Media Insiders Panel

Media Insiders Panel is a mobile research panel from Symphony Advanced Media. To participate in the Media Insiders Panel, panelists must be 13 or older, live in the U.S. and must first complete a brief registration form before activating the MI Mobile app.


Research focuses on the most popular technologies used by consumers today, such as Android™ smartphones and tablets, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, iPhone®, iPads® and iPod touch etc. Participation is voluntary, and you can opt out at any time by removing the application.


For installing, activating and consistently running the MI Mobile app for a minimum of 20 days per month (please make sure to confirm your email address), you can choose one of the two rewards:

1. To be entered into two Sweepstakes: the monthly $100 Tango Card, and the quarterly $10,000 Grand Prize Sweepstakes.

2. To earn up to $60 each year ($5 per month) on the Tango Card™.

Get rewards each and every month!!

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