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In this MindField Online review, I will share my personal experience with this cash paying survey panel and more detailed information.

MindField Online ReviewMindfield Online internet panel is an division of McMillion Research, LLC, a leading data collection firm in the United States. McMillion Research has been in business almost 30 years and is recognized as leaders in providing quality data collection to its worldwide clientele.

Is MindField Online Free? Is Mindfield Legitimate or Scam?

It is absolutely free to join! All you need to do is register with MindField Online to be eligible to participate in surveys and projects to earn cash and win prizes.

MindField Online is legitimate. Personally I have been a member for a long time and have been paid. I will show my payment proof later in this review.

Who can join Mindfield Online & How?

To Join you must:

  • Age Requirement: All registrants must be no less than 15 years old
  • Open to Countries: You must live in United States, Canada

Here is how to sign up for Mindfield

  • Click Here to Sign Up
  • After you have signed up, You will receive an activation email which is required to finish setting up your account. Within this email is a link that you must click to complete the sign-up process.

Mindfield Rewards

Members earn incentive for every survey qualify and complete. You can collect your earnings with following options:

  • Cash (by check/PayPal) – Minimum cash out amount is $5.00.
  • Amazon Gift Cards – minimum payout $5
  • Monthly drawings for cash and/or prizes

MindField Online Review

MindField Online sends me about 1-2 surveys weekly, their surveys are generally interesting and pay between $1.00 – $5.00.  I qualify about 25% of them. Sometimes they have high paying surveys and focus group opportunities as well.  I also have done a few product testing surveys for them. Their surveys are usually short and easy to do, take about 10 – 15 minutes.  Once your account reach $5.00 you can request payout.

On average it takes 4 – 6 weeks for them to credit my surveys, it’s a bit slower than average I think.  On their website FAQs section they have answer regarding “How Long Will It Take To Be Credited for Completing a Survey?”, and here is their answer:

Survey credits are made to accounts 10-14 days after a study closes, not after individual survey completion. When a study will close varies and depends on how quickly the various demographics and quotas are filled. In the case of in-home product tests, crediting is not done until any element that must be returned is also received. Other surveys require a very large user base, and sometimes this takes longer than normal to fill the quota. This being said, some surveys can take longer than a week and up to several months (which is very rare) before your account is credited. If you have questions regarding crediting or would like an estimate when you will receive the credit, simply email us at support@mindfieldonline.com and include the specific study number.

One thing I like Mindfield Online is that they pay cash (not points) for every survey you complete and they send the payment checks pretty fast (I usually receive my check within two weeks). They recently added Amazon gift cards and PayPal payment options but I haven’t used them yet. Following is a check (image) I recently received from Minefield Online:

Mindfield Online Survey Panel Payment Proof

MindField Online Survey Panel Cash Payment by Check


Conclusion & Get Started with MindField Online

Overall, I think Mindfield Online is a decent cash paying online survey site, and I recommend it!

To get started with Mindfield Online, following these easy steps:

Step #1: Sign up and activate your account

To begin, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for a free account by clicking HERE. After you have signed up, you will receive an activation email which is required to finish setting up your account. Within this email is a link that you must click to complete the sign-up process.

Step #2. Member Questionnaire Completion

Fill out Member Questionnaires. Although these are optional and unpaid, they will help Mindfeild in targeting you for additional survey opportunities.

Step #3. Answer Periodic Survey Invitations 

Mindfield regularly send out email invitations which will allow access to our surveys. Be sure to check your email often and complete the survey as soon as you can.

The email invitation will detail the incentive for qualifying and completing the survey. Once you are qualified and complete the survey, your account will be credited the stated amount within 10-14 business days after the survey has finished (not necessarily when you complete it). Most surveys look for specific people to complete and in some circumstances you may be disqualified for a survey. As a token of appreciation you will be placed into our monthly drawing for cash and/or prizes when this occurs.

Step #4. Enjoy your rewards!

Once your account has $5.00, a link will appear on the right side of the screen under the Member Summary informing you that you can request a check. $5.00 is the minimum checkout amount but you are allowed to let it grow as large as you want before cashing out.

Once you have requested a check or Paypal, it will be processed within one week and mailed/emailed to the address that you have on file.

Thank you for reading my Mindfield Online review. Please share your experience! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment below.

17 thoughts on “MindField Online

  1. What ever you do don’t go to Vindale Reasearch survey…The give u surveys all day Rose,but don’t pay you shit!!!! Did 50 surveys and got paid total $2.00..That was their way of the lure..evry time I completed one the would say I didn’t qualify ..mind you I have finished it already..or in the middle of them the say it full of people already after u are15min into it!! the bottom line of the sites are for them yo get us to take these surveys,then the company pays them the 25 to 75 dollars, and then they throw us the pennies!!! Or simply get u to do them, tell u a stupid reason why uare rejected and they still keep it all.. So the ones that gives us the pennies are really screwing us over ,but in a nice way to kee you blind!!! Im wondering if the real money is for me to build a website like them,get people like myself to take these stupid surveys!!! But since I know whats its like now, I will not be like the rest!!!!P.S. starting to think the old fashion way is way better,just get a damn 9to 5 job..lol

  2. 🙁 I have completed a survey on Nov. 19th and to date have not received my $4 credit from over 5 months ago. I have emailed Mindfield several times and they state that survey is still open and cannot advise when complete. Every email is just a canned message with the exact same response as the other but no real answer to when I will recieve my money.

  3. Understand, this is my experience and others may love dealing with Mindfield, but they did cheat me out of $4 after filling out a 35 minute survey. And the response I received blamed it on the survey being conducted by a 3rd party who claimed I didn’t fill it out correctly, which was not true. I’m very careful and conscientious when filling them out. And I receive invites with strong warnings if I don’t fill the survey out correctly my entire balance will be wiped out. Fortunately I didn’t have a balance with them, but I do want to caution others. People aren’t getting paid much for their time in the first place, so treating them fairly is critical – one would think. I’ve cancelled my account with them.

  4. Well, I qualified and completed several surveys with them, but I never got the reward in my account. I know it said in the invite that will take up to 14 days, but passed way more than that. I get about 3 invites a week, and I qualify most of the time, but now I just ignore them, dont want to waste my time. I did wrote the an email but never got a response

  5. I sighned up for it about a week ago and have not gottin any surveys … and so we only get 1-2 suverys a week and it pays 1-5dollars thats ok the money but how come ony 1-2 suverys a WEEK ??????? anyone now a place i can get suverys all day ??????

  6. Hi Greenbean, someone else posted his/her similar experience with Opinion Outpost – while he/she went to update his/her profile and found out somehow they messed up his country. After he/she corrected that he/she got surveys invite again right away. So making sure all your profile info is correct might solve the problem. Or you can always send them an email.

  7. I haven’t gotten a survey from them in several months, and I joined back in Oct. 2007. I’m not sure why. I just logged in and updated my general info hoping that resets things? Any experiences like this?

  8. Mindfield online is a good site, at first i was not getting any surveys then the last 2 days i got probably 5 surveys from them! takes a while for them to add the cash to your account but a good site.

  9. Hello Mei;
    Glad to be at help. If I here
    anything I’ll be sure to let you know. I injoy reviewing
    your great web site. Keep up
    the good work.Thanks….. 🙂

  10. Hello all;
    Just wanted to say that mindfield just recently droped
    there withdraw amount from $10
    to $5.00. Thats much better for me….

  11. Hello Mindfield members;
    I just recently discovered that
    they lowered there with draw amount from $10 to just $5 now. That works much better for me. Pass the word 😀

  12. I’m the member of the mindfieldonline since last 6 months,I got several survey invitations,but if I clicked on the link,there is always comes a messege”Unfortunately coata is full”evreytimes.

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