help you. Be sure to have the survey number with you when you call.

Lightspeed Research Surveys is a great online paid surveys panel, and I recommend it!

For Lightspeed USA, Canada, UK and Australia, Germany and Ireland, you will be joining the new merged MySurvey Panel . (No need to sign up if you already a member of MySurvey Panel).

Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – USA Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Canada Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – UK Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Australia Survey Panel
Join MySurvey/Lightspeed – Ireland Panel

46 thoughts on “Lightspeed Research

  1. I am a member of I cannot log in to my account anymore because it says it is inactive. I also cannot send them a message because that doesn’t work either.

    • Hi Nancy, if you go to mysurvey website, there is a green “? Help” button at the right bottom of the page. Click that button and send them a message. I had the same issue with GlobalTestMarket – after months of contacting them (via their contact form) with no response, I left a message via that “help” button and finally they replied and re-activated my account. Try it and good luck!

  2. one of my favorite sites is they are awesome. minimum payout through paypal is 1.00 ive been a member for two weeks made 35 dollars to my paypal account already just for surveys and stiil going new surveys added daily , you can qualify for up to nine daily ranging from 5.00 to .80, also get paid instantly for videos shopping,offers and email clicks! they are true blue

  3. trish – I assume you live in US.. Lightspeed US panel and have merged. Go to and login with your lightspeed username/password…your points earned at lightpspeed should have been converted/moved in….Hope it helps!

  4. Have been doing surveys w/ lightspeed since 2007 and now unable to sign in. Also I haven’t been receiving new ones. Emailed lauren but have not heard back. Thanks in advanced.

  5. I did a beverage study for them, did it exactly to the letter and can’t get them to pay me my $60. They are saying I didn’t enter enough times. It was over Christmas and I kept a paper journal to enter at the end because we were traveling and I know I had enough entries 🙁

  6. I loved Lightspeed too and then recently, no more surveys. I went to log in and it said my account was deactivated. I have no idea why. I’ve sent Lauren an email and am waiting for a response. Sounds like I’m not the first though. If she doesn’t get back to me, maybe I can just re-apply?

  7. I have been doing surveys for lightspeed for about two years, I was in the hospital and all of a sudden, I can’t not sign in, and I have lost the points that I accumulated, I attempted to reach Lauren a few times, by email, no response, what is going on with Lightspeed, I really did enjoy doing their surveys

  8. Want to give credit to Lightspeed. Have received more surveys that I qualify for than any other site so far. Have cashed out once ($10) through paypal and have enough points to cash out again. Have only been serious about doing surveys for the past 2 months. They must have lowered their points required for payout because I cashed out $10 for 1100 points about 2 weeks ago. Something that helps me is logging in to see if I have surveys before they send out emails to everyone with invites to take them.

  9. I haven’t received any surveys from Lightspeed in quite awhile,so I went in to find out why and it says my account and been decativated.Does anybody know how I can get activated again? I don’t have outlook express to contact lauren.Please I love this site and I want to know why I haven’t been receiving any surveys.
    Thank you,

  10. Update – I receive 10-14 surveys a month. I qualify for 1-4 surveys. About the same as 2009. I havent had any problems with them or receiving the money.

  11. 😉 they are a pretty okay survey company. Not many surveys to take, maybe one or two every week. There are easy about qualifling for the surveys. I been a member since for a bout a year. The $60 drink survey is great! I doing my second one now!

  12. [quote name=mlynn]Hi collfar5000 – give them a call (800 number listed in my review above).[/quote]
    As you suggested, I did that 10 days ago and I have heard nothing, no email, no return phone call, no points, nothing. They have gone completely off the deep end.

  13. 🙁 I have done Lightspeed successfully for 5 years but lately, they are awful. I did a survey for 300 points and I got the message thanking me and telling me my 300 points would credit once I clicked thru to the next screen. I clicked and got an internet error and emailed Lauren a bunch of times. I never got those points. In March I emailed some attachments that were supposed to get me points from a survey. No points. Was told it could take 8 weeks. I emailed at 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks. No points and no answer as to why. They are turning in to scam artists.

  14. After finishing the registration,i got a message “You Are Not Eligible!”

    someone help me plz.

  15. I belong to Lightspeed in the UK, they used to allow payout to PayPal for 115 points=£1.

    Now the payout minimum is £3 to PayPal = 345 points.

    The “You need to have a minimum of 1150 points (equivalent to $10) to cash out” note might need expanding on to state if this is vouchers or bank account payout, what country it applies to, etc, as it does not match my experience.

  16. I agree its tough getting customer replies from Lauren i have been booted out of their surveys and i get frustrated with this site lots of times here is a toll free number you can call Kantar Operations
    1-800-555-8592 this company partners with lightspeed research i got surveyed by
    Kantar Operations through lighspeed research and it was a nice survey
    it was a 60 dollar survey so i figure people can contact Kantar Operations and ask how to contact lightspeed research
    i sure get frustrated with lightspeed research customer service sometimes
    one time i wrote to them about an extremely late payment it was past 10 days and i wrote to them asked what happened to my payment? and a few days after that they did not respond but i did get what was owed me i have been with lightspeed long time
    i keep thinking they may be improving
    i hope this input helps
    i love being a member of mysurvey123 its such a nice site

  17. I have been a member for years and all of a sudden when I login they have no record of my email address. I have sent emails to them numerous times in the past with questions and now with the email issue and they NEVER respond. I have a lot of points to cash in and I can’t access. I don’t know what the problem is but I would not recommend them.

  18. I live in Canada and tried to sign up for this panel, but it said that it “wasn’t available” in my area 🙁 …Does anyone have another link to this panel? I’d really like to join it. Can someone post the web address on this site…???

    … Thanks!

  19. I’ve cashed out 12 times and have never had a problem.
    They don’t pay as well as other companies though. 100 pts/$1 for gift cards and 115 points/$1 paypal. Each survey is 75-150 points for 15-30 minutes. They do offer product testing which is always fun. I don’t doubt 1 second that people have trouble with companies no matter how many good reviews there are. I would still recommend them.

  20. Light speed is a great panel! I cashed about a week ago. Payment was fast and I received it a day or two in my paypal account. There’s a survey everyone one or two days and they are easy to qualify. Surveys are definitely not hard to finish because they are moderately fast and easy to answer. This is my top 10!

  21. I would have to say that this site does work. I have cashed out with them already. I was also sent a survey, completed it, and was invited to do another survey that paid over $50. I am sorry that this didn’t work for some people, it did for me.

  22. [quote name=Cutter]:sad:
    Lightspeed cannot be trusted
    More than once they failed to credit my account after I successfully completed a survey
    Finally, about a year ago, they cancelled my account when it had nearly 1000 points in it and refused to reply to any messages asking them why.[/quote]
    I have the same problem with them. They never responded to my asking, why I never got credited for my 300 points, and never got any PAYPAL credit after requesting for a payment.

    Be careful with this site, you might end up like what they have done to me after getting over 1000 points.

    Never got a response from Lauren but still asking me for surveys almost everyday.

    Any idea what is happening with this site?

  23. I think they are still accepting new survey panel members.. not sure about the affiliates though.

  24. Hi, I tried to get my referal URL for Lightspeed and it said they are currently not accepting refferals of new members. I am guessing they have too many people right now.

  25. 🙁
    Lightspeed cannot be trusted
    More than once they failed to credit my account after I successfully completed a survey
    Finally, about a year ago, they cancelled my account when it had nearly 1000 points in it and refused to reply to any messages asking them why.

  26. Sorry, You Are Not Eligible!

    Your registration data has been reviewed, and you did not qualify to participate in our panel.

    We’re sorry, you are not permitted to participate in the panel.

    I ‘m from us? why?

  27. Why? I receive Survey in the mailbox, but my sign to my Members Page,

    actually does not have Survey. please to tell me! Thanks

  28. I receive 2-3 surveys a week.
    And qualify for 2-3 a month.
    I redeem my points through paypal.
    And have been paid within 5 business days.
    I havent done any product test or online focus groups.
    I havent had any problems with them.
    They are in my top 15 survey sites.

  29. I have cashed out with Amazon & Paypal many times from Lightspeed. I average about $1.75 a survey. Sometimes there are problems: you can only click on survey one time & must complete at one sitting; you lose the survey if you click on it multiple times. Rarely, near the end there is technical difficulty & never a reply from customer service. Points expire after 2 years but payout is easy to reach.

  30. 😕
    Any feedback would be great. I’ve been doing surveys for them for a long time and have always been very pleased. However, the last few months, their surveys seem to terminate just as you finish. Several of them 1000 and 2000 point surveys. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  31. To Yvonne: you have to be sure to enter your address placing caps where they should be, that is what happened to me I wrote my address in all lowercase it wouldn’t take it, after I fixed that it worked fine

  32. This is in my top five sites for sure at either 1 or 2.They give good point amounts for surveys.I would recommend this to all that do surveys.

  33. Hi Yvoone,

    Sorry you have trouble registering with them. Hmmm, I never heard of this problem, I would suggest you contact them. They have a “contact us” link at the bottom of the site. Good luck!

  34. Attemtped to join, but they said that they could not verify my address. I entered my “correct” address 3x’s and they withdrew my invitation. I don’t get it…..

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