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Cash paid by Check

Open to Countries/Regions
United States

Minimum Age Requirement
18 Years old

My Experience

LiveWire is a pretty good survey site. I receive at least one survey a month. They usually pay between $5.00 and $10 for surveys. I have done surveys that pay $5, $7, and $10. Their surveys are interesting and easy to do. They pay by check and send out payment promptly.

Please note: the first time you do their surveys, you will need to provide the with your social security number in order from them to pay you. This is required. They are legitimate and its safe to give them your SSN# (I have done so and no problems whatsoever). You only need to do this once (the first time you qualify and do their surveys)

Join LiveWire (US Only, 18+)

3 thoughts on “LiveWire

  1. thanks for letting me know. i’ll give it to them next time. i just took the ‘safe’ way out and refused.

  2. Hi Jody,

    Yes, they have asked for mine, and I gave it to them. Livewire and Harvard Business School are the only two survey sites that I know asking for SSN# in order to get paid. Both are legit and safe. Of course you don’t have to give them if you are concerned.

  3. i just got a survey from them and the third question was asking me for my social security number. that sorta freaked me out. have they asked for yours?

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