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Loading...Mindfield_Online.JPGMindField Online is owned and operated by McMillion Research, LLC, a leading data collection firm in the United States. McMillion Research has been in business almost 30 years and is recognized as leaders in providing quality data collection to its worldwide clientele.

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  1. Cash (by check/Paypal) incentive for every survey you qualify and complete; Minimum checkout amount is $5.00.
  2. Amazon Gift Cards
  3. Monthly drawings for cash and/or prizes

Age Requirement
All registrants must be no less than 15 years old

Open to Countries
United States, Canada

My Experience
MindField Online sends me about 1-2 surveys weekly, their surveys are generally interesting and pay between $1.00 – $5.00.  I qualify about 25% of them. Sometimes they have high paying surveys and focus group opportunities as well.  I also have done a few product testing surveys for them. Their surveys are usually short and easy to do, take about 10 – 15 minutes.  Once your account reach $5.00 you can request payout.

On average it takes 4 – 6 weeks for them to credit my surveys, it’s a bit slower than average I think.  On their website FAQs section they have answer regarding “How Long Will It Take To Be Credited for Completing a Survey?”, and here is their answer:

Survey credits are made to accounts 10-14 days after a study closes, not after individual survey completion. When a study will close varies and depends on how quickly the various demographics and quotas are filled. In the case of in-home product tests, crediting is not done until any element that must be returned is also received. Other surveys require a very large user base, and sometimes this takes longer than normal to fill the quota. This being said, some surveys can take longer than a week and up to several months (which is very rare) before your account is credited. If you have questions regarding crediting or would like an estimate when you will receive the credit, simply email us at support@mindfieldonline.com and include the specific study number.

One thing I like Mindfield Online is that they pay cash (not points) for every survey you complete and they send the payment checks pretty fast (I usually receive my check within two weeks). They recently added Amazon gift cards and Paypal payment options but I haven’t used them yet. Following is a check (image) I recently received from Minefield Online:

Minefield Online Survey Panel Payment Proof


Overall, I think Mindfield Online is a pretty good online paid survey site, and I recommend it!

Join MindField Online – USA Panel

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