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My Living Community – New Survey Panel

Join My Living Community and share your opinion and your story about the devices that make your house a home. You will be rewarded for your time with gift vouchers!

My Living Community - earn rewards for sharing your ideas about home devices!

My Living Community is an exclusive online research panel. Members of this community are rewarded for sharing their opinion about home devices.

How to join My Living Community?

My Living Community is an invite only online survey panel. They do accept new members from multiple countries. I will be posting invitation links here whenever they are available, please check this post from time to time. You must be at least 18 years old to join. Click following invitation link for your country to sign up with My Living Community.

About My Living Community

This community is where you share your opinion and your story about the devices that make your house a home, while at the same time improving the way products and services are created. And on top of that, you will be rewarded for your time.

As a member, you will contribute in a variety of research activities, you will start off with a few surveys. After this, you can also be invited for forum posts, group discussions or individual written opinions guided by moderators. You also get to share experiences, and tips & tricks with other members, about the technology in your life, and learn from others too.

My Living Community Review

I just joined My Living Community today (January 15, 2020) – the process was very easy. First, you fill out the short sigg up form to create an account, then you receive an email letting you confirm your e-mail/membership and choose your username and password.

After signing up and confirming my membership, I logged into my My Living Community account. I completed four short profile surveys under the “Activities” section – Your Lifestyle, Oral health care & you, Kitchen appliances & you, and Coffee & you. Those surveys are short and I actually enjoyed answering them. Besides the “Your LifeStyle” survey, all the other three surveys asked my opinion about a brand new product (or maybe just a new product concept?) that is quite interesting!

My Living Community is a new online survey panel that pay gift cards. The way it runs is similar to the other online communities I belonged to before – it has ongoing surveys and discussions. The topics are probably pretty much about home appliances and devices we use around the house. The rewards and incentives (amazon & other gift cards) for members are depended on the level of participation.

UPDATE April 2020: So far I really like my experience at My Living Community. I have been paid twice total $15 amazon gift cards. Both times the payments are quick. The surveys and activities are quite interesting and they are easy and short! I will post more details later when I have more time!

Become an active participant

It is important to remember that to qualify for incentives, you must be an active member. Make sure always check out if there is anything for you to do in the Activities section. And here are the steps and tips on how to become an active participant:

  • Keep an eye on your inbox – the moderator will post regularly fun activities and email you once these are live.  Keep an eye on your inbox and start taking part in them as they are open for a limited amount of time.
  • Check out the notifications bell – Every time a new activity is live, someone is replying to your comments or you are mentioned in a discussion, a notification will appear on the platform. Don’t miss replies from the moderator, they might need clarification on your answers.
  • Watch out for follow-up questions or update posts within activities – The moderator might have additional questions related to the topics after you have answered an activity, please check the platform out so you can answer the questions before the activities end. An activity is completed only if all questions are answered.
  • Details make the difference – read the questions carefully and be as detailed as possible. Short answers, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers are not expected. Always explain thoroughly your opinion and give arguments on why you think/feel a certain way about the topic we discuss.
  • Get the conversation going – While some activities are private (between you and the moderator), a lot of the activities will be open also to the other members. Check out the other members’ opinion within the topic, engage in the conversation or react on your favorite replies.

Get Started and Join My Living Community

Join My Living Community and earn amazon gift cards!

I hope my My Living Community Review is helpful. So far I really like this new online survey panel and I highly recommend it! Keep your eyes open on this post and join MyLivingCommunity as soon as they open registration!

17 thoughts on “My Living Community – New Survey Panel”

  1. I am beyond frustrated, got invite to survey for 30.00 and cannot log in, changed password and went to log in and still nothing and never get any replies from anyone, except the one to change it and now link doesny work,can someone tell me what or how password works??????????? Use these surveys to make extra cash to supplement income but it is no fun when you have to keep changing passwords or trying to remember them!

  2. i have been trying to reach someone about password not working even with new password thing and still have heard nothing back nor able to access survey.

    • Sorry to hear of this Kajal. Did you receive any emails from them such as welcome email? If yes you might be able to find their contact information such as email address. Good luck!

    • Hello Kajal, I saw this when I logged in recently that might explain:
      We wanted to give a quick update on some standard quality checks we have in place. If, for any reason, someone is found to have sped through surveys without answering correctly, or if they are cheating with multiple accounts, they will be suspended. These suspensions happen automatically and immediately.

      • Thanks for the concern.The moderator said it is due to some technical issues.I have submitted all the activities of this month. But I haven’t received the mails regarding the last two rewards . Moderator is saying that she will not be able to send those mails but she has send me the dates and timings of those mails.I am sending you that.Please send the mails regarding rewards again as I haven’t received any such mail.I have already checked my all folders and inbox. The date and time of related mails are as follow:
        Mar 26, 2020 11:00 PM 350 INR (TREMENDOUS) – OFFERED TO REDEEM
        Feb 14, 2020 1:39 PM 450 INR (PAYPAL) – OFFERED TO REDEEM.
        Waiting for your response.

      • Hi Kajal, I received my reward emails (amazon gift codes) on Jan.31 and March 25. I suggest you check your spam folder – I have found many of my junk mails in there. Good luck!

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